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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 48- Please Destroy My Planet


Letty was standing behind Will surrounded by Storm Wolf corpses, she had been intently listening to the voice. She knew about the world ranking system and invasions so she was not surprised. What did shock her was the information on Peerless Dao Master. Like everyone else she was gobsmacked. She saw a myriad of expressions on Will’s face and assumed he was surprised for the same reason she was.


When she heard the voice shout “testing” her heart palpitated, along with the hearts of billions across the world. This was the voice of the man, the myth, the legend, Peerless Dao Master! Well it might not be his actual voice but it was no doubt him speaking! Just this notion alone excited everyone across the globe.


Will was unhappy when Modus said he was lazing around but he quickly got around it and formulated his thoughts.


Hi guys. I am your Sovereign. Peerless Dao Master. I know you have been curious about me but don’t worry. You will know me soon enough. And the previous voice was lying, its not I couldn’t be bothered to level up but I was…ah..occupied with other things. But now I am focused and ready to level up.


I hear that there are people claiming to be my followers, and I don’t mind. In fact the more the merrier, because this planet is gonna belong to me anyway. Right uhm…lets see..what else…


Letty! Tell the the strongest or most talented goody two shoes user in America!”


Wills voice broke Letty out of her stupor. She wanted to complain because she too wanted to hear what else Peerless Dao Master had to say, but one look at Will’s face told her otherwise. He was serious.


“What do you mean exactly?”


“I want to know the most powerful/talented righteous goody goody Lord This country has. Preferably female. You know, the kind that likes to protect the weak and do the right thing, the kind that doesn’t give in to adversity blah balh.”


Letty looked at Will in a strange manner, and rightly so, because this was an odd question, especially at a time as crucial as this, but and order was an order. Another odd thing was the answer to this question was extremely obvious. So obvious she almost thought it was a trick question.


“That would be a user by the name of Aurora Phoenix, she is the Lord of the Indomitable Nation. She is one of the top 5 nation lords in the country and rumor has it she is close to becoming an Emperor.”


“Good job!” Will showed Letty a thumbs up and coughed.


All of my so called followers, if you truly believe in me, if you truly want to count as my warriors, then come to the Indomitable Nation in America let by Aurora Phoenix. Aurora, if you are listening then know this, I have chosen you to be my first vassal. I give you control over all of my followers and troops. I have been told that you are righteous and impartial, and that you are kind. Those are indeed traits worthy of someone who is to be my second in command. I am currently too weak to lead my people, so I will have to ask you to lead them for me.


People of earth, hear me now! If you seek power to protect those dear to you, if you seek the strength to protect those that cannot protect themselves, if you wish to have strength to oppose the invaders then come to The Indomitable Nation under Aurora. Gaining her approval is equal to gaining mine.

Aurora, this is also a test for you. For one to be my hand they need to be kind hearted, wise, strong and most important righteous. This world is filled with sick minded people who oppress the weak, it is those who I shall smite once I gain my full power. Aurora Phoenix, do not disappoint me!


If any of you want to kill me go ahead. My advice is if you are currently stronger than me then do all you can to come to America. I am trying to be a Lord here. The best you can do is take over all of the unpopulated zones, because that’s the only chance you have at stopping me. Because once I have the strength I need, be it Dragonheart, be it Eridium, they shall all bow before my will! That is all. …PS I like women with big buts and wide hips.


“What do you think Letty, not bad right?” Will turned to Letty with a satisfied expression on his face. Letty’s face on the other hand had become so white she looked like she had lost all of her blood. Her eyes were bulging out and her legs were shaking. Like an old man, she slowly raised her quivering hand and pointed at Will. “Y-y-yo-you…!”


That was all she could say. There was just too much shocking information all at once. When the voice in the sky mentioned Aurora she immediately became suspicious, then she thought about the clues than had been previously been given, under 25, under level 30, African American. Only an idiot would not be able to put these things together. Especially remembering what he did to the wolves, and the fact that he instantly realized that she was not from Earth, Letty finally concluded in her heart, that the man before her was Earths most legendary user.


“You are pretty slow on the uptake aren’t you? Yes Luke, I am your father. Er you probably have no idea what that means…. Anyway that voice was mine. So what? Get over it, we have work to do.” Will turned around and was about to start walking again when he heard her voice shout, “Wait!”


Damn it, she probably has a billion questions, let me just get this over with.


“Okay fine, ask me what you will. Make it quick, I only have a few days before I have to go back to school.” Will faced Letty and crossed his shoulders. Originally Will was already imposing to Letty, now he was much more imposing and seemed even bigger, yet he had definitely not changed anything about him.


Letty swallowed her saliva, as a million thoughts feelings and emotions ran through her little head. After contemplating for a few moments she finally came to a conclusion. A look of resolve appeared of her cute face as she looked Will right in the eye. Will was pleased by this because he did not like indecision. Indecision is the thief of opportunity. Yet the question Will expected never came out. Instead, Letty did something Will never expected.


She knelt with both her feet and placed her forehead on the ground. “Lord, I hereby pledge my allegiance to you for as long as I live. You can do with it as you see fit. I only have one request!”


This time it was Will’s turn to shake, because he had never faced a situation like this. He had been raised in the 21st century so such behavior was very uncomfortable for him.


“Stand up man, your making it weird.”


“I humbly beg for your forgiveness but I cannot do so. Not until you agree to take me as your servant and listen to my request.”


“Fine fine, what the heck is this request?” said Will as he raised his hands in submission.


Letty did not speak for a while, hesitant.


“Speak up kid!”


Finally she braced herself and said it.


“Please destroy my planet!”


What the fuck?


“Wait, pause…why the check would I do that?”


Letty raised her head, confidence shined in her eyes as she knew he could not reject her request.


“Because…its the planet that is going to invade in one year.”


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