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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

chapter 7- Sword Totem


Will was in the zone! He finally felt like he somewhat understood the essence of those words!

It was only when he was about to die, that the idea hit him. Death was the end of a life!

Or one could say the absence of life. Just like how darkness is the absence of light, or cold is the absence of heat. To understand death, one needs to start by understanding life.

In everyday life, the cycle is constantly around us. When we accidentally kill an insect, or when we pluck a flower or even killing rodents in your own homes. Every human usually ignores such acts, yet they are in fact killing.

Every human is a killer. When you engage in any one of these things you feel no revulsion, nor do you feel any guilt. In fact, it even feels natural.

So why is it that killing of humans is treated so differently? Because we make it relevant. We say we are justified in killing other creatures, because they are not sentient, but doesn’t that mean other beings on a higher level of existence, have a right to kill us? Of course not! 

There is no such thing as rights. Only privileges, and these belong to the strong!

Once Will started processing these thoughts, the killing intent that Modus had been weighing down on his body, suddenly rushed through Will’s body. Like it was filling up every nook and cranny of his being. Even his soul was affected. The natural resistance Will had against killing was gone. He had accepted it. It was now a part of him. He no longer saw killing as an atrocious act, to him it was now like anything else he saw. A part of nature.

Its relevance only depended on the individual. Whether or not you could control your own fate, depended on power.

There is no right or wrong, just like how there is no up or down. It all depends on your position.

If Modus wants to kill me, then I will kill him!

Will started searching deep down within himself. Now he knew that death was not such a bad thing, now that he had accepted it, it had become a part of him. So he could now bring it out!

Killing intent started oozing out of Will’s body, it rushed out like a rocket. The fervor in which it came out, was no different from that which was shown by a pack of starving wolves, running towards a bloody carcass.

Modus was overwhelmed. He had suppressed his own cultivation, and bathed Will in a little bit of killing intent.

He expected this trial by fire to wake up the boy’s hidden potential. Although the boy had sword enlightenment, it was only a small understanding. One cannot smell meat and claim that they have eaten it. True enlightenment must be gained by yourself.

He never really intended to kill the boy. Only frighten him, he had hoped that the boy would at least reduce the pressure of his killing intent and dodge. Never would he have expected that the boy would attempt fight back.

Truly amusing. As expected from the boy I chose!

Then the unexpected occurred. Modus was just about to stop his downward swing and release his killing intent, when he jumped back and landed on the ground on one knee.


A crack suddenly ran down the length of his mask. Modus looked at Will as if he was a monster!

Will not only cancelled out Modus’ killing intent. He was even able to temporarily suppress Modus with his own. He used that split chance to swing his sword upwards.

If it was simply this then he would have never been able to touch Modus. Modus himself looked at the swing, leisurely.

It seems the boy can now properly tap into his sword skills.

That’s when it happened. Will’s killing intent suddenly transformed. It became heavier.

No, it became denser.

It started compressing around Modus. Modus now felt his movements being slightly suppressed.

What? This is incredible!

Will continued to compress his killing intent until it only covered Modus and himself. The air started to gain a blood red tinge. The air became more red the closer it was to Will’s sword. The smell of blood started wafting all round. Will’s sword started moving faster than before and caught Modus by surprise!

This! This isn’t killing intent! This is bloodlust!

Even though he was caught by surprise, Modus was still an immortal, and a very powerful one at that. It was not difficult for him to escape the bloodlust in time.

After Modus jumped back, Will continued to hold the sword, looking at it. He looked as if he was in some sort of trance. His face emotionless. His eyes dead. Will continued to compress the bloodlust until it only covered him and his sword. His entire body continued to radiate a red aura.

All the grass around Will started dying, or rather disintegrating. It was as if the life was being sucked right out of Will’s surroundings, until he was only surrounded by cracked earth for hundreds of meters.

If any ordinary mortal had been standing there instead of Modus, they undoubtedly would have died instantly.

Ah he’s destroying my garden.

Modus saw that Will wasn’t really in control. Although he didn’t want to disturb the boy’s moment of enlightenment, he didn’t like the way things were going. Bloodlust has made many people, even immortals insane. He didn’t want Will to end up like them.

He was about to knock Will out, when he was once again shocked. The red bloodlust around Will’s body started turning blue. When Modus saw this, he stopped in his tracks.

