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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 8- First Kill!

Will suddenly saw himself in a vast jungle. It looked like a rainforest, vines crawling everywhere, the tree branches connecting, forming a vast network. In his entire vision, all he saw was green. With the occasional colour here and there.

There were insect like noises all around him. It looked to be daytime. Will was rather surprised.

This is a dungeon?

To be honest, the place didn’t look like a dungeon, it looked more like an episode from a program on a nature channel. Will put the rusty sword into the storage ring and decided to look around.

[Welcome to the dungeon King Yama’s Gate]

This words suddenly appeared in Will’s vision.

Ok. So this really is a dungeon. 

Will also noticed that his senses and strength were weaker here. As if they were being suppressed in some way. He was still far stronger than when he was a normal person, but he was feeling weaker than before. It took Will a few seconds to get used to this change.

After the floating words faded, Will decided to take a look at his current stats. The enlightenment he had received had gifted him with many things. Since he wasn’t really sure what he had received, he wanted to check just what he had gotten.

Username: Peerless Dao Master

Level: 5

Class: Watet Meister, Sword Apprentice

Energy type: Yuan

Points: 0

Race: Human

Titles: Dual Pioneer.

Skills: Dual Mind (passive),Dual Mind Propagation, Class Duality (passive), Basic Swordsmanship (passive), Sword Enlightenment (passive), Water Enlightenment (passive), Water Manipulation (passive), Bloodlust (active), Radiant Energy (active), Sword Totem (active), Battle Awareness (passive).


Endurance: 12 (+30)

Agility: 15 (+40)

Strength: 14 (+20)

Wisdom: 40(+35)

Intelligence: 30 (+20)

Woah! I gained four new skills! And my stats have increased! 

Will saw that his stats had increased by quite a bit. Even more Important however was the fact that he had four more new skills.

Will was about to check out his new skills, when he felt something. Killing intent had locked onto his body, Will could sense that danger was fast approaching. Due to Will’s enlightenment, his understanding of killing intent was high.

If any other being, especially one with a weaker cultivation than his covered him with killing intent, he would feel it. Not only that, but he could track back that killing intent to the owner and learn many things.

These time Will saw that he was being targeted by a creature that looked like a saber tooth tiger. It was as big as an actual tiger, and looked very ferocious.

Will wasn’t actually looking at the beast, but his mastery over killing intent had reached incredible levels. The moment the beast targeted Will, the boy already knew all there was to know physically about the beast.

It was like a very powerful sixth sense. Like an invisible eye that could see anything that was planning to harm Will.

Such was the power of enlightenment. Will knew that this beast was somewhat intelligent. He was worried that If he showed any signs of knowing the beasts’ presence, it might run away.

After a moment however he realized he was wrong. When the beast was only a few meters away, it roared. Announcing its presence. It seems it didn’t see Will as a threath, so it wasn’t afraid. In fact it saw him as very weak.

Demonic beasts were the denizens of dungeons. They were animal like beasts that were filled with demonic energy. They would attack any user they saw without fail.

Similar to actual games.

Will turned to look at the beast. Saliva was dripping from its mouth. Its muscles rippled with every step it took. It crouched, ready to pounce. Its feline eyes looking at its prey, with unmatched concentration.

Although the beast thought the boy was weak, its instinct told it to be cautious. It didn’t really understand why, because his cultivation seemed weak. Demonic beasts had their own system of cultivation. They used demonic energy, instead of mana, ki and yuan.

An advantage that demonic beasts had, is that they didn’t really need to cultivate assiduously like humans. They just needed to grow up and they would gain immense power, depending on their species and bloodline. Another advantage was that demonic energy gave them tough bodies and very impressive senses. They could roughly make out the cultivation of other beings, so long as they were not too powerful.

The main disadvantages they had were their lack of intelligence, and their limited potential. Unlike humans who could improve even with a lack of talent, if you were a demonic beast, your lifetime cultivation was pretty much determined.

[Razor Tiger. A powerful beast with long fangs and razor like claws. Its skin is as hard as steel and its fur as hard as iron. It moves by itself and never abandons prey once it decides to hunt.

Rating: G+]


These words popped up in Wills vision when he looked at the beast. When a user met a demonic beast, he or she had never met before, a pop up would come. Roughly explaining the beast’s traits and its rating.

Rating was how potentially powerful the species is. It goes from SSS+ to G-, with SSS+ being the highest and G- being the lowest. Each rating has 3 levels. For a example, beasts with a rating of G+ like the Razor Tiger attacking Will, were stronger than beasts that had a rating of G, and these in turn were stronger than those with a rating of G-.

