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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 24- Exchanging blows with a king of the skies

[Helios Warhawk: A messenger of doom toward most creatures, it has incredible speeds and a near impenetrable defense. Feeds on water type creatures and has long range fire attacks. Is one of the rulers of the E rating and is the strongest E+ creature within the skies.

Rating: E+

Class: Sector Boss (Multiple)]

“Oh fuck me.” Will could not help but sigh in resignation.

“High defense, high speed, virtually immune to water type attacks, is a long range creature. It’s like it was designed to fight me! Fuck you Modus!”

The bird was not that large. Normally that would be a good thing but in this situation it was a problem because it made for a much more difficult target to hit. For flying creatures, the smaller it is the more mobile it becomes.

As Will was busy cursing, the Warhawk stopped its flight and calmly positioned itself right above Will. Due to the fact that it was an intelligent creature, it was possible of showing expressions just like a human being. Disdain being one of them.

“This motherfu-” Before Will could continue, a massive fireball was hurled straight toward Will. Will ran straight ahead and dodged the searing sphere of doom. As he looked back he saw it explode and couldn’t help but grimace. The fireball itself was much larger than the bird and seemed to materialize from nowhere.

Will had underestimated the strength of the fireball and was caught within the blast radius. He quickly mobilized a think water membrane around his body. It managed to protect him from the intense heat but it did little to protect him from the force of the explosion.

Will flew back like a meteorite, till eventually his body lost momentum. The Warhawk was happy with its ‘greeting’. It believed the young Will would realize the futility of this battle and give up.

Due to the fact that this creature was used to hunting water type creatures, it was very sensitive to water type energy and it could sense it all around Will. This was one of the reasons why it was so confindent.

Will was not going to sit back and take hits like a punching bag.

If you’re not going to come to me, I’m going to come to you.

Within an instant of the explosion occurring, multiple sharp ice cones formed underneath the Warhawk and hurled straight toward it. The bird snorted in disdain and created a wall of fore large enough to cover the area of attack.

This bird was not foolish. While it dealt with the cones it still maintained a sharp eye on Will. However the young man surprised it. When he believed that he had lost enough momentum, Will quickly formed a platform made of ice behind him. He flipped his body and landed on the platform that was facing the Warhawk.

Will launched from the platform with an intensity that shattered the ‘launchpad’ he had used. He was headed straight for the Warhawk. The Warhawk had a sharp eyesight and believed it could counter anything the boy came up with so it once more snorted in disdain. That was until it was taken by surprise. Within mere seconds, its entire vision was covered by a dense mist.

The creature had assumed that the cones were at attack to damage its body however that was not the intention. Will had long gotten used to planning ahead. Although his strategies were not perfect he vpulf always formulate one so long as he even a fraction of a second.

The point of the cones were to form a mist. Will was not sure if the bird could sense his ability to use water, and even if it could he doubted it knew that he could freely manipulate water in any state.

The moment the ice cones met the fire wall they instantly started to evaporate, leading to a mist forming below the creature. The moment Will lifted off the platform he manipulated the mist to cover the bird’s vision. It could no longer see below itself. Including the direction Will was in.

In a fit of anger, the Warhawk started flapping its humongous wings in an attempt to clear the mist. This was a moment too late because Will immediately rose from the mist headed straight for the bird.

The Warhawk was still no slouch. It was a creature that was rich with experience and did not panic. A large fireball formed in front of the bird and it got read to fire the fiery projectile straight at Will.

The bird had unfortunately made one miscalculation. It had assumed Will could not change direction in mid flight. This was as far from the truth as possible. Within an instant a myriad of platforms made from ice appeared around Will and the bird.

Like a ping pong ball, Will moved from one platform to another, each jump increasing his velocity. He easily dodged the oncoming fireball and got within range for an attack.

He caught the bird by surprise with his odd movement skill and decided to test its defense. He appeared right on its side and lifted his sword. With a swing Will unleashed the strongest mizuken he could at the bird. The result was that there was no damage. Not only had there been no damage, the bird had been enraged. It refused to accept the fact that a mere human had outmaneuvered it within the skies.

With a shrill cry the Warhawk turned and clawed at the bewildered Will. The young man attempted to block the strike with his sword but he was far too weak, not only was the bird able to render Will’s defence null, it was able to damage Will.


With a loud noise Will landed Into the ground, causing large waves of snow to be displaced. The Warhawk gave a loud cry of excitement. It seems that strike had regained some of its honour.

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