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The Solitary Sword Sovereign Chapter 2

The Gifts of Duality

The title dual pioneer allows you to gain an extra class, it also propagates your dual mind skill, the higher your level the more times you can split your brain. Every 5 levels doubles your dual mind effect.

Now please mention the parameters of your second class. Please note that it must differ from your original class so that abilities to don’t clash. Due to your status as a pioneer there is no time limit.


Will began to laugh, his face contorted by a slight tinge of insanity.

If this is a dream I don’t ever want to wake up! Wait. Pause. I need to focus. This is very important.

Will was elated but he knew that now was not the time to be happy. That comes later. Now was the time to think.

“Water Meister….Humph!”

Will snorted in disdain at his so called class. To him it sounded weak, not to mention it didn’t sound like it had anything to do with martial arts. Normally this would have been a thorn in the young man’s side.

However the dual pioneer title fixed that issue for him. Now not only could he pick a class he truly wanted, he now also had the time to think.

Even though he was on a sidewalk in public Will sat down cross-legged and began to think. He obviously wanted a martial class. Something to do with swords. Even better if it had something to do with the Dao.

The Dao was something Will didn’t fully understand. It was a Taoist concept about becoming one with nature etc. While he didn’t fully understand the idea, he did know that the key point about the Dao lay in the fact that it relied on ones capability to understand the laws of nature.

When he was choosing parameters last time Will did mention the Dao but that’s it. He could not expand on what he wanted since he didn’t have much time. Another aspect was that the Dao encompasses all the laws of nature. Even if this system was powerful Will doubted that it would give him all of the universal Dao insights. That wasn’t how it works. The Dao is something you seek. Something you attain through enlightenment.

Its insights cannot be given or taken by anyone or anything. So he couldn’t randomly ask for a class that had the Dao in it. No. He had to be specific and pick a particular Dao. Whilst he couldn’t ask for a class with insights he could ask for a class that improved his mind and body, giving him better compatibility with a particular Dao. As for which Daos he would choose Will understood.

He already the class Water Meister so he was already involved the Dao of water. Water was one of the five elements that constituted the universe according to Taoism so it was quite important and vast. Will was also planning to involve the Dao of the sword as well. Since this was his main objective Will was trying to think of ways to link the Dao of the sword and the Dao of water.

After wracking his brains for a full half an hour Will came up with his answer. After organizing it in his head he stood up and mentioned his desires.

“For my second class I would like a class that uses both Mana and Ki with Ki as the primary effecter and Mana as the secondary effecter.

This class must also improve a user’s physical and mental compatibility with the Dao of the sword. This class must also increase the chances of the user gaining insights into the Dao of the sword and the Dao of water.

It must also improve a user’s willpower gradually along with his wisdom stat and must improve the user’s senses and his or hers ability to perceive danger relative with the user’s agility stat. The insights gained from the Dao of water must be compatible with the user’s insights into Dao of the sword.

This class must have a certain immunity to sword/blade attacks and should place a restriction of some kind on any being using a sword or blade of any kind to attack me. This aspect must also grow in proportion with the user’s wisdom. The class must also grant the user knowledge on how to use any sword or blade, including sword techniques, movement techniques and so on. , the knowledge must grow in conjunction with the user’s knowledge.

Most importantly this class must come with the strongest ki/mana cultivation method possible that specializes in swords and is compatible with the user’s physique, improving physical stats along with the cultivation realm especially agility and endurance.

All the parameters that I have mentioned must be passive and must have the potential to grow with the user’s level.”

Parameters accepted. Due to the specificity of the parameters the system will need some time to find the class that meets these requirements. Please wait for a moment.

It worked ? Haha it worked! 

At first Will thought he was being excessive in his parameters. Especially the requested immunity to swords and the restrictions he required be placed on sword users attacking him. Not to mention he didn’t even know if the system even had the Dao within it. If it didn’t he just wasted his precious time and second class.

What will I do if my requirements were too weird and the system gives me a random class?

Will could not help but worry. He started regretting his excessive requirements after the system had spent some time without replying. He was getting so frantic he was biting his nails. Unfortunately for Will, there was no pill for regret

At another place in a small dark room there was a man meditating on a prayer mat. He was a middle aged man wearing plain black robes without anything special about him. If he was in a crowd barely anyone would notice him. But that was the frightening thing. He practically had no presence. If one looks at this man they would get the feeling that he was one with the room…or rather the room was one with him.

Whilst he was meditating the room’s door slid open and a woman ran into the dark room shouting.

“Lord Modus, please forgive this humble servants intrusion but I have something urgent to show you regarding the system” said the woman whilst bowing.

The middle aged man opened his dark brown eyes and gazed at the woman. A hint of amusement lingering on his face.

“You know Adelda I told you that you don’t have to bow every time you see me. I’m not into that sort of thing.”

