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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 50- Why Do You Want To Kill Your Family?

AN: A special thank you to Magnus North and Thorsten Engler for donating! Thanks to your support i will not only be able to post more often but i will be able to buy medication for my epilepsy, allowing me to write more :). I sincerely appreciate your donations, so to thank you i have posted these chapters. Everyone, join me in thanking them as well!



“So, to sum it up, what you are saying is that the book I just gave you is incredibly valuable?”




“So valuable that Lords from upper worlds would even fight for it?”




“So valuable that if other middle planets knew it was here they would also apply for a chance to invade Earth, and would even fight other middle planets for it?”


“Exactly.” Letty nodded vigorously, hoping that the past hour she had spent explaining the value of skill books and the intricate relationships between upper, middle and lower worlds had not gone to waste.


Will was far smarter than she took him for, for what she did not realize was that he just thought on a scale different from her. His goal was to become an immortal, not play around with mortal worlds, they were already beneath his eyes.


Will’s time in King Yama’s gate had already warped his perception on life. What was important in Letty’s eyes might mean nothing in front of him. This information about skill books and what not was not that impressive to Will. But, there was something bothering him.


“Okay Letty, since we are having a talk session here how about you answer a question of mine.”


“Sure, please Master go ahead and ask.” Letty was confident she could answer any and all questions he could ask.


“Tell me why you want to kill your family.” The abrupt deviation from their topic of discussion caught Letty off guard, but she had been ready to answer him.


“Keep in mind Letty, I have many skills and can see through you as easily as I can see through glass. I know you are from another world and that you are high class royalty. I also know that this is not your true appearance. So don’t lie to me, if you do lie to me then it will forever affect how I see you. I will give you one chance and one chance only.” Will looked Letty dead in the eye, he did not release any aura or intent, he was not trying to intimidate her. He wanted her to open up to him of her own volition. Will was an open book, and he didn’t want to work with someone he didn’t know.


Letty’s heart rate sped up, her blood pressure shot up and her breathing got erratic. She was surprised by how much Will had seen through her. He had not done anything beside look her in the eye, but that was more than enough to get to her.


He is indeed a high sovereign, even at level twenty his abilities are frightening. He wasn’t ignorant because he is a fool, he truly has the ability to back up his arrogance.


“I- Master! A D rank beast is on its way here!” Letty had sensed a powerful presence headed their way, so she stood up and warned Will. Will sighed in annoyance at what had occurred. He could sense the beast coming. It was incredibly fast, and had traveled hundreds of meters in mere seconds. It would be on them in 20 seconds flat according to his calculations.


Will was however impressed by her scouting skills, he had only noticed the beast once he had been told by Letty. His sixty four minds are always constantly on alert, never resting. Yet she, who had been distracted could sense it before him.


She does have incredible potential as a scout.


The beast was tracking them via scent and had not locked onto them, because if it had, Will would have been able to sense its malicious intent from 5 miles away.


With a sigh Will stood up, he reluctantly started walking out of the alley into the road. “Master, from what I can tell this is most likely a scout. Its main purpose is to gauge you strength.” Said Letty as she hurriedly walked after Will. The moment they left the alley and entered the abandoned street, the beast came into view.


[Vector Leopard: An extremely fast and cunning creature with an extraordinary sense of smell. It is more than happy to slay the weak but will not hesitate to run at the site of danger. 

Rating: D- 

Class: Scout]

The creature was a leopard that was covered in red lines instead of spots, its silhouette flashed as it neared the group. Letty knew they was not time for words so she got ready to support Will as best as she could. She had seen through Will’s basic Water Meister skills but she was unsure if it was enough to handle such a creature. This situation was far different from their previous one, for before they were in a nest of snakes, now there were in a dragon’s den.


The leopard halted the moment it came within 20 meters of the duo. Letty knew very well that this creature had quite the cowardice, and would only stop if it sensed danger. By itself it could easily wipe out the horde they had faced ten times over, but it felt intimidated by Will.


Letty knew from experience that the intuition of a Vector Leopard was never wrong. Will was dangerous.


The leopard itself was even more confused than Letty. On the outside Will seemed like a weakling. Letty had a much higher level than will, but the feeling of danger Will gave off was much, much higher. Thus the leopard was facing a dilemma, should it attack or retreat?


Will could not be bothered to wait for it to attack, so he launched a water blade at the leopard. The attack was easily dodged by the leopard which had sidestepped. Will’s water blade was incredibly fast from Letty’s point of view, so fast she could barely even notice it.


No wonder he was able to massacre the wolves do easily. His proficiency over his skills is incredible. How much time must he have spent practicing them?


The leopard was unfortunately not like the wolves. It was somewhat shocked by the speed of the water blade, but it might as well have been moving in slow motion as far as the creature was concerned.


Will smirked and started raining down a barrage of water blades. The leopards silhouette started flashing continuously, as it was dodging all of them with ease.


“Master! This creature is incredibly fast, so much so that even some c rank creatures cannot catch up to its speed. It is not hard to defeat it but killing it or escaping from it is impossible for us.” said Letty with a grave expression.


She is right, it is fast, but there are many things you should never compete with me in, speed is one of them.



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