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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 41- Registration


With his aqua sense, Will knew that she was headed for him.  A blonde, blue-eyed woman wearing a pink uniform. She looked flawless and had a near perfect smile. Her voice was like a call from the nine heavens, and it made everyone even women; look at her with fervor, well almost everyone.


“Yeah, I’m here to register.” Will did not even bother looking at her as he stared at the magnificent building before him. The blonde woman giggled because she had never received this response before.


What an interesting user.


Alright sir please follow me. Although the building itself was incredible, what really got Will’s attention was the fact that his aqua sense could not penetrate through it. As far as his senses were concerned, this building did not exist.


The woman thought Will was impressed by its appearance, which he was, but there was much more to it for the young man.


Will quickly followed the woman inside the building. Many men wished they could spend a night with these ladies from the IB, because they were nearly perfect in everything. A figure eight body, flawless skin, an enchanting and seductive face, a beautiful voice. Indeed these women existed in the fantasies of many men and they took pride in it. The woman guiding Will felt his gaze on her behind and laughed in her mind. She even started swaying her hips from side to side in order to mock him even more.


So he is one of those huh. It’s a shame. You can only look, not touch hehe.


If she really knew what Will was thinking, she would have tripped without a doubt.


Too tall, body is too skinny, skin is too pale, wearing too much make  up, her legs are too long, boobs are too small, her hips aren’t wide enough, her ass is so small she needs to intentionally sway from side to side just to make it look like it’s there.  Sigh and to think they call her attractive. Nigga please. Where is dat booty? Adelda doesn’t need to sway, every step she takes makes the earthquake.  Ah Adelda my love, where art thou?


In this world there exists the phrase ‘type’, and it truly applied in such a situation, although she seemed a peerless beauty in the eyes of many, too will she was a walking pile of bones with lipstick.


The building itself was just like any modern structure. It had a reception, escalators and elevators, people of all sorts walking around, some being guided around as he was. The guides were not just women; some of them were extremely handsome men as well.



“Sir, would you mind telling me your level?” said the woman in guiding Will. “Twenty.” Will replied. The nodded her head and led Will to the Elevators. Once they were in one, she pushed for the number 20. Once they arrived on the 20th floor. Once they reached that floor, Will was taken to a small silver room. Inside that room was a small desk, some chairs and a television screen embedded in one of the walls.


Another woman dressed in pink was also in the room sitting on the other side of the table. Will was guided to sit and then the registration began.


“Hello sir, my name is Lisa and the woman who guided you here is Michelle. We are here to help you register and answer any questions you have.” Will nodded in response and yawned. Lisa was somewhat bothered by this but she did not show it in the slightest. She closed one eye and started waving her hands about. Will saw that her movements were affecting the screen on the wall as different bits of information were popping up on it.


“Right, what will your user-name be sir?”


“Peerless Dao Master.”




Lisa frowned at Will’s response while Michelle giggled. She could not help but do so because occasionally there would always be a user claiming to be him.


“Sir I am sure you are a funny fellow but please be serious.”


Will could not help but frown when he heard Lisa reprimand him.


I am him you retard.


After double face palming, Will calmed himself down and came to a decision. It would be best not to use his real user-name. There were a multitude of reasons but the main one was that he wanted his school life to remain  undisturbed, at least until he had gotten used to living here again.


“Do I have to use my real user-name?”


“As long as you have a title you do not. If you have a title you can use that to substitute for your user-name so long as that title has not been used.”


Lisa’s response made Will sigh in relief. After looking through his titles, Will made his choice. It was a gamble, but he decided to try it out.


“Try the user-name The Solitary Sword Sovereign.”


Lisa frowned once more, but she complied with Will’s wishes. “Please place your palm on the screen for verification.” Will stood up and placed his palm on the large screen. After scanning his hand and making some odd beeping noises and *Ding* noise sounded out.



“What did that ‘ding’ mean?” asked Will. The reason he asked was because the moment it rang the two women looked at each other with shock evident in their eyes. This time it was Michelle who spoke, “I-It means your title was accepted and you have been registered.”


“Oh,” Will shrugged, “anything else?”


“Well now that you have registered we are obligated to inform of a few things.” Said Lisa


Will went back to his seat and gestured for her to continue. “As a registered user of the IB, there are plenty of services that we can offer you such as…”


For ten minutes, Lisa and Michelle went on about the services about the IB. In general, using bonus points, you can purchase any piece of information. That was the gist of it. It was not until they finished that Will became interested.

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