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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 43- What is He?

Will’s words sent shivers down Letty’s spine. These were the words she had been waiting to hear for a long time, no, it was more than that, far more. Will’s whisper could not be heard by the women who had accompanied him, which was odd because they had high levels themselves. With their abilities, they could hear an ant crawl a hundred meters away, only the finest were chosen by the system to work for the IB. Yet they heard nothing from Will.


They were sure that Will had spoken due to Letty’s reaction. Letty was famous not only for her skills and stringent requirements, but also for her indifference. These women were confident that if the world were ending Letty would only yawn. To illicit, a reaction from Letty it must have been something big, making Lisa and Michelle curious.


Will could sense the reaction within the little girls body, whether or not he had succeeded was of little note to him, the point was that he had tried, so after speaking Will walked away without looking back. As he was walking, Will heard a voice come from behind him, “What is your objective? Once you become a Nation Lord?”


Will smirked and looked back, “Isn’t it obvious? To become an immortal of course!”



Four figures, Will, Lisa, Michelle and Letty walked out of the IB. Two had very satisfied expressions on their faces while Lisa and Michelle were mortified. The women still could not believe what they had seen. A level twenty user managed to take Letty as his guide. This news would no doubt shake the world of users. Letty was somewhat of a legend among guides. No one knew where she came from, if one were to dig it was almost as if she appeared from thin air. Despite this after her stellar performance at the IB guide examination she was desired by many. Yet she refused. She even refused an offer from two Kings!


This very fact was enough to put her in the spotlight. She did not even bother to talk to the Kings and merely muttered ‘you have failed the test’ before leaving the room. If Kings failed her so called ’test’ then who could pass it? Then from nowhere comes a laid back weak user in slippers walks in and Letty practically begs to be his life time guide, and the user himself nods in approval like a customer who had bought a product at a mall!


Michelle and Lisa really wanted to ask Will what the test was, but their pride was getting the better of them, not to mention they would lose a lot of face if it was known by other workers in the IB.


Will was pleased by his new purchase. He who had spent five years grinding by himself welcomed company from someone, especially for menial tasks. Will still was a loner at heart, but for some tasks he would need a skilled helper. Who would have thought that one would land by his feet? Not to mention how easy the test was. Letty had released what Will barely even considered intent, causing him to laugh in his heart. Intent was his specialty.


Since her intent was so meager and many had failed the test, Will surmised that Intent must be a rare trait among users. This soothed his mind as it meant one more trump card in his arsenal.


I should avoid using it as much as possible. I should only use intent when it is necessary or when I am training.


“Alright sir, this is where we stop. From now on any and all questions you have will be answered by Letty. I hope you have enjoyed our services.” said Lisa with her trademark smile.


“Yup, I am very pleased by the work you guys did. Seriously you have no idea how much work you guys have saved me from doing.” Will one again nodded in approval at the service the ladies have provided him.


“We are glad you are p-”


“Once I take over Miami I think I’m gonna hire you guys, you seem somewhat capable. Although you have big heads that can be sorted out later. Letty let’s go.”


“Understood Master.”


Lisa and Michelle stood there dumbfounded, the sheer audacity Will had revealed stunned them beyond words, not to mention the other thing…


Michelle assumed she had heard wrong so she looked to her co-worker for confirmation, “D-did she just say Master?”


Lisa did not even bother to reply. She felt a headache coming on and started massaging her temples. Too many oddities surrounded Will, for now there was nothing she could do about it except see. Letty was no fool, the women thought Will was someone who had leeched of a powerful user to get all those points, but now looking at his confident back walking into the distance, an odd sensation started filling up her heart. A feeling of expectation, who, or rather what, was this man?


Will and Letty were waling on a road headed straight for the large city in front of them. Inside Letty was still going nuts. Her head was turning and she felt butterflies in her stomach.


I finally found one. A user who knows intent! Not to mention he knew I was not from Earth the moment he saw me. But how?


As Letty gazed at the back of her new employer, many thoughts were swirling around her tiny head. She had many questions but she felt it improper to ask, because Will had a serious look on his face, which was the reason she had chosen to walk behind him, she felt that he was simply too intimidating at the moment.


Can he sense danger? Should I prepare to take action?


Will raised his hand, signaling for the duo to stop. Letty stopped and gulped, unsure of how to react, she was so nervous she didn’t know what to do.


“Letty…what the fuck are we supposed to be doing right now?”


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