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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 30- Bloody Spiders!


“Fuck off!”


It took nothing more than an an instant, and yet, in that moment, a creature with an E+ rating was beheaded by Will, its existence passed off as if he was swatting a fly.

Will was running with all his might. He had been moving so fast that he could barely tell what the creature was. Even the usual notification that the system gave hadn’t reached his eyes. All he had seen had been a weak, furry, humanoid obstruction, so he had taken care of it.

With a frantic expression, Will ran forward as fast as he could within the jungle. From time to time he would come across a ‘powerful’ creature, but like the ape-monster from before, it would be greeted by Will’s sword and a sudden darkness.

Will did not care who or what he ran into. Be it a creature, trees, rocks or any other obstruction within his path, he would merely swing his sword and make way. All his focus was on trying to make sure he was going in a straight line. In every step he took, he would put every ounce of strength he could muster.

And if one were to look behind Will, they would immediately see why.

Just like a red tsunami, an army of giant, blood-red spiders ran straight after Will. No matter how long or how fast he ran, they still stubbornly followed Will.

These were Scarlet Crawlers. A creature with an E+ rating. A few of them would not be enough to catch Will’s attention, but unfortunately he himself had caught the attention of an entire colony of the bloody spiders! Each spider was the size of a doghouse and their bodies were incredibly hairy.

Their disgusting appearance coupled with Will’s inherent fear of spiders had led the young man to make a beeline for his hideout. The spiders had assumed that Will was dead meat due to his cultivation being far lower than theirs, yet they were still only barely able to catch up with him. However, they were patient hunters, so they believed it would not be long before they caught their prey.

That was until they chanced upon an odd site: a large waterfall, with a huge, rotating sphere of water at its base. These spiders had a natural dislike for water, so when they saw Will head inside the sphere they immediately went frantic.

Without hesitation, Will had jumped straight inside the huge sphere. The moment he had entered, he immediately made it so that the sphere started rotating much faster and it even made it double in size in nearly an instant.

Of course, the spiders were hungry as well as annoyed by the fact that they had been chasing one human for so long only to see him escape their grasp.

They were reluctant to let him go despite the huge sphere of water, so they stood by the bank of the river formed by the waterfall, waiting for any changes. They were willing to spend weeks here, if necessary, to catch Will! Little did they know that they were courting death!

Inside the sphere, which was now nearly 20 meters in diameter, Will had taken a stance.

His eyes were closed. His countenance was calm. His mind was clear.

So far, I count nearly 10000 spiders. They must be the reason this sector is devoid of high-ranking creatures… which means the Sector Boss probably is a spider with a D rating! Sigh… With my current ability, I can at most kill only a thousand or so, but that should be enough!

Will sheathed his sword into its icy-blue scabbard. He had made this scabbard from water and he kept its form through sheer willpower.

“Suijin no Ikari: Shuriken!!!” Will quickly released his sword from its sheath.

The art of striking the instant one unsheathes their sword is known as iaido, and it is a powerful tool from Japanese swordsmanship. The large sphere disintegrated into thousands of pieces, each sharp and extremely quick as they suddenly attacked the immediate area near Will and the spot where the water sphere had been previously.

Will had now reached a level of control with water that allowed him to somewhat direct the brunt of the attack in a certain direction. As he expected, his rain of mini water-blades completely shredded the surrounding environment as they made their way towards the sieging spiders. It was as if a torrent of hundreds of shuriken had been flung out at Will’s surroundings!

The spiders which were closest to Will, standing by the bank, were turned into swiss cheese without even having the chance to understand what happened. In a sigle instant, their body had been riddled with holes from head to toe!

Will didn’t need look with his eyes to see the damage he had done: through his Water Sense, he knew full well what his attack had managed to achieve. As everything was roughly within his calculations, he wasn’t either excited nor disappointed when he saw the extent of the damage done to the spider army:

Sigh, only a thousand, as I expected. Quite a few more have been injured, so there is a chance that they will die after some time…

But how did he achieve this? Simple. Water can be very sharp if used properly, however Will didn’t only use water in his attack…

Sword intent is truly amazing… it can turn anything into a sword!

Indeed: Will had infused his sword intent into his suijin no ikari!

He had made this realization some time ago: his original suijin no ikari already held a small wisp of sword intent! This also was why it was so powerful and rated so high.

Now that he was aware of what he was doing with sword intent, he was able to take the attack power of the technique to a whole new level!


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