The man referred to as Lord Modus gestured for her to rise. She immediately rose but fell onto her knees immediately.

“I thought I told you I’m not into that sort of thing” said Modus as he started to have an annoyed look on his face. Adelda on the other hand looked into his eyes with signs of reverence and worship plastered all over her face

“Apologies my lord however I can never allow myself to look down on you. Please understand that this is better for lowly people like me. It’s easier for me to communicate with you this way. I ask for my lord to forgive me for my stubbornness.”

Modus’ expression turned from annoyance to a look of helplessness. He sighed and shook his melancholy.

“It’s fine. Anyway tell me why your here. I know someone of your ability wouldn’t disturb me for a silly reason” said Modus

“Yes my lord, there are two reasons why I am here. The first reason is that a lower planet has been added to the system”

“What? Oh my, this is rare. Quite rare indeed” said Modus as he raised his eyebrow in shock.

Adelda: “Due to my low access I am afraid I don’t know why, so I came to consult with you my lord.”

“Hhmm. Alright let me see.” Modus closed his left eye and started moving his left hand from left to right. As if he could see things Adelda could not. His expression changed multiple times until he finally opened his eye and threw a rock to Adelda. Rock itself came from virtually nowhere but Adelda ignored this as if she was expecting it to happen.

Modus: “There, inside you will find data explaining why earth was deemed worthy to become part of the system. Now I hope the other reason is more important. Important enough to disturb my meditation otherwise I will get angry ~.”

Modus said this with a playful tone but Adelda knew full well that he was very serious.

After swallowing her own saliva she then said “Normally sir I would have approached other system admins with this issue, however this time I have approached you because just before you left for your meditation you told me to only disturb you if an interesting user appears. I believe I have found one.”

Modus put on a gleeful expression as he heard this. Like a child who just learned how to ride a bike.

Modus: “Oh what did he or she do? Did the user gain a super rare ability? Or did they level up real fast? Or perhaps they unified an upper world? If it’s any of these I would be slightly disappointed. ”

Adelda: ” I assure you sir they did something far more interesting and rare. Please see the user called peerless Dao master on planet earth. He is a 16 year old boy in a city called Cardiff”

Modus quickly put on a look of suspicion as he saw the look of anticipation on Adelda’s face. He closed one of his eyes again and waived his left hand about again like he was operating something.

Modus: “Hmm let me see. His beginner stats are normal, his Class is…oh Water Meister? How rare. It’s a Duos Class with a lot of potential but it’s usually wasted. Although a user gaining a duos class at the beginning is somewhat interesting I don’t see why you are acting so smug.”

Adelda: “Sir look at his second parameters.”

Modus: “Second parameters? Wait doesn’t that mean he intentionally chose a Duos class? Wow this guy is smart, very interesting. He is somewhat impressive. Hmm yes keep an eye on him young lady. If he does anything else let me-”

Suddenly he was interrupted.

Adelda: “Sir I don’t mean to interrupt you but you are missing the point. Please look at the parameters he requested for his second class”

Modus was not pleased after he was interrupted. After all no one would dare interrupt someone of his status. But he bore with it and decided to see what this woman was being so fussy about.

Modus: “Sigh, fine let me see….WHAT?!”

Modus was so shocked he immediately stood up, his jaw detached from his mouth so much it almost hit the floor. As soon as he finished reading what he was reading he started walking up and down the room, mumbling to himself like a madman. He stopped after a while and grinned devilishly.

Modus: ” Adelda I assume no one else knows about this boy?”

Adelda nodded like a chicken pecking corn.

Modus: “Good. I will be taking full control of the conquest system on this world. I will also take care of this boy’s class. I will tell headquarters to promote you by three ranks. From now on you will immediately work under me and no one else.”

Adelda:” Th-three ranks?!”

Adelda stuttered whilst her body was shaking. She was absolutely thrilled. She was just a minor system controller. Now she had been promoted up 3 ranks. Not to mention a rank, even getting promoted up a sub rank could take centuries! And it’s all thanks to the discovery she made!. She immediately expressed her gratitude and handed control of earths system to Modus. Afterwards she was told to leave the room

In this dark room Modus had a grin so wide it spanned across the entire width of his face

He sat down and started thinking. After a while his eyes lit up.

“The Dao of the sword huh…he didn’t ask for power but he asked for understanding, if I do this right this boy could change everything. Haha let’s see…he needs some sword Ki…stances…flexibility..”

Modus’ trailed of as he closed one eye and started waiving about using both hands this time. His hands moving so fast they practically were blurs.

After almost half an hour of waiting Will finally heard the sound he was waiting for

Ding! Congratulations you have gained the class…

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  1. Up to here your novel seems good enough though the prologue might need a little work i f you want to attract new readers but that’s just my opinion.
    Anyways thanks for the chapters!

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