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The Solitary Sword Sovereign Chapter 3

Immortality is All I Ask

At this very moment, the voice went quiet. That’s not all, the entire world stopped moving. Even the birds above Will were frozen in mid flight. The world lost its colour, becoming black and white.

The flip?

Will’s reaction to this was rather mellow, he simply frowned. If too many strange things happen in one day one eventually becomes numb. Will honestly didn’t know what to do anymore.

It was at this moment that he appeared. A man wearing a black oriental robes suddenly materialized from nowhere. He was slightly taller than Will and was wearing a mask in the form of a dragon.

Will looked at the man curiously. There was something rather strange about this man’s presence. It gave Will the impression that even if the man was an inch away, Will would not even see the man unless the man willed it. This feeling was indescribable.

“Ehem. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Modus.” Said the man plainly.

Will snapped out of his stupor and immediately replied “Who are you?”

“I thought I already said that. Young man, please understand that I hate repeating myself.” Said Modus in an annoyed tone.

“OK. What are you?” Said Will after picking his words carefully. Something about the man made him rather nervous. A feeling that Will rarely ever gets. His instinct told him to  tread carefully.

“There we go. A good question. I am a system administrator. I am in charge of running the system here on earth.” Said Modus in a rather proud tone.

On earth? Does that mean there are other planets?

Will had many questions to ask this man but his previous experience made him cautious. Right now he decided to get to the main agenda. “So them Mr Modus why have you come before me?”

Modus was rather pleased by Will’s polite tone. It made him much more relaxed. “I am here to make a deal with you young man. Now before your mind wanders of, let me talk. Don’t interrupt me. Is that clear?”

Will nodded his head as vigorously as possible. Something about this man made him want to be obedient… Or rather fear to be disobedient.

“The conquest system is a system that only comes to a world once that world has reached a certain level of development. Once the system is a part of your world it will spend one day inducting select individuals into the system. These individuals are given stats and levels. You are even given the option to chose what kind of class you want.

Once you have chosen your class, you are now part of the system, permanently; thus putting you under my control.

The reason i came before you is quite simple. You young man are an anomaly.”

Anomaly? What did I do? 

Modus’ words frightened Will. Random ideas started firing off in his mind, trying to think of what he did that was wrong.

“Normally you are given a class that suits your chosen parameters or the system randomly picks a class that suits your body, and your  personality. There are millions of classes to pick from. You are an anomaly because of a combination of three things.

Point one is that you posses a Duos class. That is a class that uses both types of energy. Usually this only happens when one has upgraded their class at higher levels. Very few players have a duos class, even at higher levels.

The second anomaly is that you possess a title giving you two classes. Again this only usually happens at the later levels of ones levelling.

The last and most important point is that both classes have something to do with the Dao and allow their users to gain understanding regarding the laws of nature. Such classes are called Cultivator classes. These are the rarest and most profound types of classes.

The reason why you got a title so early, and an impressive one at that, is because you were smart enough to realise the Duos factor, and the fact that you included the Dao in your parameters.

The three points I mentioned earlier are not rare, but you are the first user amongst the millions of worlds under the system, to have all three qualities. A user, who possesses two Duos/Cultivator classes, at the beginning of the conquest system on your own world.

This has made you too overpowered and will most likely affect the balance of the system. Are you following me boy?”

Will nodded. He nervously gulped when he heard the phrase ‘millions of worlds’. The setup was too big for him to fathom, but he roughly understood so he nodded his head anyway.

“Good. I’m impressed you can keep your mind attentive. It seems you were a good choice.

So anyway, normally the system would never allow such an overpowered user to appear so easily, but I am willing to give you everything you requested; including the second class.

Of course I will add a few restrictions to the sword class, these restrictions will come off by themselves naturally as you level up.

In exchange for doing this I want something in return. I can only tell you what i desire if you agree to my terms. Think carefully boy for the tasks i have in mind for you require a lot of hard work and sweat. Your life may be in danger during the grinding. Do you accept my terms?”

Will’s eyes lit up as soon as he heard the word ‘grinding. What did Will love the most? Grinding of course! Or rather grinding stats and abilities in his games. Modus had picked his words carefully, so he knew he had hooked the boy

Mortals are so easy 

He thought to himself as he saw Will shudder in excitement.

Will nodded so fast he almost broke his own neck.

Modus was pleased by this. Then he went on to say “ Very well. Let me explain how the dao works before we do anything else. Since you have never been taught anything you need some basic knowledge.”

