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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 45- Standing Corpses


As soon as Letty heard these howls her face became ugly. She knew these howls very well, as a top quality guide she could identify a creature by its sound.


Impossible, this is not their territory. Why are they here?


She did want to summon a strong horde, but she had inadvertently summoned one of the most dominant beast hordes in Miami. Letty was about to warn Will when she stopped due to the expression on his face. It was genuine shock.


“Master, I am sorry I made a dreadful error. We need to run.”


Will shook his head. Then after that he said words that made her feel powerless with a devilish grin, “Why? It’s only a pack of Storm Wolf Guardians led by a General. This won’t even take me five minutes. Sit back and watch.”


Sit back and watch? Watch what?


Will’s words gave Letty some expectation. A horde of Storm Wolf Guardians led by a Storm Wolf General was no laughing matter, especially considering Will’s level.


“By the way, Letty, what level are you? And what is your class?” As the horde got closer and closer, beads of sweat started trickling down Letty’s forehead, yet Will was calm and started some idle chatter.


“I am level forty nine, and my class is Nether priest.”


“What kind of class is that?” Letty smiled wryly at Will’s question. She wanted to say ‘just another piece of rare garbage’ but she quickly held her tongue and corrected herself.


“It’s a class that focuses on communicating with the dead. I have some skills related to soul magic and necromancer magic, but they have major drawbacks.”


Will became curious as Letty spoke about her class. As far as he was concerned a necromancer type class should be quite powerful, so why would she look down on it?


“The majority of my skills are for communicating with the dead. I can also only raise undead that I myself have killed. My undead are incapable of independent thought which puts stress on my mind because I have to control their every move. My class is suited toward scouting and information gathering, but at the lower levels its not very useful for battle. Until I am able to slay a powerful beast, I will not be of much use to you. Even then my using the beast will no doubt require mana I cannot provide…”


Letty’s voice trailed off and her mood became more depressed as time went on. She was incredibly talented, one could even say blessed by the heavens, but unfortunately she was given a class that was very difficult to use.

“Wow, that sounds really OP.” said Will with approval.


“Yes it is Op-wait what?”


By the time Letty had registered what Will had said, they had been completely surrounded. The giant wolves stopped a few meters away from the duo and made way for their leader.


Classy as always I see.


Will admired how orderly the Storm Wolves were. The respect they had for their superiors impressed Will.


It’s a pity there isn’t a King. That would have been more fun.


The general came closer on foot, saliva dripping from its mouth as it glared at its soon to be prey. Letty wanted to ask Will what he meant by OP, but the general was just too intimidating. Letty gripped onto Will’s hoody in fright as she glared at the giant wolf.


Will moved his hands and was about to remove the glove on his right hand, when he hesitated. “Nah, he isn’t worth me going that far.” Letty couldn’t make head or tails of what Will’s mumbling. Will was trying to decide how to kill these wolves in the coolest but most efficient manner possible.


A true strike is out of the question. It’s too flashy. Should I fight as a swordsman or a meister? Or both? Well I do carry a sword around with me, but I don’t want to use sword skills too much. Right now my understanding of the sword Dao far surpasses my understanding of water. That’s settles. Water it is.


Some water suddenly materialized in front of Will. The water flowed about and constantly changed shape, as if it was alive. Letty had seen many people with the ability to manipulate water, she had seen things that were far grander in scale that bringing out a little blob of water.


You are going to need much, much more water if you want to defeat the General.


The Storm Wolf General stopped a few meters from the duo, it enjoyed the look of fear in its prey’s eyes before it had its meal. It often made such things a game if it could, because for the more intelligent demonic beasts, battle was often the most entertaining thing to do.


Fear was evident in Letty’s eyes, much to its liking, but when the General looked at Will and so his confident expression, it was unhappy. Will noticed this and snorted, his confidence quickly turned into disdain as he looked at a beast that was capable of destroying mountains.


Letty found Will’s confidence unreasonable, but she still had hope in her heart. Only an idiot would be this confident in front of a beast he could not kill with ease.


I hope he is not an idiot.


Letty silently prayed in her mind. “I know what you guys are thinking, your probably thinking that this isn’t enough water right?” Will’s voice caused everyone’s attention to fall on him, “This is about 10 liters of water. Lesson one Letty, when it comes to being a true warrior, quality over quantity.” The water blob quickly rose above the duo, to just above their heads.




Like a gale of swift wind it moved, vanishing into thin air. Letty was wondering what happened to the blob when her senses made her believe she was insane. As a Nether Priest she was sensitive to the presence of souls. From nowhere, thousands of souls suddenly appeared in the space around them.


Letty let go of Will’s hoody and walked forward, the body of the General was completely still, and so were the bodies of all the wolves around them. It was as if they were standing corpses.


No, these are standing corpses.



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