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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 36- The King of Titans


Power, destruction, nobility, a multitude of words entered Will’s mind as he stared at the purple haired man. Will had never felt so powerless in his entire life. Unknown? Flee? If this guy was as powerful as he felt, there was nothing that Will could do to get away from him. In addition, indeed there was none, especially in his domain.

“Ah yes, allow me to introduce myself. I am The King of Titans, you may call me Sebastian.”

The man got off his throne and did a polite bow, despite his seemingly humble demeanor; he was still exuding the aura of a beast, not the kind that devours, but the kind that annihilates. His voice had a British accent, the kind that only rich people had, and oddly enough, it reminded Will of someone he knew, someone who was already dead…

The handsome man scratched his head in a confused manner as if he was confused. “Ehm, I apologise for this intimidating aura, I tried restricting it as much as I could, but I was just excited at seeing so I could not help but leak some of my presence.”

Will could sense the good will inside the man’s words, but the situation was still awkward, because Will was having the urge to bow and the urge to flee at the same time, yet the man’s words made it seem like he did not need to.

“Okay Sebastian, would you mind telling me…what you are? And why-”

Before he could finish he was interrupted with a giddy tone, “I looked forward to meeting you yes? Of course, of course, I completely understand. I apologise if I explain stuff badly, I usually have other people for that. Well anyway, here we go, to put it simply, what makes you interesting is the fact that Modus has taken interest in you. In addition, Modus is an interesting person because he does not take an interest in anyone. Yet the first person he does take an interest in is from the measly planet Earth. Interesting isn’t it?”

Will was gob smacked. Sebastian had spoken so quickly and with such a childish tone that Will did not quite know what to say.

“Now to answer your other question, as to what I am. I am an immortal. I am afraid you are not qualified to know any more, at least not now anyway ha-ha.”

Black lines formed on Will’s forehead.

This person is going to be troublesome in many ways

Will was a patient man but his tolerance for odd characters was not that high, the only problem was the odd person in front of him was most likely an all mighty immortal who could smite Will with his pinky if he deemed it fit. So our righteous hero…lol I am kidding. Therefore, Will had no way of dealing with this person except to stand there and do what he wants.

“Now I am told this is supposed to be a test of your skills in battle. Let’s test these skills shall we?”
In the next instant, the little ball that Sebastian was squeezing within his hand disappeared, and a ball of purple energy replaced it, this ball appeared inside both of Sebastian’s hands. Within moments, the balls of purple energy started changing. The purple ball within the red gauntlet changed into a dense red sphere that radiated intense heat, while the purple sphere on the blue gauntlet changed into a blue sphere that made its surroundings chill. This cold/hot duality created an odd atmosphere in the room.

Will felt both hot and cold at the same time. Then Sebastian raised his right hand and said, “Within this ball is enough heat energy to completely evaporate all of the water on planet Earth’s surface and,” then he lifted up his left hand, “ within this ball is water that is equivalent to all of the water on the Earth’s surface.”

Impossible, how could…

Rationality told Will that what Sebastian had said was impossible, but Will still believed the words of the purple haired immortal one hundred percent.

“I know what you are thinking, this is impossible right? According to the laws of physics it doesn’t make sense right? I must be using some special methods of some sort or something along those lines, but I assure you, what you see is ordinary water being used under the laws of nature.”

“The laws of physics state that-”

“Ehem.” Sebastian’s voice echoed out in the throne room, interrupting whatever Will was about to say. Will gulped and silenced himself; he knew that now was not his time to talk. His life could depend on his actions so the young man was treading lightly.

“Let me correct you young man, it is not the laws of physics, it is your laws of physics. What actually applies to nature and what your puny planet understands are two very different things. What is not possible might be possible, what you thought was possible might be impossible. Before you embark on the path of martial arts, you must accept one thing. You know nothing.”

Sebastian’s words struck Will like a bolt of lightning. ‘You know nothing.’ Will was not a person who considered himself a genius, but he did pride himself in his intelligence somewhat. This pride further inflated itself once he achieved sixty-four minds and he survived through many months of excruciating training. Yet three words from a man who seemed like a fool brought the young man back to Earth.

As Will backtracked, he realized that he had been doing the impossible all along. The very existence of the system and cultivation itself turned what he knew upside down, but due to his obsession into these concepts, Will had ignored this and buried it in the depths of his consciousness.

“Yuan, qi, mana, World Energy, these energies completely change what a substance is and what it can do. Sure, you can apply some of the knowledge you have about nature to improve yourself, but if you continue to train believing that this universe conforms to a set of rules thought up by a backwater planet then you will always remain a weakling. In the world of cultivators, the strong understand the Dao, the mighty can manipulate the Dao, and the supreme can…create their own Dao!”



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