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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 16- Earth Shattering Battle

What the heck?? This is actually an earth shattering battle!

Will was flabbergasted by what was happening. The ground near him and everywhere around him, had been completely upheaved. The reason? The  wolves were raining down a storm of what Will called wind bombs.

These were sphere like objects,made up of wind, that detonated on impact. The two remaining generals were the attackers. The king did nothing. He just remained still, observing Will the entire time. This made Will very uncomfortable, like he was under the scrutiny of a microscope.

This long distance attack was quite effective. At least it allowed the wolves to see what Will could do. The bombs had a large blast radius of about five meters, and they moved quickly as well. Although their trajectories were much easier to predict than the wind blades, they did far more damage.

Due to the massive blast radius, Will had to change direction the moment a wind bomb was released because he was also paying attention to both wolves constantly. He was only able to do this due to his dual mind skill, allowing him to split his concentration. Will had tried his best to increase the distance between him and the wolves, but the wolves would just move closer; since they were faster than him, since this was easy for them.

They also avoided getting closer to Will, much to his dismay. Will did not have any good single target long range attacks, All he had was a water blade, which was too weak to deal with the wolves.

Thus, all Will could do the entire time was dodge the attacks from the wolves. To the wolves, it seemed as though Will was fighting for his life, but Will on the other hand was merely pretending to struggle. Yes he was struggling somewhat under the rain on attacks, but it didn’t tire him, nor did it pose any threat to him.

Will’s previous performance had made the king wary, so he  had instructed its generals to keep a certain distance, and attack Will with wind bombs continuously. This distance made it easier for Will to dodge, and also made the bombs slightly inaccurate.

The result, was a destroyed wasteland, filled with chunks of large rocks or earth lying everywhere. This made the ground completely uneven, which then made it harder for Will to move around. Surprisingly, he still chose to stay around that debris filled area. The reason was simple, he had come up with a strategy.

It was one, which would allow him to take care of at least one of the generals if performed well. It was a rather audacious plan, and it needed incredible precision, concentration and timing. Due to dual mind, Will had the first two parts down. Now all he had to do was calculate the timing.

The way he decided to do that was simple,at least to him anyway. All he did was to jump around, running from mound to mound. He actually w1as secretly infusing water into the cracks. He did this continuously for about ten minutes, until his storage ring was about to rum out of water. The generals never noticed a thing. Although the king found Will’s movements rather odd at times, he still didn’t suspect much.

When the water went through the cracks, it would turn into wind blades, cutting and chiseling the stones underneath the earth into random shapes. Each mass of water, was like an extension of his body, Will could roughly feel what the water was doing.  Once a stone was cut, he would run to the area directly above it and get wind bombs blasted on top, clearing the path for the stones and allowing his water masses to push the stones up little by little.

Regardless of the fact that the rocks were heavy, Will’s yuan reinforced water would easily be able to lift them up, especially with Will close by.

The rock lifting went on for about an hour, until the entire area was covered in large rocks, as far as the eye could see. The wolves did not suspect a thing, they just assumed this was a result of their constant wind bombs. They failed to notice how most of the rockes, had flat surfaces, like they had been cleanly cut…

Once Will thought he had enough large rocks, he initiated the second stage of his plan. He would go near a rock, pick it up, and throw it at the wolves. The rock would be met by wind bombs; blasted to the point were it became dust, or at least that’s what the wolves saw. Will wasn’t really throwing them with his bare hands, he was not that strong, yet. He was merely throwing the boulders, using the blobs of water hidden underneath the rocks. After the wind bombs hit the boulders, the blob underneath would turn into vapour, which he would bring back over time, slowly turning it back into water.

The wolves were surprised by how strong Will was, they were not expecting him to be able to throw boulders the size of a house with ease. This only reinforced their choice of not getting near Will. No one in their right mind would want to face someone with such herculean strength at close range.

This cycle of Will, throwing up rocks and the wolves blowing them up continued for almost five hours. The king was losing his patience, and was getting more nervous. Meanwhile, Will continued throwing rocks like he was throwing peaches. He never slowed down and he never seemed to tire. Not to mention that the number of boulders didn’t seem to decrease. It was as if Will had an endless supply. The generals were beginning to run out of energy.

The constant wind bombs were not a drain normally, but they had to maintain a high firing rate for more than six hours straight. Theireir minds had actually taken a lot of fatigue. Having to aim and fire at a constantly moving target for six hours took a large toll on their minds. Unlike Will, they didn’t have dual minds and dual mind propagation. They only had one mind, and they were at their wits end.

Their wind bombs had started to decrease in power and accuracy, Will could clearly see this, yet he didn’t make a move.

Not now, they still aren’t tired enough. 

He continued his boulder game, which used up as much yuan as he could replenish instantly. He was waiting for the generals to tire. This went on for two more hours. Until he saw one of the generals shiver slightly, he was trying to put on a show, but Will saw through it.

There she is. Let’s do this.

As the hours went on, Will started decreasing the speed at which he was throwing the boulders, trying to get the generals get used to a slow pace. In their slow state of minds, they could barely remain conscious. Surprisingly, the king did nothing to help. He was far to proud to assist.Will was counting on the King’s pride.

Then at some point Will brought out a massive blood mist cloud, this cloud was quite big, it caught the wolves by surprise. It was also a bad omen for them, because in the past whenever this occurred, one of them would die. This shock caused a momentary pause in their barrage, which was exactly what Will was looking for. Then a short moment after the mist came out, an extremely large boulder came out, at an incredibly fast speed.

This one was much faster than the previous boulders by quite a bit. This boulder was aimed at one of generals, the one that had shivered slightly. The wolf’s reaction was slow, allowing the boulder to get quite close. Fortunately, a wind bomb managed to blow it up in time. The relief caused the wolf to relax slightly, yet unknowingly to it, from behind the first boulder, a slightly smaller one was coming, and it was much faster than the previous one. Mastering all the mental and physical energy it could, the wolf released a wind bomb to destroy the boulder.

To be honest, these boulders were not much of a threat in terms of damage, but the psychological damage Will had done to these wolves was not light.

This time a third boulder, which was quite small compared to the first two, and again much faster, approached the wolf from behind the second one. It again, like its predecessor, was hidden behind the body of the boulder in front. It was too fast and too close to attack with magic, so the wolf destroyed the boulder with its right claw. As it destroyed the boulder, it was met with an incredible sight.

A basket ball sized suijin no ikari was moving at top speed. Just behind the third boulder. If the wolf had not been mentally fatigued, it would have been able to hear the loud screeching noise that seemed to be behind the third boulder, Unfortunately, it concentrated too much on its sense of sight and could react in time.

Lack of energy, physical fatigue, a weak mind, lead to the wolf receiving a super fast suijin no ikari straight into its right eye. The eye was a weak spot, one that was easy to penetrate. The sphere like ball of water reached straight into the general’s brain and  it exploded. This resulted in the general’s death. The other general could not step in to assist, because right at this instant, it too was facing a crisis.

Right in front of the last living general, was Will Chamberlain, holding his sword above his head.

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