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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 17- Ten Seconds


Edited by @bastinomhika

Ten seconds.

This seems like a short amount of time, and it truly is, but to a skilled warrior, one second can be an eternity. It is said that if two masters at the pinnacle of the martial path were to meet, then one of two things would occur: either they battle for eternity or their battle would end within an instant. If we are taking the latter into account, then ten seconds is far too long, but that was all the time Will needed to kill the generals.

When Will activated his blood mist cloud, he set his plan into motion. He threw three boulders in order, at varying speeds and sizes. With the first being the largest and the slowest, and the third being the smallest and the fastest. The second boulder was medium sized and launched with a corresponding speed. Then right behind the last boulder, was a Suijin no Ikari.

The moment Will threw the first boulder at the first general, gaining his attention, he soon swiftly threw a number of medium to small sized boulders in the direction of the second general. He had not aimed straight at the second general, but instead, guided the boulders to travel a number of random arc like paths, pouring down a shower of rocks towards the second general.

The generals had a gap of about three hundred meters between them, making it more difficult for one to be able to focus and help the other. They were far too tired to be able to divert their attention. Will used their weariness to his advantage. The second general burst out with many wind bombs as he could, to attack the boulders, but there were just too many and some beyond the scope of his vision, resulting in a number of misses. Nonetheless, he still focused on destroying some of the boulders, which was exactly what Will had predicted.

Will continued to launch the boulders at the generals, but now at the same time. This had been mentally straining for him. It was at best, the most demanding act among the list of Will’s feats. It required him to put all 64 parts of his mind into overdrive. The moment he launched the Suijin the Ikari, he began the next step of his plan.

The point of the linear moving boulders attacking the first general was to hide the Suijin no Ikari, taking advantage of the varying sizes and speeds. The point of the large amount of boulders randomly lunged forth at the second general was also to conceal something within. Will himself!

The second general gave up on blowing up all of the boulders, and decided to focus on targeting the ones that were aiming near his body. The majority of the ones that were left would miss anyway, so this was no difficult task, but just when the first wave of boulders was about to pass, the second general failed to notice the blobs of water underneath, and didn’t see them change into vapour. Some of them contained concentrated amounts of blood mist, so the vapour had a tint of red in it. The wolf was momentarily stunned. He would have never expected that the boulders would turn into a blood mist.

Since the beginning of the battle, the wolves had been struggling to understand what Will’s ability was, Will made sure to keep this secret because his greatest weapon in the battle, was the fear of the unknown trump card he possessed. The only thing the wolves knew for certain, was that when the blood mist would come out, death would accompany it.

Therefore, when the second general saw the blood mist again, he momentarily froze out of fear, because he was surrounded by it. After snapping out of his stumped state, the general decided to blow away the mist to kingdom come. Right then when he was about to open his mouth to blast it away, a boulder came straight for him from above. The general looked up and acted quickly, launching a wind bomb from he’s mouth. Exhaustion beckoned on his body, limiting his wind generation to only his mouth.

Once the boulder exploded, the general relaxed and looked down, only to see Will right in front of it. Will had timed this perfectly, using the first boulder to distract the general and then jumping in from the front.

The barrage of boulders wasn’t not to attack the general, but had 3 uses. First, they were used to encase the general in another mist, second was to use the flying boulders as stepping stones, thirdly, they were used as a supply to distract the general at the required time. Will had left one blob of water intact, attached to a boulder, ready to move it down at the right time.

Will had also launched the some of the boulders slightly slower than others, to allow him to have some stepping stones in mid-air. By concentrating yuan in his feet, Will was able to jump explosively. Although as a result, every boulder he jumped from was destroyed instantly.

The moment he arrived in front of the general, he brought his sword out of the ring, lifted it, and activated bloodlust. What happened next was obviously held no suspense. The general was bisected cleanly, in an instant, leaving no stains of blood at all on Will’s sword.

Will had met with the ground before any blood could gush out. During the moments to landing, he steered his body toward some boulders he could feel in the mist, absorbing the blood mist as he went along. Once his feet had touched the ground, there was no mist anymore. The mist that had surrounded the second general was connected to the first mist Will had made on the ground.

By the time Will had landed, virtually all of the vapour was now in his storage ring. The sky only had a few boulders falling, two lifeless corpses following suite, and a king who was so shocked that he kept blinking. As if something was stuck in his eye.

The entire process from Will launching the first boulder at the first general, to when he landed after finishing the job was no more than Ten seconds. Within Ten seconds, Will had wiped out the strongest of the generals, and the king couldn’t even see how.

The king was a few hundred meters behind the generals, and the angle in which he stood was high, making it hard for him to see exactly what happened. In regards to the death of the first general, all he saw was the first general destroying a few boulders and a loud screeching noise.

As for the second general, the moment he was covered in blood mist, the king lost all visibility. He already couldn’t see Will and now he couldn’t see his servants. Due to the angle, he didn’t even notice that Will had moved at all. All he ended up seeing was the eventual receding of the mist, a bisected second general and Will who was standing in the same spot one the ground.

The king was stumped; he had no idea what had just happened. He was the most intelligent creature in the sector. He had been part of thousands of battles, but yet his precious Storm wolves that weren’t born as variants and evolved over time, were defeated.

The king had been alive for a long time and had far more experience in battle than Will. He had faced individuals beyond the strength of Will, but yet here, right before him, a weak looking human had decimated his forces, and he had no idea how this had happened.

As far as he was concerned, he had seen only mist, mist, and more mist. All he knew was that Will was dangerous. The king then made a resolution. He would not allow Will to bring out that mist at any cost. The best way to do so would be to kill him instantly. The king had a powerful movement technique that he could use to get to Will very quickly, but this move would use up most of the kings energy.

This was a gamble for the king. If his opponent were to evade him, the king would practically be screwed, because he would only have a small amount of energy left for combat, but after seeing how being indecisive had cost the lives of his generals, He decided to buck up and do it. These thoughts that seemed like heavy contemplation had only lasted less than a second.

From Will’s point of view, he had gazed ahead at the king’s position, only to see a silhouette flash. An immediate sense of danger filled Will’s mind. If he did not act within the next instant, he would definitely die. It had taken him hours to deal with the generals, yet the king brought him near the gates of death in an instant.

Will had met his match. Without a single shred of hesitation, Will encased himself in a body of water, as much water as he could bring out within a fraction of a second. This wasn’t much, but it was enough to save his life.

The king suddenly appeared next to Will, and launched his huge jaws, in an attempt to finish off Will in one bite, even eating some soil along the way, only to be met by water, that was reinforced by Will’s yuan. Will used all of his remaining yuan to keep the body of water stable.

Now began the tug of war between the king and Will, both parties were exhausted and tired. Both were strong and smart, and both only needed one moment to conclude the battle!

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