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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 44- Secluded Meditation

Letty was stumped by Will’s question, she didn’t quite know how to react. She had would have never expected that this was what was troubling Will.


Will’s objective was to take over Miami, but he was not sure how to go about it. It was Friday so he had two days off from school. Will wanted to use this time as efficiently as possible, so as they were walking Will was busy thinking about their next course of action.


At first Will wanted to head straight for Miami at full throttle and look for the boss then just kill it, but he wanted to become the Lord so Will was unsure if certain procedures should be followed for that to happen.


Will felt that he would too much face if he asked Letty, especially after putting in so much effort to look cool in front of her, thus as they were walking Will was trying to think up of a way of asking her without looking like an idiot. Then after putting his sixty four minds together, he finally came up with a solution.


“Master, I am not sure what you mean.” Letty tilted her head as she asked.


Will coughed to clear his throat, “Well Letty, you see, your Master had spent these past five years in secluded cultivation and meditation, delving deep into matters of the Dao and of the universe, matters including intent, yuan and the like. I have been doing so since the system arrived here on Earth. In order to meditate properly one has to completely clear their mind of all earthly distractions and focus their heart, thus your Master is unaware of a lot of details about this so called…system. One of the reasons I hired you was to help inform me of matters that occurred while I was in secluded meditation.”


Will was hoping that Letty would believe half of his bullshit. If Will really wanted to learn about the system he would have done his research before coming to Miami, but Will did not want to feel like a gamer. In the past he would have been thrilled at living like a gamer, having a menu, a map, levels etc. But as time went on, as he trained he realized that such a system was only a crutch for the weak, and he saw no need for it.


Resulting in Will not even looking at his stats for the past four years or so. He didn’t want to rely on the system too much, but the information he had received form Alice forced to acquiesce somewhat. Even so he still could not be bothered to learn too much, thus when he heard about guides he was thrilled.


The main function of guides is to ensure the survival of users as they hunted in demonic beast infested areas, yet Will just took the most expensive guide in the country to act as his encyclopedia. Will was hoping that Letty would not see through him, and his hopes were met. Not only was Letty not disappointed, her evaluation of Will skyrocketed!


Secluded meditation! The Dao! Yuan! Intent! He is incredible. Royal Father could only enter into secluded meditation for a few months, and he is considered a once in a century genius. Master was able to achieve many times that much with ease. Not to mention that yuan is only available to practitioners.


To gain insights into the Dao one normally has to be at level one hundred at the very least! Even knowledge of the word itself is not something the average person has. Does he really have knowledge on the Dao? Is he really a practitioner? Does he really have the ability to teach me intent?


I need to test this as soon as possible. Let me find him an E class creature to test out my theory.


“Master, rest assured, I will assist you to the best of my abilities, but…”


Will raised a brow, “But what?”


“I would like to see Master battle. It will allow me to have a proper understanding of your abilities, making me be able to scout properly for you. May I summon a strong beast?”


Will sighed in relief as soon as he heard her words, “Oh that’s it? No problem, the stronger the better hahaha! Let Master show you the true power of Intent!”


Seeing Will’s confidence, Letty’s eyes shined with a strange light. With a flick of her wrist , a pouch appeared in her hand, “Master, within this pouch is demon nip. It is very strong, and there is a possibility that a demonic horde will be summoned. May I use it on you?”


“Sure sure, hordes are nothing in the eyes of your Master!” Will laughed confidently, causing Letty’s eyes to shine even more. Will seemed confident, but inside he was cursing his heart out.


Fuck your mother! Fuck your father! Fuck your ancestors! Shit what if she summons a C class horde? Then we are toast! Fuck this shit.


Will did not allow any of his panic to show on his face. He looked as if fighting a horde was nothing to him, making Letty even more excited.


She opened the pouch, and a white powder was inside. She took some of that power and sprinkled it on Will with his consent. As she sprinkled the powder Letty saw Will shiver.


To think that he is so excited at the prospect of fighting a horde that he is shivering. As expected of my Master.


Will did indeed shiver, but it was not from excitement, far from it. He was shivering from fear! Despite his intentions, Will was still not aware of how strong the creatures outside were. After she sprinkled the powder on Will she closed the pouch and out it back inside the space from where she had taken it. The effects of the powder were almost instantaneous.


As the duo stood there, the earth started to tremble. Sounds of multiple creatures running could be felt. A moment after the earth rumbled a bit, multiple howls and growls could be heard. The varying sounds made Will uncomfortable. Then, all of a sudden, a deafening howl silenced all the others, followed by a symphony of similar howls.


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