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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 53- Arena!



With a sigh Will brought Letty’s ice sheet to his and grabbed her in his arms. Then immediately after that he jumped and they both dove straight into the ocean. This action stupefied the Warhog as it was expecting a battle. Its nostrils flared and steamed as it stomped in anger.


As it was stomping, a blood red light suddenly came from the ocean. It encompassed the Warhog’s entire line of sight. The light itself was not blinding, but it was still bright. After a few more moments the light dimmed and disappeared. This gave the Warhog a foreboding feeling and it stopped its stomping. The beast carefully observed the water to see what would happen next.




All of a sudden a corpse appeared on the surface of the water near the shore. It was covered in cuts and it was barely recognizable.










This action repeated itself all across the shore as countless corpses started appearing. First one by one, then in their tens, then hundreds, till the entire shore was a grave of aquatic demonic beasts. Blood flowed like rivers as it lined the beach and dyed the sands red.


The stench of blood was one that usually motivated the Warhog, but this was a very strange situation.


It’s the human, he must have done this.


With a snort, the Warhog concluded that Will was responsible. At first it assumed him a weak coward and was regretting issuing him a challenge, but now it seems things were not quite like that.


The final body to rise from the red sea was Will himself. One hundred percent intact. Letty had not risen with him, which made the Warhog come to a conclusion.


He left to place her in a safe place. So that means he is not a coward, nor is he weak…Excellent!


The Warhog squealed in joy as it saw Will rise from the bloody waters. “Sorry about that, I had to take care of something. Now lets battle. I accept the boss challenge.”


The moment Will finished speaking, a feeling of disturbance washed over him. Will looked around, only to see that his surroundings had not changed much. The only thing different was that the corpses and the surrounding weaker demonic beasts had disappeared.


No, it’s us who have moved.


Will was sensitive to dimensional shifts as he had the Space Gate, although he had not accessed it, it was still in him and was part of him. That, coupled with the fact that the water particles were different from the ones he was in control of before, led him to believe that this arena was a replica of where they were previously.


But why the need to do this?


As Will was thinking, a large rock came flying his way. The young man jumped from his ice sheet in response and landed on the beach. This action stumped the Warhog, because the earth was its territory. The pig had long figured out that Will was a water user, yet he had deliberately left his domain and landed on its domain, surely he must be a fool!


“Okay piggy, time to play, I’m gonna kick your ass on your own turf.” As far as Will was concerned, if he could not defeat this pig on its turf, he had no qualifications to be a cultivator seeking immortality.


The Warhog was no fool. It knew when it was being insulted. It once again squealed and flared its nostrils, this time in anger from being looked down upon by a human, who was without a doubt weaker in terms of energy.


The pig rose its two front legs and did an intense stomp, shaking the land, in response, large chunks of rock appeared from the ground around the pig.


My word, there must be hundreds!


Will gazed at the pig in admiration as the large rocks hovered in the air above. With a squeal, a volley of rocks were launched toward Will. Although the rocks were moving fast, Will was no slouch either. As a swordsman, it was obvious he was quick on his feet.


A rain of rock greeted the Miami arena as Will dodged the rocks left and right. He used the buildings as cover as much as he could when he could not dodge in time, but the hog would always predict what his actions were and follow up with another rock.


This pig is smart, at least when it comes to fighting.


The battle once more reminded Will that demonic beasts were not simply animals, but a different type of creature altogether. With the bodies of animals, the wit of man, and the abilities cultivators had, these creatures were as deadly as could be.


As the number of rocks dwindled, the hog finally lost its patience. It normally used this rocks to test the opponent, and now it believed it had a rough understanding of what Will’s minimum ability was. It was also annoyed by the fact that Will had not attacked and instead went farther and farther away. With a squeal, it burrowed underground. It might be intelligent, but it also had a short temper and little patience.


There were plenty of buildings now in between Will and the hog as he had been moving all about, but with his aqua sense Will never lost sight of the pig.


Even as it burrowed underneath the ground its killing intent gave out its position like a full moon at night. The volley of rocks still continued, which meant Will was still dodging. He bounced off sky-scrappers as the boulders whistled past him.


Will had intentionally not attacked to draw the pig closer to him. Now it seemed his patience was paying off.




As the last boulders smashed into the the office building behind him, Will quickly surveyed his surroundings as he landed on the concrete below. He didn’t need to, but he didn’t want the pig knowing what he could do, so he pretended as if he was alert, looking all around him with a paranoid expression.



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