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The Solitary Sword Sovereign Chapter 4


…Sword Apprentice! As the first user on earth to posses two classes, you recieve 600 bonus points.

Now the system will begin to modify your body according to class requirements. Shall it begin?

As soon as Modus had dissappered, the world regained its colour and time started flowing normally again. The voice continued on with what it was saying before time stopped. Will however was completely out of it. He just stood there with a deadpan face. As if someone had told him he only had a few days to live.

Ascend? Immortal? How the heck am i supposed to do that?

The phrase ascend was one Will was all too familiar with. In his Chinese novels characters which cultivate, would often be able to become immortals once their cultivation reached a certain level. Under the setting of the stories, such feats are nigh impossible to achieve. The protagonists are only able to do so due to having fortuitous encounters, or a lot of talents, or a lot of both. Asking someone to ascend, was no different from asking a five year old to write a doctorial thesis.


Although it was a seemingly impossible feat, Will started thinking of the positives. His greatest dreams were within arms reach, yet that small distance seemed as diificult to traverse as Mt Everest.

Grinding. Thats the key. Well it seems i have no choice. Its time to get grinding. 

Wills thoughts became positive upon him remembering Modus mention the phrase grinding. Although Modus didn’t really tell Will what to do, Will roughly understood that it had something to do with him levelling up and grinding his stats. For now, he was going to grind his abilities, and temporarily ignore the immortality thing.

That ass will become mine sooner or later. 

Will started having lustful thoughts about Adelda when the system spoke out again putting an end to Will’s fantasies.

User, shall the system begin?

“Begin? Begin what?”

Will said these words  subconsciously, when he realised what he had said he became gloomy.

Damn it! I missed an important notification. Now i will never know what was supposed to begin!

Surprisingly things turned out differently to what Will expected.

Ding! You have been awarded with the class Sword Apprentice! As the first user on earth to posses two classes, you recieve 600 bonus points. 

Now the system will begin to modify your body according to class requirements. Shall it begin?

Eh? It responded?

The fact that the system responded was a pleasant surprise. One that Will made sure he got the most out of. He cleared his throat, looked around to make sure no one else was there, and said, “Begin modification.”

Will’s body was then surrounded by a shroud of blinding white light. Will himself could see nothing. His body however felt different. He was experiencing two very odd sensanstions all over his body. At first he only experienced one. This sensation was cool and refreshing. This feeling was so pleasurable in fact that Will could not help but moan. This sensation moved throughout his body, from his organs to his blood vessels all the way up to his brain. This sensation was not only refreshing but it was also gentle. It was gently molding every single cell in his body. Will was in a semi conscious state, he himself didn’t know why, but he could freely delve into his own body, and feel the changes happening down to the cellular level.

This was a new experience for Will, and was hard to describe. That was when the second sensation started. This one was the complete opposite of the first one. It was overbearing, rough, painful and sharp. Very, very, sharp. Will felt as if a million tiny knives were constantly cutting his body, inside and out. This sharp sensation moved all over his body. When it reached his brain Will sensed something change. He wasn’t sure what it was but the sharp knife life energy had made a big change in his mind. Will couldn’t put his finger on it but he could tell that his something fundamental about him had changed.

The knife like energy kept rampaging his brain, breaking up neurones and creating new ones. It was at this point Will realized something. The pain he could feel all over his body had lessened. After a quick examination of his body, Will saw that not only had the knife life energy kept going, it was even more active than before! Will was trying to figure out exactly what was happening. Thats when he noticed it.

At the beginning both energies where working separately, they were very close, but somehow never got into each other’s way. Almost as if they were sentient, but oddly enough, atcsome point in Will’s brain, they started cooperating.

The knife like enery would break apart the cell,  whilst the gentle cool energy would rebuild the cell. Then their roles would reverse. The gentle energy would deconstruct the cell, then the knife like energy would rebuild it. This would repeat itself countless times. Ending with both energies eventually fusing with the cell. This was happening to every single cell in his body. When these two started working in conjuction, the pain Will felt severely lessened. Not only that, but he was also feeling less pain and pleasure. Although the sensations decreased in potency, they actually started working slower and more cafrefully. Almost as if they wanted to do a better job. This odd state of feeling both extreme pain and pleasure was distressing, to the point were Will eventually lost consciousness.

When Will finally woke up he saw the roof of his room. His aunt was looking worriedly at him.

“Will are you feeling alright? Please tell me your alright!”

Will nodded his head vigorously to dispel his aunt’s worries. She was a sweet middle aged woman. One of the few people Will cared about. After assuring her he was alright, he was interrogated for many minutes. His aunt wanted to know why the neighbours had found him lying unconscious on the pavement. Will lied and said that he tired himself out excessively during his walk. His aunt found that very hard to believe, but she knew Will better than most. If he lied, which was rare, you wouldn’t get anything out of the boy.

After the interrogation, his aunt went downstairs to make him some food. She insisted on taking him to the hospital and Will didn’t object, only requesting some time to rest and a meal. The moment she left his room, Will started inspecting his body.

He removed the pajamas on his body and ignored the fact that his aunt might have seen him naked. Oddly enough this new body didn’t look that much different from his old one. Aside from it being slightly more bulky and defined, there were no other visual changes.