After what felt like spending an entire day discussing the dao with Modus, Will felt enlightened. Now at least he had somewhere to start. The feeling was akin to a thirsty man stranded in the desert tasting a drop of water. In took an entire day for Modus to explain that tiny ‘drop’ of information, and it will probably take longer for Will to fully understand it.

After their very long discussion Modus felt it was time for him to leave, given that Will had a lot of work to do. Will however interjected.

“Wait. I still need more info about the system. Plus you haven’t even told me what you want me to do.” said Will in a rather rushed manner.

Although Modus had taught Will quite a bit about the dao, he didn’t explain the system. Let alone what he required Will to do. Will felt very uncomfortable not knowing what he had just bet his life on.

Modus understood the boy’s thoughts but wasn’t keen on revealing his plans yet.

“ When your body has fully been modified according to your classes, all the information you require about the system will naturally enter your mind. You should be grateful for that. Usually you’re supposed to figure that out yourselves however as a show of good faith, I decided to help your little world. “

After hearing Modus speak Will didn’t know whether or not to laugh or cry. Grateful? For a death game? To him it was a ridiculous concept.

Although Will was happy about the abilities he would receive, he was no fool. He knew that there was no such thing as free lunch.

After gathering up his courage Will managed to spurt out his thoughts.

“Um Mr Modus. As much as I am…grateful, I still need to know what you gain out of this. Not knowing makes me feel…uncomfortable.”

Modus understood the young man’s thoughts. Well he has potential. I suppose there is no harm in letting him know, and I know how to motivate him.

Underneath his mask, Modus had a cheeky grin. He snapped his fingers, and immediately a woman appeared in front of the two. The moment she arrived, she kneeled in front of Modus and said, “Lord Modus, your servant is here to follow your commands.”

Modus: “Will, meet Adelda, she is my…assistant, if you will. Adelda, rise and look at the lad behind you. That is Will, the user also known as peerless dao master.”

Adelda rose and swiftly looked behind her. She was curious to see in person the boy who had gotten Lord Modus’ attention. So much in fact, that it got her a very big promotion. She felt somewhat grateful for what he had done, even though it was unintentional. The moment she turned around however, all that gratitude disappeared from her heart at the speed of light.

Previously she had seen his data so she knew what he looked like. Dark skinned, average height. A normal looking face that was neither handsome nor ugly. Since Lord Modus had taken interest In the boy she had assumed that she had missed something, so she thought she would understand what was so interesting if she saw him in person. Yes his circumstances were unique, but those are everywhere in nature if you looked carefully enough. Not to mention Lord Modus was rather famous for not showing interest in anything normal.

The moment she looked at his face she was very disappointed. Disgusted even. For she saw something she had seen her entire life. An expression, of pure, unbridled, lust. Her impression of the lad plummeted. It became extremely negative.

In Will’s eyes he had found the perfect woman. She looked to be in he early twentys. Short, tanned, a cute round face, a thin waste, big boobs and a voice so soft it made him feel like he was swimming in cotton. Or rather cotton candy. For not only was this voice soft, it was sweet.

Such girls do exist on earth. Will had seen lots of girls with such traits, but they were lacking the key components. Like putting a cherry on top of garbage. As far as Will was concerned his future wife must have two traits. A fat ass and very wide hips. The bigger the better.

The woman before him had all of these. Usually such women look like hookers, but she still radiated innocence from her body. Will didn’t know how, but he could tell that she was a virgin. Just like him. The moment she appeared and knelt in front of Modus, Will saw it. The moment her knee hit the ground, her fat ass shook! It shook! Like the tide on a beach rocking back and forth. That view turned Will on to the max. At this moment Will remembered the words his best friend would always used to say. ‘If you tap it and it don’t shake, then a baby I will not make.’ It was at this point that she turned around and saw his expression.

Adelda snorted in disgust when she saw it. Will didn’t try to hide anything. Not even his boner. He knew she was out of his league anyway, so he didn’t care.

Modus loved moments like this. Moments were everything comes together. He started discussing with Adelda using mental transmissions. Since these were mental messages, they could sent many messages to each other within the span of a second.

Modus: “ Adelda I have a mission for you.”

Adelda: “Yes my Lord.”

Modus: “I want to to protect this boy in secret as he levels up. I don’t want him to know that. This means dedicating your life to this boy. If he dies, you die. Am I understood?

