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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 34- Boss? You There?


As will traversed the tunnel, he met a variety of different monsters, each troublesome in their on way. Yet, despite their formidability, each time Will fought he would adapt and achieve victory. The same applied even for the last batch of creatures he had to fight. Humanoid creatures that had blades as arms and an eel like head. They were called called gagan and had an E+ rank. Despite their rank, one was not that much for will to handle, and a group was also easy to deal with.

The gagan were humanoid both in form and in nature, their team battle tactics were worthy of prasise as far as Will was concerned. Their ability to use spaces and their communication was uncanny. All Will heard was something akin to squealing. Nevertheless, these squeals were definitely more than they seemed. The gagan did not have any extra abilities besides having a tough exterior and being very nimble.

Their blade like limbs made for effective weapons, but there was no weapon that could poss less danger to Will than a blade. To a savant of the sword such as Will, dodging and parrying their attacks was childsplay. At first, Will had difficulty attacking but found it easy to defend, the reason for this being one of the benefits from his First Opening.

Adelda had assumed that Wil had achieved an understand into the vast ocean of profoundness that is water intent, and she was correct, yet she failed to note the mot important aspect of intent. Intent was the amalgamation of will, and its most important purpose is to be infused into one’s abilities. The more skilled one was in the ways of intent, the better their ability to fuse intent with their techniques.

Adelda never would have thought that Will would have already achieved such a feat, because insitilling one’s intent into an ability or skill often took months if not years to achieve. Yet, our little hero had done so with ease. If word of this feat were to reach the other administrators of th esystem, they would undoubtely vomit blood and turn green from regret at missing such a prodigy.

The Dao of water was vast and boundless, and so were its applications. The first thing he had chosen to apply water intent to was his detection ability water sense. It was a phenomenon that was difficult to explain and even more difficult to comprehend.

So long as a molecule of water existed it had water intent. One merely needed to have the ability to sense and use it. Using the water molecules within the atmostphere, Will would gain the ability to sense any living creature near him. Life was part of the Dao of water, so water intent was sensitive to life. The moment a lifeform neared Will, it would be like a pebble being thrown onto the serene surface of a clear pond. The ripples of the disturbed surface would immediately reach Will and he would be able to calculate were the distubance originated from. This was also how he was able to sense Adelda’ s presence earlier.

Adelda was an immortal thus, her ability to hide was extraordinary. Were it not for her having a lapse due to the shock of Will’s achivements in his First Opening, she would have never been discovered by him. Once a distubance had been sensed by the proverbial pond, it’s “signature” would forever be remebered. Thus, if Adelda were to near Will in the future, she would have to put in her utmost effort to hide from him.

If an immortal had trouble eveading his gaze, then what is there to say about mere E class creatures? In front of Will, they might as well have been naked…

well, they were naked actually, but yeah you get the point.

All of their movements, from the deformities in the air caused by the swings to the tiny fluctuation of kinetic energy caused when a muscle twitched, Will could see it all and would respond accordingly. This was a lot of information to take in, but luckily, Will had 64 minds, had he not?

Will named this new ability aqua sense. Unlike water sense, this had intent and drained Will’s mental energy so he could not keep it on all the time. He only switched it on for this battle to test it and test the kinks. Will was able to perfect aqua sense after some time battling these creatures. There were hundreds of them but after Will got into his rhythym their numbers started to dwindle at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Suffice to say that, when Will finally got into his groove, any suspense for this battle had gone.


A humanoid silhouette was sliced in two instantly, its body parts falling to the ground as if they had been lifeless to begin with.


Next to the body, a young man sighed in relief. He was of a medium build, less than average height, with dark hair, brown eyes and a light brown skin tone.

Normally a person his age should be filled with the vigorous nature of youth, however this young man appeared somewhat more mature. His heaving chest and deep breaths revealed that he was tired.

His expression displayed indifference, his faced hardened by constant battle. He was brandishing a sword, the edge of the blade covered in blood.

Surrounding him, there were approximately 50 or so corpses littering the floor.

“Damn, these guys didn’t give me enough experience! These demons are too weak, I just wasted five minutes for nothing!”

After muttering to himself the man, returned his katana to its scabbard and checked his body, to ensure he was all in one piece. He was pleased with the results, for his white robes were spotless. There were no cuts, dents, not a single speck of any sort on them, not even a drop of blood. It was almost as if he hadn’t been in a fight at all! After realising that nothing was wrong, he started looking around.

“Ah, I never did notice the surroundings. The moment I entered this place I was fighting!”

The young man gasped at the immensity of the room: it was a large, circular hall, with the diameter of an entire building. Its height stretched as far as the eye could see, its black walls covered in ancient looking golden runes.

“Right, time to go face the boss.”

After taking in the view, the man slapped his own face and started taking steps forward, these steps however were not normal.

The moment he took a step forward, a sheet of ice, half a meter in area, would form beneath his foot. Every time he took a step forward this occurred, and a new sheet of ice would form, eventually creating a flight of stairs, coiling upwards, made entirely from ice.

After a while, the boy was out of sight, the steps turned into a vapour and dispersed. The floor was empty, apart from the bodies left by the young man. Behind the corpses was an open door: if one was to go through that door, a very large, long cave would be found.

The cave was seemingly normal. With the exception of the floor, every single inch of which was covered in blood.

The dismembered body parts of seemingly humanoid creatures littered its entire length, forming heaps the size of houses. All these body parts looked as though they were cut apart cleanly, by a blade, a very sharp blade. On close inspection these parts were twitching, with minute movements, as if they had still been alive but a few minutes ago…

As Will climbed up bit by bit, his heart beat was accelerated and his senses were heaightened to the max. His Aqua sense had already told him that his enemy was above, so it was only a matter of time before he met his foe. Will was looking forward to the battle, but at the same time he had a foreboding feeling.

Those things down there were too easy. Which is a problem because Modus doesn’t do easy. Odds are something very powerful is up there, waiting for me.

As Will got closer and closer, his expression began to look more and more surprised

Hhmm? Why is this presence… so weak?

One would expect an extremly powerful creature to exude a powerful life force, but Will could barely detect anything. Of course, there were creatures that could hide their presence, but it was unlikely that Modus would allow for such a thing. This was a boss, so it would most likely be a straight up confrontation.

I refuse to believe that i am fighting something weak. I need to put my guard up, just in case i meet with an unpleasent surpise.

As Will reached his destination, the vibe he got from his aqua sense became even more vibrant, but this was not life force, nor was it killing intent.

This is… excitement!


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