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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 49- Soul Regalia




Will and Letty, his new servant, were waking down a decrepit alleyway. They had been traveling for a few hours, and upon her suggestion, they walked slowly toward their destination.


“Why did you hesitate?”




“When you kowtowed and pledged yourself to me, you hesitated. You already knew that I would agree. We are going to war so its pretty obvious I would attack the other planet. Why hesitate?” This was something that had been bothering Will for quite some time now.


Letty bit her lip, but since she had received what she had wanted so she had no need to hide this information from him, “Because I was not sure if you would take me in as your servant for life. You are the first Sovereign of a minor world, your future is limitless, many will covet the honor of being by your side. I lack the talent saw I was not sure if I was worthy of you…”


Will starting laughing, “You are crazy, if you are unworthy then who is worthy?”


“But my class-”


“Is fucking awesome. To be honest I have noticed that you are severely underestimating the potential your class has, so let me give you something to cheer you up and open your eyes.” Will snapped his fingers. A Black book covered in golden runes suddenly appeared in his hands. If Letty could not recognize what was in his hands, the she was not worthy of being a scout.


“Catch.” Will tossed the shiny book to Letty, who caught it with both hands in a manner that made you believe she was catching an egg. As a top class scout she had quite the discerning eye when it came to many things, skill books included. She knew that this was a top class skill book with just one look. And after touching it, her thoughts were confirmed.

Skill: Soul Regalia

Class: SS+

Class Restriction: Restriction: Can only be used by Necromancer classes or classes with an affinity to death.

Level Restriction: Each chapter requires ten levels to be able to use

First Chapter- Soul Explosion

An ability that allows a user to use the soul from a demonic beast as an explosive to deal damage. Damage done is proportional to level, wisdom and intelligence.

Second Chapter- Soul Implosion

An ability that allows a user to use the soul from a demonic beast as an explosive to deal damage internally. Damage done is proportional to level, wisdom and intelligence.


Third Chapter- Soul Surgery


Repair or modify a soul using one’s own mana as the healing factor. Power is proportional to level, wisdom and intelligence.


Fourth Chapter- Soul Transplant


Infuse the soul of a demonic beast into a corpse to bring it back to life. The more powerful the beast is the stronger the new creation is. Effectiveness is proportional to level, wisdom and intelligence.


Fifth Chapter- Soul Armour


Fuse multiple souls to create an armor that can block both physical and magic attacks. Effectiveness is proportional to level, wisdom and intelligence.


Sixth Chapter- Soul Armament


The ability to take in souls and infuse them into your body to strengthen your physical attributes. Effectiveness is proportional to level, wisdom and intelligence.


Seventh Chapter- Soul Scan


Scan the memories of a soul and make them your own. Implant those memories into other souls. Effectiveness is proportional to level, wisdom and intelligence.


Eighth Chapter- Soul Infusion


Replenish mana using souls. Effectiveness is proportional to level, wisdom and intelligence.


Ninth Chapter- Soul Vortex

Use souls to create checkpoints, able to teleport from one check point to another.  Effectiveness is proportional to level, wisdom and intelligence.


SS+ skill! When Letty finished reading what this was she almost fainted. This was without a doubt the most valuable skill her hands had touched. Let alone touch, she had never even seen a skill book above A class.


Letty’s body started shaking like she was freezing to death.“Lord, where did you get this?”


“I don’t like Lord, Master sounds better.” said Will after some contemplation


It took all of Letty’s strength to not shout, because she knew it was not her place. So she calmed herself down and asked once more. “Ehem, Master, where did you get this?”


Will started cleaning hears ears with his pinky, “I got it after I cleared a dungeon. Don’t bother asking where it is because even I don’t know. Just know that I cleared it and came back.”


“You intend to give me this skill?”


‘That’s what I said didn’t I? Jeez its just a skill book.”


“J-just a skill book? Just a skill book!?” This time she could not help but shout. The longer she spoke top Will the more she realized just how clueless he was about how the world worked, to her Will seemed like a baby with a flamed thrower at a gas station. One wrong move could do a lot of damage. So she calmed herself down, and decided to sort this issue out once and for all.


“Master, its time we talked, I believe you lack certain information so allow me to help you. Please take a sit, this will take some time.” Seeing how serious she was Will nodded, to him more information was never a bad thing. Letty was about to bring out a chair from her storage but Will was already sitting down cross legged on the dirty ground as if it was second nature.


Letty frowned, because she as a servant could not look down upon her Master as they spoke. Thus she sighed and had no choice but to sit on the floor like Will had. Will figured out what had happened in her mind, but frankly he couldn’t care less. He liked sitting on the ground.



AN: Hey guys its me, the author patriarch onion. I apologize for not posting recently. As a lot of you guessed i was facing a lot of problems in my life.


I have been having trouble buying data for internet, here in Zimbabwe it is expensive so my apologies once again. If there are those that can and are willing to donate it will be much appreciated. I will definitely upload whenever i can!


Thank You for reading thus far, and i hope you will continue to enjoy the story 🙂


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