The red compressed aura turned blue, and started decompressing. It started spreading all around. Radiating if you will. The plant life that had been destroyed by Will, started growing back again. The grass started growing back, flowers started blooming , the aura Will was giving out was really comforting. Not only did the wildlife grow back, it was even more vibrant than before.

Species that were not there started growing around them.

He created life…from nothing! This is radiant energy!

Modus was once again flabbergasted. Rejuvenation was common place. Creating life from nothing on the other hand, was a different story.

Modus guessed that his deadly aura came from his sword yuan, and his life creating aura came from his water yuan. These traits were opposing and should conflict, although he could posses the energy from both classes due to his unique constitution, such an incredible phenomenon such as displaying bloodlust and turning it into radiant energy, was absurd!

Ah he’s going to far!

Modus got out of his stupor and realized that the grass was now as tall as his waist. They were now practically in a jungle.

Now I really have to stop him.

Once more Modus was about to move when a change occurred in Will. The aura around Will suddenly changed colour once again. It became red once again, and started compressing.

Modus just stood there quietly and observed. The plant life started shrinking again. This time however something changed.

Will stopped looking at his sword. He sat down cross legged and placed his sword across his knees; eyes closed.

He started meditating. The aura stopped compressing when it reached about a two meter radius around him. The aura changed from red, this time however it did not become blue again. It became green.

The plantlife stopped changing form. In fact it became still. Very very still. For example, a even when the wind blew, not even a single blade of grass would move. It was very strange. As if the grass didn’t exist in the same dimension as the wind itself.

To be able to achieve two incredibly rare and powerful abilities is one thing, but harmonizing them is ridiculous, at his first try no less. Unless..

Modus was impressed. Truly truly impressed. He had been alive for countless years, had seen many things. Yet the things he were seeing here, were a first. Even the most talented Immortals would find what the boy did very difficult.

The aura around Will suddenly changed. It left left Will’s body and floated above Will. Becoming a very large sword!

It was a simple katana. The grip, the guard and everything about the sword looked simple. Much like the rusty old katana Modus had thrown at him.

It seems he truly understands.

Of all the things Will had done today, this sword, or rather its appearance, was what impressed Modus the most. Modus knew that the boy was now semi conscious. He somewhat knew what he was doing.

Sword cultivators have something called a sword totem. It was a representation of that swordsman’s spirit. The higher your cultivation, the more real it becomes. Once it becomes fully tangible, it will become an incredibly powerful weapon.

Most sword cultivators create flashy swords, yet Modus new the truth. The simpler the sword, the sharper it becomes, and the more steady your foundation. Since it is simple in structure, more focus can be put in function rather than appearance.

Sword totems were very Important to sword cultivators. Especially at the middle to higher stages of their cultivation. At the beginning, materializing a sword totem only helps in suppressing your enemy’s soul. Later on however it will provide a boost in your own power and abilities. It also grants you extra abilities. Which abilities it grants, depends on you.

Will had created his totem from harmonizing bloodlust and radiant energy. Modus was very curious about the boy’s development.

Not every sword cultivator can manifest a totem. Only certain cultivation techniques like the Solitary Sword Sovereign manual can improve your chances. Even then it can only improve your chances. Your talent and luck play a very huge part.

This boy had plenty of both.

And to think I found him on such a tiny planet. It seems I’m also blessed as well. Oh he’s about to finish.

The word ‘Sovereign’ was written on the sword, and an illusory crown appeared above the boy.

It was just like the sword. Simple but straight forward. Modus liked what he saw. That’s when he realized something.

Eh? Two totems!!?

Will opened his eyes. He felt so…alive! It was almost as if he had never been alive until now. He was still the same person, but he was different. This was different from the class change. That only changed his body, were as this had changed even the way he thought. He felt much wiser than before. A lot of things that had been a mystery to him started to make sense.

At that instant he started reviewing his life. He started regretting a lot of his decisions. Like how he had treated his family, especially his step mother. She wasn’t a bad person. In fact she was very nice. A little too nice actually. Will realized how immature he had been.

He saw that he had not taken this seriously enough. His life and the lives of his loved ones were at stake. Now that he had gained insights on what life truly is, he felt complete and understood what he had to do.