This information had been given to Will when he had his class change. He was only just appreciating it now. The reason was simple. It allowed Will to estimate the strength of the beast. Each letter in rating represents roughly 20 levels.

This meant if you were level twenty, then most beasts of the G rating were not your match in terms of ability,assuming of course that your stats keep up with your level.

A G+ beast, this is a monster that only someone at around level 15 and higher could deal with. A player who was only at level 5 couldn’t possibly match it. This was true, unfortunately for the beast however, it had met one of the few exceptions to this rule.

Will had attained level 5, thus his dual propagation skill came into effect. He could now split his mind into 4 parts. All four parts were concentrating on the beast. Looking at its eyes, its posture, its structure and anything else that could show when and how the beast will attack.

Will’s high wisdom and intelligence came into effect here. He could easily calculate the beast’s movements, thus he was calm. Although he had never killed another creature In battle before, he had undergone a far more difficult process. The killing intent this tiger produced was nothing compared to what Modus had given Will. The class Will had and his skills had affected his way of thinking, so he acted with what seemed to be the finesse of an experienced warrior.

The beast looked powerful, but to Will it nothing more than a very large kitten. To be more accurate, the moment the beast targetted Will, it was already dead.

Suddenly the beast pounced! Its claws aiming straight for Will’s throat. Will himself only took a very precise step and avoided the beast by a few centimeters. He used this opportunity to strike.

Yuan circulated through is body making him stronger. His sword suddenly appeared in his right hand. His heart was pumping blood at a fast pace, yet his mind was as serene as the surface of a pond.

Like he had done this a million times before, he swung his blade diagonally, instantly beheading the beast. His sword cutting through like a hot knife cutting through butter.  The headless corpse thumped onto the ground lifelessly.

This entire process only took less than half a second. Will sighed. He removed the blood from his sword using a leaf on the ground.

Some light covered Will’s body, he felt yuan entering his body and strengthening him. This was most likely experience from his kill!

He looked at his work. His first kill. It was much easier than he thought it would be. Frankly speaking, Will even held back.

There were many things he could have done to kill the beast quickly, like release his bloodlust. He wasn’t exactly sure what it was, but he knew what it could do.

Just a little exposure could have killed the beast. Will was just here to kill monsters and level up. He was here to improve his skills. He was here to grind!

The moment he saw the beast, he knew he could kill it. His instinct had been very clear on this, from the moment the poor creature locked onto Will with it’s killing intent.

Well, that was disappointing.

This was far easier than Will had expected. He thought he would at least struggle somewhat, but unfortunately that wasn’t going to happen, not at least anytime soon anyway.

Only through life and death struggles can I draw out my true potential!

It is said that when one’s life is at stake, you are able to draw out your body’s true potential. This was what Will was counting on.

Well if at first you fail try and try again.

Will cheered himself up and started walking away from the beast.

I have to get away from this body asap, the blood will most likely attract attention.

Wait that’s it! I should just wait here for any monsters that are attracted to the scent of blood. That way I won’t have to look for any monsters. They will come looking for me, I think.

Happy with his idea Will decided to stay near the corpse. He shifted 3 parts of his brain into sensing the environment, so he could watch out for danger. The last part wanted to continue looking at his stats. That’s when Will remembered.

Ah! I have a map! I don’t need to look around. The map can guide me.

Yup. Will had forgotten the map function. Not only does it give you a rough idea of your surroundings from a bird’s eye view, it also shows potential threats as well.

Will clicked on his map function, only to meet a nasty surprise. It wasn’t working!

Damn it! I bet this is Modus!

Will was right. It was Modus. He had manipulated the map option on Will’s menu. Not only that, he had also made it impossible for Will to access his information option as well.

This meant that Will could not communicate with the outside world at all!


Will shouted out his frustration.

Since he was powerless, he decided to shift focus and think of a way to attract more monsters. That’s when Will had an idea. Killing intent!

Will was able to find out that the tiger was near him due to it locking its killing intent on Will, so couldn’t other creatures do the same thing Will did?

Will sat down and tried to focus. Due to the Previous insights Will had gained, releasing killing intent for him was as easy as breathing. In fact, due to his ability to use bloodlust, his killing intent was far more potent than normal.

Will spread it out as far as he could.

This is perfect! Not only can I attract monsters, I can also scare away weak ones. That way I won’t have problems with wasting time on weaklings.

Will started churning out as much killing intent as possible. He even threw in some of his sword yuan, so that monsters would know it was a human.

Little did Will know he was inviting a calamity onto himself…

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