Adelda was suprised by this. She didn’t expect to receive such an assignment just after her promotion. She knew very well that she was at Modus’ mercy. If he ordered her to commit suicide she would do it. Not only because she had to, but that’s just how exalted he is in her heart, and in the hearts of many others. Although she disliked this assignment, she would put her entire being into it.

Adelda: “I understand my Lord. You have my word that I will treat this boy with as much care as I would treat myself. His life is tied to mine.”

Modus: “Excellent. Oh and well done on choosing your original form. I see you followed my instructions well.

Modus was ecstatic. He clapped his hands in delight and walked towards Will. He put his both his hands on Will’s shoulders, and whispered in the friendliest tone he could muster.

“Will if you accomplish the goal I have set out for you, I can give you Adelda’s body to do as you please.”

Will was thunderstruck. He couldn’t believe his ears. Such a beautiful thing to him was inconceivable. Logic came unfortunately to disturb his joy…

Will: “Wait can you do that?”

Modus: “ Of course. Her life belongs to me. Don’t worry. So long as I ask her to do it she would even kill herself willingly. That’s just how epic I am.”

Will raised a brow in suspicion. He decided to confirm with her himself because he didn’t want to be hoodwinked. Just as he looked at Adelda she spoke. Will was beaten to the punch.

“If you complete the task that my Lord has given you, I and plenty of other women would gladly give themselves to you, even for eternity.”

As Adelda said this her face was expression less, but her heart was in turmoil. She clearly heard the conversation they were having, even though they were whispering . Modus had known this as well. She didn’t want to give herself to such a simple, vile man, let alone a mortal, but as a servant of Modus she had her duties. She would do anything to please him. Even if it meant giving herself to this twat.

Are you serious? This is awesome! My life is awesome!

Will was overjoyed. Today was going to be the best day of his life.

“So your saying you would marry me, if I did whatever Mr Modus wants me to do?”

As Will questioned Adelda, his eyes were filled with expectations. Adelda on the other hand was surprised. She and Modus never mentioned marriage. Perhaps he heard wrong. Let me make it clear to him.

Adelda: “If you complete the task my lord has set for you, I and plenty of other women will become-”

Will: “I don’t want other women. I want you and only you. I want to marry you as well, not just have you. I don’t want a slave. I want a wife.”

Wills sudden interruption stunned Adelda. She never expected he would lower his own reward like this. After seeing his lust earlier, she had assumed that was what the boy wanted. She even added the extra reward of multiple women. For her collecting mortals to please another mortal was a simple task. Although she was not old according to her standards, she had lived for many decades, she could easily tell if a mortal was lying to her. This boy however was not.

He was serious.

“Why? At your age why marriage? Why when you can have more?” Adelda needed to understand his thinking. He was clearly a little mortal teenager. His lustful nature was easy to see. He even still had an erection!

“What you proposed wasn’t more. In my opinion it was less. I don’t want the bodies of other women. I want your body and your heart. I know it sounds cheesy but that’s what i want.” As Will spoke he looked straight into her eyes. Adelda felt that Will was not only looking at her, but he was also looking through her. This made her feel uncomfortable

Adelda: “You don’t even know me.”

Will: “That comes later. I’m not gonna see a cake and not eat it.”

Adelda: “But I offered you multiple cakes that you could eat as you desire!”

Will: “No what you offered me were tasteless buns. I would rather have a perfect cake made with care, than a thousand buns made nonchalantly.”

Will’s words stunned Adelda.

This boy isn’t so simple. 

Although Wills words were convincing… He still had an erection. This paradox made her giggle. Will thought her laugh was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. Not to mention it was super hot.

Adelda: “ OK. I agree. If you complete the task given to you, I will give you my body and my heart. Although I doubt you have a chance. My lord if you may excuse me I have work to do.”

After a brief bow to Modus, the woman winked to Will. As soon as she left, Will’s trembling body fell to the ground.

Perfection does exist…

Modus saw the boy stuck in his day dreams but gave him a rude awakening.

“Right time for me to go. The task I will give you is too long to explain so I will send you messages from time to time. Bye.”

Modus said his goodbyes, and was about to leave, until Will desperately got up and said, “ Wait can’t you at least give me a rough idea?”

Modus’ visage started disappearing from the ground up, but before he completely disappeared, he left Will a message which astounded him.

“OK then. Time to get grinding son. Your first task is simple. Just ascend. In other words I need you to become an immortal. That’s all I ask!”

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  1. In Will’s eyes he had found the perfect woman. She looked to be in he early twentys. Short, tanned, a cute round face, a thin waste—-*WAIST*

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