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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 37- Kings, Emperors and Sovereigns!


“In the world of cultivators, the strong understand the Dao, the mighty can manipulate the Dao, and the supreme can…create their own Dao!”

The three simple phrases were words that had taken the human race countless millennia to learn, and even more millennia to comprehend. Will knew that he had received the most valuable gift he has ever received; these words were far more valuable than any weapon, technique or ability. They seemed simple yet they were incredibly profound, so profound that Will completely lost his sense of conscious and sat down on the spot cross-legged. He immediately began to meditate on those words.

Sebastian was speechless, he knew the true value of these words, and he knew that they were only valued by the most acute and the most talented of martial artists. Sages would meditate for centuries and gleam nothing from these words, monks would cleanse their minds with mantras just get a glimpse at the grandest understanding of the Dao, high immortals would even trade their never ending lives just to gain a slight chance at seeing the doors that lead to the secrets of the universe, despite all of this almost all of them would fail to understand the incredible deep and profound truth within these three phrases.

Yet here in front of him, a young man who has an slightly above average talent in terms of his body, an ordinary physique and a ridiculously foul mind was able to attain an insight into these words, even more shocKing was that he did not hesitate to meditate in front of The King of Titans! A man who had razed continents just because they pronounced his name wrong. Outrageous!

Modus was laughing like a lunatic within his room, while Adelda was speechless. Her mouth would open and close at random intervals yet no words came out. Sebastian shook his head and sat on the ground. Waiting for the young man to gain his insight. Even if he was the King of Titans, Modus was Modus, and interrupting an insight being gained by Modus’ disciple was courting death, even for him.

A few days passed, and Will eventually opened his eyes. His face was stunned as he got out of his stupor. “What…just happened?”

“I don’t know young man, you tell me. Exactly what insights did you gain?”

Will knew that there was no way to put what he had just gone through into words. So could only scratch his had shyly when questioned by Sebastian.

“Ha-ha, don’t worry young man; as long as it was productive I am happy. Now let’s move onto the real deal.”

Once again, the red and blue balls condensed themselves in Sebastian’s hands. This time however he made the spheres face each other and slowly fused them. The moment the two opposing spheres touched, a sound unlike any Will had ever heard entered his ears, it was as if he was hearing flesh being burned by flames as hot as the sun, it was as if he was hearing titanic waves crashing into each other in a stupendous storm, it was as if he could hear time and space itself freeze and boil at the same time.

At the point of contact for the two spheres, a white light started shining and spread across the entire room, winds started raging, maKing it difficult for Will to even stand, let alone see. Will covered his eyes to stop the light from hurting his eyes, but he created a tiny gap through his fingers so he could see what Sebastian was doing. He could only make out a savage grin on the immortal’s face. An ominous feeling started spreading throughout Will’s body as he saw what was happening before him.
“Behold Will of Earth, the Dao of The King of Titans!”

In a classroom somewhere on earth, high school students were having a lesson on history. Desks, textbooks, chalk, this seemed like a normal lesson, yet the topic under discussion was anything but ordinary.

A middle-aged woman, wearing an all black suite paced up and down the room, looKing for her next victim. “Right,” she said as she clapped her hands, “Alice, tell me the most powerful users on the planet in detail. This is a fifteen mark question.”

Alice was a somewhat chubby looking girl who sat at the front. She wore a red dress with flowery designs and had a calm temperament about her.

“The strongest users are the ten Kings, the five Emperors, and the three Sovereigns. The ten Kings are the users with the most experience from killing monsters; they are the third most powerful force on the planet and have the highest levels. The five Emperors are the users with the most custom techniques under their belt and are considered the second most powerful force on the planet. The strongest however are the three Sovereigns. These are the three users with the most potential on the entire planet.

No one knows the criteria for being a Sovereign, but they are without a doubt the most powerful cultivators on Earth. It is believed that just two Sovereigns are capable to take on the Emperors and the Kings, and the Information Bank claims that all three Sovereigns can defeat the entire world, although this is unknown.

The ranks for Kings and Emperors fluctuate and the names on these lists change from time to time. However, the three Sovereigns have remained the same since the inception of the system. They are Miyamoto Musashi, Arthur Dragonheart, and Peerless Dao Master. The first two are world famous and rule over the east and west respectively, and they are both Emperors and Kings. There have been many conflicts between the two Sovereigns in the past, but currently they are in a truce. They have at least of a billion followers each and are paragons within the world. Peerless Dao Master however is an exception.”

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