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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 38- Back to School


“No one knows where he is or who he is. All that is known is that he is male, and due to his username, many suspect that he is of Chinese origin. Be it his class, abilities, or identity, none are known. Another strange thing is that he neither is an Emperor nor is he a King. His name does not appear on any rankings at the moment, which makes the whole world confused. The main reason being that his name is first on the list of Sovereigns, in other words the system believes him to be the user with the most potential. Yet potential and strength are not the same thing, thus no one is able to estimate just how strong he is. Cults and followers all over the world are worshipping the Peerless Dao master.
Because his strength and identity are unknown, he has become akin to a deity amongst some users, resulting in many organizations claiming to be his true followers. There are however three details known facts about the Peerless Dao Master. He is the first human to achieve class duality. He is the first human to create a custom technique, doing only a few days after the system arrived. Finally, he is the first person to defeat a boss level creature. Other than this, nothing is known about the Sovereign except for the fact that he is alive. If he were dead his name would have been stricken off the list.”

The teacher clapped her hands, clearly pleased by the answer her student had given. The other students rolled their eyes, and some even snorted in disdain. As far as they were concerned everything Alice had said was common knowledge, so what was the point of making a fuss?

*Knock Knock*

As the teacher was about to ask another question she heard a knock by the door. “Come in.”

The door opened and an odd sight appeared, a young dark skinned young man with short white hair walked into the room. He was wearing socks with slippers, a pair of khaki shorts and a sleeveless hoody. His right hand also had a tight fitting glove made out of material resembling plastic. The young man seemed to be about seventeen years or so and had a light blue scabbard by his waist.

As soon as the others in the class saw this scabbard and its sword one thought came to mind. He was a user!

The young man walked to the teacher and gave her a paper. The teacher read the paper and after a few moments, she sighed. “It seems we have a new student. His name is Will Chamberlain and he is a user. Be nice to him.”

“Hi, I’m Will.” As Will introduced himself, he was picking his nose and had a bored expression. His indifference had a negative impact on most of his new classmates, but Will did not care.

Stupid Modus, why the fuck do I have to return to high school? Fuck!

After he introduced himself, Will took a seat and the lesson continued. Modus had just dropped Will in front of the school with this paper. All Modus said was ‘Good luck!’ and he disappeared. The moment Modus was gone a quest had appeared in front of Will.

A new quest is available. The quest is to attend Silverton High and successfully graduate from it. If the school is destroyed or if you fail to graduate from this school then the quest has been failed. Failure to complete the quest will result in being stripped of all your abilities and having your memories erased.

Quest Rank: Unknown

Reward: Perfect Foundation Dan

Will was mortified by the requirements this quest had. In his mind, he was going to go adventuring Earth freely, doing as he pleased, but it seems as if Modus had other plans.

Fuuuuuccckkk! Fuck you Modus!

Will became incredibly depressed when he saw the result of failing to complete this quest. After his ordeal in King Yama’s gate, Will’s mind had become more resolute. He quickly adjusted himself and calmed down, and walked straight into the school. After going to the principal’s office, Will went to this classroom.

Despite having concluded all of Modus’ requirements of him, Will was told nothing. He did not know how the world had changed since he was away; he did not know if his family was safe, he did not even know the date!

As he cursed Modus in his heart, Will also paid attention to his surroundings. Outside nothing seemed that different from what he knew about Earth, cars, the buildings, traffic lights, roads. All of it. However, when Will walked into the school he realized that things were not quite, what they seemed on the outside. The first thing that grabbed his attention was the clothing on some students. Some were wearing odd things like robes, armor and weaponry, while some were wearing clothing he did not even understand.

When Will saw this he realized that there was no need for him to hide himself as well, so he immediately brought out his katana and strung it on his waist. Will also paid attention to all the conversations throughout the school, what particularly caught his attention was the information that Alice had been giving out. It was important for many reasons, as it showed that the power dynamics of the world had changed quite a bit. This whole ‘Kings, Emperors and Sovereigns’ concept was quite fascinating to Will, but without a doubt the most intriguing piece of information was the part about Will himself!

Peerless Dao Master was Will’s own username. At first, Will thought that perhaps it could be some other user, but when he heard Alice mention those accomplishments, he threw that notion out of the window.

Hahahahaha! I’m world famous! I’m super awesome!

As Will walked neared, his class he had a grin that stretched from ear to ear, after all what young man would not be happy after being told he was the most famous person on the planet.

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