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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 27- Imparting Knowledge?


With an abrupt shout, Will woke up from the land of dreams. He could barely remember what had happened before he had lost consciousness, so he looked around to see what had occurred.

As he started to take in his surroundings, Will felt something he had not felt in a long time; fatigue. Not fatigue of the body, but fatigue of the mind. None of his 64 minds could even barely concentrate on anything at all right now. Let alone think, he could barely even take in his surroundings.

As he was lying down, Will’s weak mind decided to simply cultivate, to recover the lost mental energy that had been launched. After cultivating for what seemed like many hours, Will’s mind finally achieved its prime state. He started to remember what had previously happened.

After he had killed the Helios Warhawk, even though exp had entered his figure, his body had started feeling weak all of a sudden. Will had continued to cultivate in a bid to resist this predicament but in the end he  hadfailed, resulting in him fainting on the spot.

Shit, its a good thing I only fainted for a few hours, otherwise I would be dead once the next monster showed up.

Will started looking around his body to see if there were any pleasent surprises. The first thing he noticed was that cultivation was now slightly faster. Not only that, his senses were improved. Not his normal senses, but rather his ability to take in his surroundings. Will couldn’t quite put it into words because it was a bit of an odd sensation.

In the past, due to his bloodlust ability Will had always been sensitive to killing intent, but now he felt like he could sense other things. He just wasn’t sure what it was.

“Having fun are we?” Suddenly Modus’ voice came from behind Will.

Since he didn’t have full control of his body yet he couldn’t turn back to look at Modus himself, but as far as Will was concerned he didn’t need to.

“You know sir, it would be nice if you came in and said hi once in a while.” Grumbled Will as he continued the struggle he was having with his body.

“This is me saying hi, young man. And I have to say I am impressed. I expected it to take at least a decade for you to perform your first true strike. Yet here you are, once again surprising me. Well done.” Will could hear some clapping accompanying Modus’ words, but to him each clap was torture.

A decade? What the heck? He wanted to leave me in here for a decade? Somehow each compliment I get from him feels like an Insult. Now that feeling is even stronger.

“Well then, thank you Modus for your kind words. However I assume you didn’t come just for that?”

It was at this point that Modus walked closer to Will and his body finally came into view. This was the first time Will was seeing Modus’ face since he had cut off his mask, and Will’s disappointment at how ordinary the man’s face looked was hard to hide.

“Sharp young man. I have indeed come for another reason, and that is to reward you. This quest was not supposed to come with any rewards really but your performance impressed me. Especially your resolve. Even the most experienced of mortals find it difficult to focus on training repetitively the way you did, not to mention you intentionally suppressed two of your most powerful abilities to further your training. That took a lot of resolve, and by itself is far more impressive than the short time it took you to achieve a true strike. Talents will always be there at some point, but talented warriors with resolve are much rarer than diamonds.”

This was without a doubt the first time that Modus made Will feel good about himself. Indeed, what Will had done was not easy. Repeating the same strokes over and over again, for months on end. Not to mention the fact that he was still a teenager. Even Modus was impressed and chose to show up himself, when he could have just sent Adelda. Will did not fail to pick up on that.

“Now then, your reward will be advice. The advice is quite simple as far as I am concerned, but to you it might be quite profound.” said Modus with a cough. His back was upright and his entire demeanor changed. Will knew what was coming was important so he focused what little of his mind he could so he could take in as much as he could.




The ground-breaking profound advice from a powerful Immortal Will was seeking did not arrive. On the contrary an awkward silence persisted between the duo. At first Will assumed Modus was just sorting out his thoughts. But as time went on, the awkward expression on Modus’ face became more evident.

“Wait, do you even know the advice you want to tell me?” said Will with a small tinge of sarcasm.

“Of course I do. Its just…I’m not sure how to put it.” said Modus as he scratched his head. This odd atmosphere made Will speechless. Modus was a complete mystery. Will was finding it difficult to know how to behave in front of the man.

Should he act servile? Should he act relaxed? Should he simply be himself? Will couldn’t make heads or tails of it all, and now this seemingly all-knowing immortal was stumbling for words. As the awkward silence persisted, Will could no longer bare it.

“I thought you were supposed to be an all-knowing immortal. Giving simple advice shouldn’t be this hard for you, should it?”

“Young man you are mistaken,” Modus ezpression became more serious, “Yes the knowledge i wish to impart upon you is simple, but that is only from my perspective. From your point of view this will be very difficult to even fathom. Tell me Will, how does one teach a dog how to read?”

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