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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 46- Eridium


That is when it happened








The sound of flesh hitting the ground permeated their surroundings, blood sprain like mist from a waterfall and filled the skies above them.  Letty opened her palm, only to see drops of blood rain from the skies above them. Still in shock, Letty looked in front of her. The body of the beast which was supposed to be towering above her tiny frame, had, like all its companions, been cut in half horizontally and slumped to the ground lifelessly. After once more observing the souls around her, Letty came to a conclusion.


Instant death!


Letty was horrified, horrified by the fact that someone who was not even at half her level, was able to instantly slaughter a horde of E class powerhouses without lifting a finger. With just ten liters of water.


As the blood rained from above, Letty looked at her Master. In this red mess his area was the only area that was spotless. Not a drop of blood touched him. It was not even as if there was some sort of invisible barrier around him.


Will walked toward Letty, and the same phenomenon occurred. The blood did not get near him.


It’s…it’s almost as if the blood is choosing not to fall on him.


This thought seemed ridiculous to her at first, but the closer Will got to her, the more the idea cemented itself in her mind. “Blood has water, thus it is in my domain. The Dao of water is incredibly vast, but with aptitude and time it can be conquered.”


Step by step, word for word, Will got closer to her, until he was right in front of her. “Water is a source of life, and as such its intent has life within it.” The blood that had covered her body from head to toe started dripping and rolling down her body, drop by drop, until not a single bit of blood remained. The odd thing was, it felt to her as if the blood had left by its own consent. She did not know why she felt this, but she just did. The blood leaving her body was completely natural, the blood not raining upon them was completely natural, it was all…natural.


“The reason you can sense the oddities around you is that you have the ability to understand intent yourself, you are currently weak, but if your senses were sharp, you would have realized that you have been covered in my intent the moment I neared you.” Will patted her shoulder and started walking away. Even as he distanced himself from her, step by step, nothing changed. Even as she walked toward him, every step she took was on a dry path, path clean and fresh as if blood had never even gotten near it since the beginning of time.


So, this is the power of true intent. It even has the power to wipe away the stench of death.


Letty clenched her fist and looked at Will’s back. In her heart she silently made an oath, that she would follow this man for as long as she lives, because she knew, in this world, a world dominated by martial talent, she was not even worthy to breathe the same air he did.


After a few seconds, she quickly ran after Will. While Letty was busy thinking such deep and profound thoughts, Will was busy making mental fist pumps.


In her mind I must look cool as fuck, I must be like some grand master or some shit like that. Yeah that’s what its supposed to be like haha.


Adelda saw the theatrics Will had pulled off down below. She shook her head at this and sighed. She was annoyed by the fact that Letty had been moved so easily.


But then again that’s why they are merely mortals at the end of the day.


With a flash, another human appeared in the sky next to Adelda. She had black hair, black eyes, and a very seductive body that would cause emost men to drool. Her pink robes clung to her body like glue to a piece of paper.


“Lady Adelda, welcome to earth, I am Tafi, I was chosen by Lord Modus to be in charge of the proceeding son earth, and I was also instructed to follow all your instructions.”


Tafi knelt and instantly identified herself. Adelda had a snicker on her face. Five years ago this woman would have outranked Adelda,and their situations would be reversed, with Adelda having to kneel. Thanks to her discovery of Will and Earth, she had been catapulted to a position of power.


Tafi was a well known Immortal, she did not understand why she and her team, which had monitored major worlds, were placed to monitor such a backwater planet, even worse she had to take orders from a woman who was no doubt thousands of years her junior and most likely her former subordinate many times over.


Ten years ago this woman suddenly caught the eye of Lord Modus. Were it not for her gaining his favor, this girl would not have been worthy of seeing my shadow, let alone speak to me.


The hierarchy of immortal within the system was very strict. Adelda went from being a minor system controller to being an executive system controller. Tafi was only an upper world controller which was one full rank below Adelda, there was no need to mention the disparity in terms of station.


“No need to mind me Tafi, continue on with your work. Inform me of any major events, besides that you do not need to report to me.” Adelda was only concerned about Will, nothing else mattered to her, thus she felt no need to further burden herself by managing Earth.


“About that Lady Adelda, I have something important to report.”


“Alright speak.”


“Earth has met the requirements for a minor world, thus it was added to the database for minor worlds. A middle world called Eridium is asking for permission to invade Earth, and take over.”


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