He wasn’t sure why, but he knew that everything Modus did was to strengthen him. They were both in the same boat. Will knew what he had to do.

“You look suprised.” Said Will as he got up.

“Hhmm?” Modus found what the boy said odd. He was sure that he didn’t look surprised.

He can’t even see-


That’s when it happened. Modus’ mask broke into two parts and fell to the ground. Now Modus looked surprised.

“Gaze at my awesomeness. I just owned you.” Will was very pleased with the trick he just pulled.

Modus smiled wryly. He was an almighty immortal, yet he had been duped by a teenage mortal. He had lost a lot of face.

I like this kid. Well I guess he deserves a second reward.

“Hey kid, catch.” Modus threw a ring towards Will.

“What is this?” Said Will as he examined the ring. Anything that Modus gave him would be extraordinary.

“It is a storage ring!”

Will opened his mouth, but no words would come out. This was a storage ring! A genuine storage ring!

Every xianxia MC always had a storage ring. It was like like how superheroes have capes! Or how ninjas had smoke bombs! It was the hallmark of overpowered MCs!

“Haha I’m an MC! Suck it world!” Will laughed like a madman, and lifted his middle fingle to the sky.

Modus had no idea what he was doing, and frankly he didn’t care.

“Inside the ring are sixty spaces. Each space has about 10 cubic meters of space. I have filled one to the brim with water. Although your class can manipulate water, at your level you cannot produce your own. Thus use it sparingly. To learn how to use the ring, drip your own blood on it and bind it. You will naturally learn how to use it and its abilities.”

Will was astonished. He never expected Modus to be this kind. It seems Will’s value had increased in his eyes.

Will thanked him, then proceeded to cut one of his own fingers, he then dripped some blood on the ring making it his. Now no one else could use it except him.

He could immediately sense all the spaces inside, he could also easily will anything inside, as long as it wasn’t alive. Will also discovered that in one of the spaces were other things he needed, like spare clothes, which were all white robes with black shoes, some food, drinks, tents, blankets, cups, plates etc.

Will was quite pleased with what he saw. He saw that he had everything he needed and was ready to set off.

“Aren’t you going to ask what I just gained?” Said Will.

Modus walked toward Will with a smile on his face whilst shaking his head. Will was rather annoyed when he saw that Modus’ face was normal. He didn’t get why he wore a mask.

Will could tell it was time to go. The ‘new’ Will didn’t need to be told anything. Modus could tell and didn’t waste time saying anymore words. He simply tapped the boy’s shoulder and Will disappeared into thin air.

As soon as Will disappeared Adelda appeared behind Modus.

Adelda: “My Lord, what just happened? I don’t understand how a mere mortal was able to do such…incredible things.”

Modus: “The boy naturally had access to his Water Gate and Metal Gate. He gained his bloodlust from his metal attribute and gained his radiant energy from his water attribute”

This was far more difficult than what Modus made it sound. Achieving such a feat as a mere mortal. It made Adelda’s heart beat just thinking about it.

Adelda: “But how did he harmonize them? Just what did he create by mixing the two?”

Modus: “He opened his spirit gate.”

Adelda was stunned. The gates were divided into the 5  elements and the 3 dividends. These represented what the universe was made out of. It was far easier to access an elemental gate than a dividend gate. Finding a person who had naturally unsealed at least one dividend gate was very hard. They were hailed as prodigies. Even in the immortal world.

Yet this boy had two!

This meant that he had a lot of potential. For example the Spirit Gate grants one control over the barrier between life and death. It also grants one an incredibly powerful soul, giving one a massive advantage over others.

This would explain how he had both radiant energy and bloodlust. The potential of his space gate is also what allowed both to exist in the same space without them affecting each other. If he had also opened his space gate, he would be much more frightening.

The space gate was widely known as the most powerful meridian, for it had far more potential than the others.

Adelda couldn’t help but want to know something.

“What would you get if you mix bloodlust and radiant energy my Lord?”

That’s when Adelda heard something that she had never heard, her master, a very powerful and knowledgeable immortal, say.

“I have no idea.”


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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    just so you know I think Will became OP too early in the story there’s no sense of progression he gains these massive abilities in what appears to be hours so it lacks a struggle. (but that’s just how I see it I know plenty of people love OP characters)

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