Will had already thrown away the idea that what he had was a dream, because he could already feel this body was different. For example he felt stronger than before. So strong in fact that he was confident he could bench a hundred kilograms. He stood up from his bed and started moving around.

He could already feel that this body was far more agile as well. Will started experimenting and realized that his body was very flexible. He could now do a perfect split and even go further without a sweat. Every limb of his felt empowered. He felt that if he tried, he could probably jump to a height of two meters easily. As for how far he could jump or how fast he could run, he would experiment later.

During his flexing Will’s senses kicked into overdrive. It was like he was looking through a pair of old foggy glasses, but now he could see. Will went to his window and saw that he could see the lines on a fly’s wings, that was moving at about 30 meters away from his house. He could even hear its beating wings, even though his room was completely insulated.

After some experimenting, Will was confident he could hear , see or smell anything perfectly within a fifty meter radius from himself. The further he went from this radius the less clear the sense became.

The longer Will experimented the stronger his new body became. He sat on his bed and closed his eyes, attempting to see just how far he can stretch his new senses. He could even hear some of the neighbours having sex. Their loud panting noises, and the banging their bed made against the wall, were heard clearly by Will. Their house was 10 houses down from his!

That’s when a special sensation kicked it. Will felt like his body had extended. Like he could feel the movement of every water particle around him, and move it according to his will. This was undoubtedly the most incredible feeling he had ever felt. Will immediately ran to the bathroom and closed the door.

He opened a tap. The water that came out didn’t fall into the sink. Instead in started floating into the air in front of Will! He started moving the continuos stream of water around him. Like a never ending liquid snake. To Will this felt as easy as moving his own arms. The water moved according to Will’s mind. Like he had been doing this for years.

Will closed the tap and willed the water snake to go out of the window. He wanted to see how far his control went. The snake moved as smoothly as he wanted until it reached about fifteen meters away from Will. From that distance the further away the harder it was, until the thirty meter mark were it completely escaped his grip.

After a few more minutes of experimention Will surmised this: He can control any amount of water within fifteen meters (he couldn’t use up more than that which was available to him so this was an assumption). He could will it with his mind. He could only control the movement of water not the temperature or state.

After the fifteen meter mark he would need to use his arms to help him control the water, but this was limited to basic movements. Within thirty meters of himself he could feel every particle of water so long as it wasn’t inside a living creature. Plus within fifteen meters he had perfect control of any water.

After messing around with his powers, Will sat back on his bed, and fell deep in thought. He thought that he was forgetting something crucial.

The system gave me a dope power. This is awesome…Wait the system! Thats it!

The moment he remembered the system, information started flooding into Will’s brain. These were instructions and images on how to use the system.

Once a user became part of the system they gained levels, stats and a class. To increase their levels, they need to gain experience. The best way to gain experience is to kill demonic beasts. These demonic beasts can  only be found in dungeons or near them.

Dungeons are buildings that host these beasts and many other objects, like maps, weapons, spells techniques etc. If you clear a dungeon you will gain a lot of extra experience. Diferent dungeons have different amounts of levels, with the lowest being three. These are called 3 star dungeons. 4 star dungeons have four levels, and 5 star dungeons have five levels etc. The more stars a dungeon has, the higher the grade of demonic beasts, and the more experience and rewards you gain from clearing it or its levels.

Until you clear the level you are one you, can’t leave a dungeon. Once a dungeon is cleared, it will disappear along with its rewards. Every world will havea certain amount of dungeons and the amount will only decrease from there.

Users are randomly selected throughout the world. Only a quarter of the population above the age of 12 can be part of the system. Once you become a user, you will remain one until death. To make a non user into a user requires 25 points. Their class however will be chosen by the system. Points can only be earned from clearing a dungeon, or from receiving a title due to some incredible achievements. A star on a dungeon represents 50 points you can earn from clearing it.  The user who kills the Boss of a dungeon gets the points.

If one is willing to give 200 points to the system, they can allow anyone on earth, user or non user, to choose a class and enter class parameters. Every extra 25 points given will allow the target an extra minute to state parameters. A user can only do this 4 times and only if they posses a title.

Every user also has a menu. This menu only has five options.

[Information] which allows you to have a video chat with anyone in the world for 1 point per person, so long as you know their full name and have met them. It also allows you to unlimitedly message  anyone in the world for one point a day. It also has things such as worldwide rankings, information on other users and information on dungeons and demonic beasts. Everything here costs points. This is also were you can make a non user into a user or give someone the chance to state class parameters.

[Stats] which lets you see your own personal stats. It also tells you about your own class and abilities.

[Map] Which lets you see a map of the dungeon your in or an area of a 100 meters in radius around you, on the bottom left corner of your vision. This map can show friendly users or enemies or demonic beasts depending on circumstances. Every level you get increases the map radius by 100 meters outside a dungeon and ten meters inside one.

[Storage] where you have a space of 1 cubic meter to store anything none living. Every level you get in increases by 1 cubic meter.

Last but not least there is [Management] Where you can form parties with other users. You can also form guilds, alliances and other large scale organisations here.

To see each your own page you just close one eye and shout menu. Then you can navigate by pointing were you want to go. There is even a virtual keyboard.

As soon as the information sorted itself new information started entering Wills brain. This information however wasn’t about just about the system.

It was about cultivation!

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