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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 42- The Ultimate Guide



Apparently if one wanted to explore an area filled with demonic beasts, it was best to do so with a guide. A guide was a user who specialized in many things such as support, scouting, buffing etc. There were many different types of guides. One can hire the services of a guide at an IB.


Guides were divided into classes according to how skilled they were. The classes went from low, middle, upper to top. There was even the option of purchasing a guide for life, and their services would stop the moment you as their owner requested so. A guide was required to do whatever the user requested according to the terms on the contract. Contracts themselves also had classes from low to top, with low being the cheapest and top being the most expensive.


After hearing the explanation on guides, Will raised his hand to signal the ladies to stop speaking. “Show me the top class guides that you have.”


“Sir, like I said, a top class guide is at least a thousand bonus poi-“


“Just show me.”


Will’s tone showed that he had no interest in listening to anymore of their words. Lisa shrugged and brought up the 10 top class guides that they had on the list.


“Remove any males; I don’t want a sausage fest. In addition, any old women, I do not need a nanny. Hhmm,” After complying with his instructions only two guides were left, “That elf looks like a whore, and I don’t need distractions, which leaves that one. Hhmm she’s perfect. I am not a lolicon, so she makes the ideal partner. I want her!” Will nodded satisfied with his decision-making.


Lisa and Michelle looked at each other speechless. They didn’t know what to say, the sheer audacity Will had for an unknown level twenty player was incredible!


“Sir, the guide you have selected, Letty, has certain…requirements.” Said Lisa while biting her lips.


Will raised a brow in suspicion, “What requirements?”


“Honestly speaking she is without a doubt but no one has ever used her before, because she will only accept top class contract for life with a lord. If you contract her you have to guarantee that you will become a lord within a few weeks, a State Lord within a few Months, and a Nation Lord within a year…” After Lisa spoke, she sighed, because she knew that no one in his or her right mind would accept such a contract, little did she know that Will wasn’t just anyone.


“Wait, let me get this straight, if I do all of that, what will she deliver on her end?”


Will’s reply surprised Lisa but she still answered him, “She also has a test that she personally administers to users. If you pass her test and sign her contract she pledges to become your life long servant and do anything you order her to. Here is her list of skills.”


A list of skills appeared on the screen, hundreds upon hundreds of skills appeared. After seeing the list, Will instantly made up his mind. “Alright, I want her.”



“Sir just having an opportunity to be tested by her is a hundred points, and signing her contract is five thousand points.” Said a distressed Lisa


“Meh that’s fine, why are we wasting time,” Will stood up and clapped his hands, rubbing them together, “let’s go meet my future butler!”



In a large dark grey hall sat a young woman. She seemed to be about thirteen years old. She was wearing a tight fitting pair of yoga pants and had a t-shirt on. She had black hair tied into a ponytail and had brown eyes. Her body was showing signs of development and her cute face had a frown that would make one doubt whether or not she actually was a child. She looked so depressed it was as if she carried the weight of the whole world on her shoulders.


Another applicant, no doubt another waste of time. I wasted my time coming to this shit hole. Time is running out, and the gap between her and I is increasing…



As she stood in the hall, the door opened and people walked in. Two workers and the applicant himself. As she observed the dark skinned youth, she could not help but sigh. Besides his white hair and blue scabbard, there was nothing about him to take note of. He looked like a weakling and frankly had the bearing of a brute. She doubted whether this idiot had ever seen blood. She did not even bother checking his level and class because she thought he was a lost cause.


“Hello Letty, here is Will. He wants to take the test. Will this is the training hall, this hall is a special room that allows users to use their abilities.”


Letty was about to tell them to piss off when an unexpected event occurred. “The test already started the moment we entered this room.” Will’s voice echoed throughout the hall, surprising everyone.


Letty’s pupils expanded as she looked at Will. Suffice to say that shock was prevalent on her tiny little face. Before anyone could do anything else, Will started walking toward the little girl. The girl was curious as to what Will was going to do so she allowed him to come closer, especially after seeing his level.


Level 20? Could it have been a fluke?


Letty crossed her arms and waited for Will to walk straight in front of her. Will then put his arm around her neck and started whispering into her ears, “Little girl, I’m not sure what royalty like you is doing on a planet like mine and frankly I don’t care. Just know this, I am going to get stronger and take over this world, and any other that get in my way. If you choose to follow me then I assure you in time you will learn what true intent is.”
















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