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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 35- The King Wearing A White Labcoat


Will’s body jumped out of the hole he was climbing out of and landed in one of the most marvelous rooms he had ever seen. It was as if he was in a throne room within an imperial palace. Golden walls with majestic images of powerful warriors and creatures adorned the walls. The carpet on the ground was red and spotless, to the point were Will felt guilty for stepping on it.

There were plenty of other majestic and golden regalia within the room. Yet they all paled to what, or rather, who was sitting on the throne…

“I have been waiting a long time, William. Let us see if you were worth the wait shall we?”

Countless strands of long, purple hair emanated a red hue as they cascaded down to his waist. The hair looked like liqefied, purple gold as it encased the man’s beautiful traits like the frame of a painting.

A pair of blue and red, heterochromatic eyes sent shivers down Will’s spine. His body exuded an aura of majesty that made anyone who laid his eyes on his mighty figure, want to bow. It mattered not whether one had previously been a king of the skies, flying to the heavens or a maggot crawling in the dirt.

If one had a back to lean forward, he would bow!

If one had knees to bend, he would kneel!

If one had any thought about defying this majestic figure in his mind, he would discard them!

That was how imposing the purple haired man’s presence was.

And yet, together with the majestic aura of a king, an amused yet lazy hint could be seen flashing by, deep in the man’s pupils. The crown of top of the figure’s head was even tilted slightly, as if to give the message that its wearer had no care in the world.

His face was so handsome Will was confident that if this man was to call himself the second most handsome man alive, no one would dare call themselves the first! His armour was covered in red, blue, purple and gold designs, on his chestplate an insignia represented a double headed dragon that seemed to look down upon all creation.

He also wore a pair of gauntlets. One was blazing red: if Will was to stare at it for long enough, he would notice that his eyes would start to feel a burning sensation. The other was navy blue: each time Will casted a glance at it, he felt as if his very soul was being frozen.

As he sat on his throne, the puple haired man held a ball that he continuously squeezed over and over again as he stared at Will with an abnormal fervour.

Dude, i get it, your pretty, but i don’t swing that way.

Yet, what Will found strangest about this man was his coat. It was plain white. No designs, no colours, …


It actually looked like a plain, old labcoat from Earth…

This combination of oddities left Will astounded. Once he finally snapped out of it, information on his foe finally appeared.

Unidentified Being.



“Lord Modus, urgent news! Will has been taken!”

Adelda ran into Modus’ meditation room with a panick stricken expression on her face. Modus on the other hand was still just as calm as ever.

“I know my dear…”

“My lord, I don’t understand, I thought Will was supposed to fight The Gagan Furik?”

If Modus knew, then Adelda understood that this could only happen with his permission. As far as she knew, the people who could take anyone from Modus without him noticing weren’t even as many as the the number of fingers on her hands. If he did notice it, no one would be able to take Will from Modus. At least not in this dimension anyway…

With a snap of Modus’ fingers, a large screen revealed the throne room where Will had met the purple haired man. As soon as she saw who Will was facing, Adelda’s expression immediately turned pale.

“T-t-that couldn’t possibly be-”

Modus grinned cheekily when he saw Adelda panic. “Indeed it is my dear.”

“But how? Why would you give him Will? There is no chance for Will to beat him!”

“I didn’t intend to give him Will, he personally requested for it. It’s not everyday that the King of Titans himself asks me for a favor.”

Adelda opened her mouth but didn’t quite know what to say. Her mind was completely boggled because she was looking at a man who she had only heard of in legends. No one alive dared imitate his appearance, so there was no doubt that it was him. Adelda’s head started hurting as she pondered over this mystery. Since Modus had given his permission, all she could do was just watch. She did not dare disturb the intentions of The King of Titans.

Why? Why would the mightiest human being ever born in the lower realms wish to meet Will? Just who is Will Chamberlain?

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