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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 47- Testing, One Two Three!



“…Immediately accept, but give them one year then they can invade. You may leave.”


Tafi had a surprised look on her face but she nodded and immediately disappeared. Normally such requests are immediately refused because brand new minor worlds have no means of resisting a middle world. Thus they are given time to grow stronger. Planets do not need permission to invade worlds of the same rank or higher but they do need permission to invade lower ranked worlds. This was done to maintain balance within the system.


Modus was aware of the conversation between Tafi and Adelda as he meditated in his room. He was pleased with Adelda’s instructions and went on to do a bit of mischief himself….


Everyone across the world, in every inhabitable place were greeted with an announcement entering their ears in a language they could understand. This was not the first time this had happened so many were not surprised, only curious to know what they would be told.


Attention people of Earth, I am Modus, the administrator of the system on this world and many others. I would like to inform you that the worlds in the system have a ranking. These are mortal and immortal. You need not worry about the rankings for immortal worlds, but the Mortal worlds are divided into entry, minor, middle and upper.



Worlds are divided according to the overall strength that planet has, with the strength of its users playing the most crucial role. Earth has just qualified to become a minor world, thus it is now susceptible to invasion from other worlds.


A middle ranked world has requested to invade Earth and take over. I allowed this and thus in one year, the war between Earth and Eridium shall begin. You have one year to get strong enough to battle an empire that has already subdued ten minor worlds stronger than your own.


The more united a world is the better its chances of survival. I strongly urge you all to unite and face this threat will all you have, otherwise your planet and its people will fall at the mercy of a world that has no qualms with turning all of you ‘inferior’ beings into slaves.


Also, I would like to announce a new piece of news. Whoever remains number one on the list of Sovereigns shall determine the strength of the world. In other words if an incredibly powerful user is number one, then the talents and abilities and levels of all of earths users shall be raised to match that Sovereign. The planet will also be gifted things like new technology, armies etc depending on the strength of the number one Sovereign.



If your number one Sovereign is weak then no rewards shall be given, and your planet is virtually doomed. To enter the Sovereign list is simple. Just kill a Sovereign with your own hands and you will replace that person on the list.


Oh by the way, I can confirm that Peerless Dao master is male, under level 30, under the age of 25 and is African American. The past five years were spent relaxing by him and he couldn’t be bothered to level up, but now he feels motivated and will begin leveling.


I assure you that he is unmatched at his level, and when he becomes the strongest in the world he will rule with an iron fist. If you wish to prevent that and you believe that you are stronger all you have to do is kill him. Its that simple. Here is a message from the main man himself!

This message sent shock waves across the globes. Invasion? Slaves? This was simply too much information for everyone in the world to take in. Yet many did not even care about that. No, many were shocked because of the news about the legendary Peerless Dao Master. His existence had been a mystery to many. How could a Sovereign not be on any ranking? Now it made sense! He was simply too weak.


The fact that he had spent the last five years relaxing made many nearly cough blood. Many zealots worshiped him and were crazy over him. But this news simply made them feel powerless. Under 25? American? The first one was not so much as a surprise as the same applied to the other two Sovereigns. In the system age did not equate to strength, but the fact that he was American? This had surprised almost everyone listening.


None of the Kings, Emperors or known Sovereigns were American. In fact, North America was currently the weakest continent in terms of strength. Their users were relatively weaker than other continents and they had no King or Emperor to rally under. Now it seems the most talented user on the planet was American? This was ridiculous!


A lot of Americans shed tears of joy when they heard this, this meant that they still had hope, whereas many across the world were quite unhappy. Before the system America had garnered hatred from many countries, that hatred had not disappeared even after five years. American users were often oppressed wherever they went because they had no one backing them. Dragonheart was even on the verge of launching an all out offensive to claim America as his. Musashi, the other Sovereign was the only reason Dragonheart had not done so sooner.


Musashi was well known for his apathy regarding worldly matters, but he forbade any King, Emperor and Dragonheart from invading Northern America, and Musashi himself had shown no interest in taking over. Thus North America had been safe, but a few days earlier, Musashi announced that he no longer cared about America.


The power hungry Dragonheart was still on a quest when this news arrived to him, so as soon as he finished he had pledged to take over North America. Other world class Lords were also eyeing this fat piece of sheep…but now things were different. America was no longer an owner-less land, it was his land. This changed everything.


“Okay Will, you are now on, speak using intent. Go.”


Modus’ voice entered Will’s mind the moment the announcement had spread worldwide. Will was shocked beyond belief


Testing, testing one two three.


Shit it works!


Will could hear his voice travel all over the world and reaching the ears of billions. It was an indescribable sensation. Thankfully he had sixty four minds to process what he had just heard, otherwise he would be tongue tied.



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