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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 39- Lords!


Will knew he looked like a fool, he had also known from life experience that a happy go lucky transfer student was annoying, so Will quickly calmed himself down and entered the room. He tried putting on the coolest and most indifferent face he could. In addition, he without a doubt succeeded, perhaps too well…

As Will sat on his chair, he continued to listen in on the conversations throughout the school using aqua sense. The moment the lunch bell rang, Will was surrounded by students from all sides; bombarding him with questions about his class, his level, his history etc.

Will was silent throughout the entire interrogation because he found these students annoying, He also knew this would happen eventually so he was resigned to his fate. Users in this world only accounted for one quarter of the population. They were directly involved with the survival of humanity so they enjoyed quite the status, especially combat related users. Only a small portion of users had combat related classes.

Alice for example had the class Scholar. It was an information based class and focused on making one smarter, a scholar was essentially a moving library. Scholars used mana and had intelligence as their primary effector. This was one of the most common classes and was often looked down upon because few could utilize the battle capabilities of such a class.

In an attempt to escape the crowd, Will left the classroom and headed straight for the cafeteria. Little did he know that he would face an even bigger mob. The moment he entered the room became so quiet one could hear a pin drop to the ground. Once the mob started forming around him once again Will face palmed himself.


Suddenly the mob was silent. It quickly split into two and made way for a group of people who were decked in cool looking armor from head to toe. The group was lead by a boy wearing golden armor. The boy was incredibly large; he was also incredibly handsome and had a great sword strapped to his waist.

The boy walked straight toward Will and said with a mocking expression, “He is only level twenty, and look at him. No armor, nothing besides that sword, his class is something called Water Meister, no one has ever even heard of it. It’s probably a piece of rare garbage.” Many of the surrounding teens laughed at his words.

Just because a class was rare does not mean it was useful. It was actually quite the opposite. Most of the unique and rare classes were useless and weak and were referred to as rare garbage or rare trash.

If one had the appropriate skill or class, it was easy to determine another person’s class and level, so long as their level was below yours. These were referred to as scouting abilities or classes. People with such skills were sought after because information was power, especially in such a dangerous world.

One of the golden armored boy’s companion’s had scouted Will, and the results were quick to see. Soon the mob that had formed around Will diffused at a speed visible to the naked eye. Although Will was bothered by the mob, he was not happy about being called garbage. If Will was not afraid of being expelled then he would have beat the living daylights out of the golden armored boy.

“Don’t mind John, his family is very powerful so he is very cocky.” Alice immediately appeared on Will’s table. “Will, do you mind if I sit with you?”

Will was surprised for a bit but gestured for her to take a sit. “Thank you. My name is Alice. Welcome to Silverton, Will.” Alice’s greeting came with a warm smile. Will could tell that it was genuine, causing him to lower his guard a little bit. He shook her hand in return, “Well you already know my name Alice. Nice to meet you.”

Will found Alice much easier to talk to than the others, and the two hit it off quite well. Alice was more than happy to answer any of Will’s questions, which was exactly what Will needed right now. After a while Alice started giving Will a strange look because he was asking things which should be general knowledge by now, but Will used the excuse that he was homeschooled in seclusion. Alice was not happy with this answer but she still patiently answered all of Will’s questions. Thanks to Alice, Will finally had an understanding of what happened after he disappeared. Alice to pride in her intelligence and answering questions was one of her favorite hobbies, thus her conversation with Will went smoothly
The system arrived on October 30 2015, and chose its first users then. It did not choose users all at once but rather chose them in batches. This process took a year until a quarter of the planet had become users. At this point humanity had long gotten used to dungeons. These buildings would float in the atmosphere, and some would land once they were over flowing with demonic beasts resulting in a beast horde. Many cities across the world and fallen to beast hordes, examples including Miami, Los Angeles, Birmingham and Hong Kong to name a few. Over time, some of these cities were reclaimed but the damage had already been done.

The [Information] option on the user menu had proved to be very important during the past five years. Thanks to this, human beings around the world had gained the ability to communicate and truly understand the system. It is also this system that has the King and Emperor Rankings. These rankings only show the top ten million users in the world. Apparently, there is no Sovereign ranking system for some odd reason. Only the three Sovereigns and the order of their potential is shown. There are also other ranking systems such as the guild rankings, city rankings and nation rankings.

“Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention the lord rankings, these are arguably the most important.” It was not until Alice said these words that Will stopped his meal.

“Most important? What do you mean by that? And what is a lord?” Said Will with eyes full of expectation. The world had become just like an online game, to Will this was his dream environment, so when he heard the word lord, he had expectations.

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