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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 21- True Cultivation!

Will could sense it, but he also could not touch it. He could feel it but he also felt as if it wasn’t there. It was both tangible and intangible at the same time. Such was the existence called the Soul.

Minutes turned into hours, hours turned Into days and days turned into weeks. All Will did was meditate constantly. The originally boring and mundane activity had turned Into a realm of new discoveries for Will.

Nearly everyday he was discovering something new about his body. Something he didn’t know about or didn’t think was possible. It took time, but eventually Will was finally able to accomplish one of his objectives. He was able to control some of his Soul Force!

He felt like a child learning how to ride a bike, except he had never seen anyone ride. All he had ever done was hear that it was a mode of transport. Such was exactly the situation Will was facing.

Since he had no teacher and barely any knowledge, all Will could do was fumble about and try everything he could. After a few weeks, Will had finally been rewarded by the forces that be for his efforts.

As Will sat cross legged, a small wisp of Soul Force, virtually no different from a string, left his body, and started roaming the atmosphere. After a few seconds, Will could sense some energy. Using that small wisp of Soul Force Will would do his best to draw in the energy he assumed was World Energy and tried to circulate whatever energy he had collected around his body.

The first time this seemed futile, for the moment the World Energy entered his body, it got absorbed by his body. This was an incredibly pleasurable experience for the young Will. So pleasurable that he could not help but moan.

“Shit! No wonder cultivators don’t have sex. Who needs that when you have this. Come to daddy!”

With a renewed vigor, Will started to cultivate with an extremely perverse look on his face. Adelda, who was invisible to the young man could not help but be stunned. At first she felt obligated to shake head in disappointment, but Will once more pulled a rabbit out of a hat.

If the first strand of Soul Force Will had released was like a string, then his second strand of Soul Force, if it could even be called a strand, was like a vine with the thickness of a horses leg.

No! This is impossible! I refuse to believe this! Lust is supposed to impair ones ability to sense and manipulate their Soul Force! Even if he has the spirit gate this is too much!

Adelda could not help but swallow her saliva as she saw the young Will take in World Energy like a madman. When one normally cultivates they should have a calm and serene expression, where as Will…

That pig! That freak! How can he make such sounds! How can he make such an expression!

Logically speaking, the young Will was not really doing anything obscene. He was just cultivating like any other martial artist. The occasional moan here and there were not unusual for first time cultivators. Yet, Adelda could not help but blush as she saw the young Will.

Will tried as much as he can to circulate energy but it was always greedily absorbed by his body. This was a pleasurable experience, like quenching ones thirst, but it was not Will’s objective.

Over time Will released more and more Soul Force, gathering more and more World Energy, till his body reached a saturation point.

Finally! I can now do it!

Will started to circulate the World Energy that had entered his body according to the instructions that were in the Solitary Sword Sovereign manual. Harmonisation was nearly instant, and it was easy for the young man to guide the energy.

As it travels across his pathways, the World Energy is slowly converted Into yuan. Will would repetitively refine the World Energy he got by continuously moving it across his pathway. When he completed his first circulation, an interesting thing occurred. The area two inches below his navel began to warm up.

Then suddenly it began to suck in all the energy that had been gathered by his body this entire time.

“This! This! Its the legendary dantian! I finally have a dantian! I’m now a true practitioner! I’m now a proper cultivator! Suck it world!”

Will stood and started jumping around. Continuously doing fist pumps. Leaving a gobsmacked Adelda speechless.

With barely any tutoring or knowledge, he managed to gain control of his soul and produce Soul Force, even forming his dantian just after his first circulation! All in a few weeks! This isn’t possible! It took me years to achieve this. Even if he had help from the system and is a mortal, this is outrageous. Just who is this boy?

Adelda was truly impressed. She as a worker within the system for centuries had seen many types of prodigies with many accomplishments, however this was the first time she was able to see the birth of a monster like this up close.

So long as he doesn’t die, this boy will surely achieve great things!

Although Adelda was impressed by Will’s achievements, she was even more impressed by the fact that Modus had been able to spot Will’s potential so quickly…

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  1. So when Will was cultivating in the first couple chapters, it wasn’t true cultivation? Didn’t it say that he already had a dantian?

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