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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 14- Blood Calamity: Part 2

In true battles, momentum was a key aspect of battle. Especially in battles involving more than two opponents. In Will’s case it was not just a matter of morale, the large wolf he had massacred had given him, for lack of a better word, a sh!tload of experience. This was without a doubt the greatest amount of yuan Will had ever received.

As yuan madly gushed into Will’s body, the headless corpse collapsed into the ground, the shockwave caused by this immediately cleared up the mist in the surrounding area.

It was so much yuan, that Will immediately reached level 25. He could feel that his mind now had doubled in terms of parts. His mind had once more been powered up.

Since part of the mist had cleared up, Will could now see the head of his victim

[Storm Wolf General: An extremely powerful variant of storm wolves. It has the intelligence of a human child and has the ability to use it. It is not only intelligent, but is also powerful, almost no creature at its level can defeat it. It rarely leaves the side of its king, and is very loyal.

Rating: E

Class: High Commander]

What the heck is this class stuff? Do monsters have their own classes too?

Will looked at the rating, and understood why he got so much yuan. This creature was roughly around level 30 in terms of strength, and judging from the information, its also a superior being, even at its own rating.

The word king also caught Will’s attention. Of the five auras that were outside, one was clearly a cut above the rest. Even from that great of a distance, its imposing presence was enough to make Will’s skin crawl. Will could tell that this wolf was special. This wolf was dangerous. This wolf was without a doubt, the king.

Will could still feel the five auras, waiting for him outside the blood mist. He knew he couldn’t wait in here forever. So decided to do the only thing he could.

Time to take the fight to them.

Will’s plan was simple. Since these things had the intelligence of a human child, they also have to have the temper of one. Now matter how intelligent a child is, at the end of the day. A child is still a child

There is a difference between intelligence and wisdom. Utilizing that difference should improve my chances of survival.

So with such thoughts in mind, Will picked up the massive head and placed it on one hand. Although the head was huge, it wasn’t as heavy as it looked. Storm wolves were wind attribute monsters that relied on speed, thus their bodies were designed to be as lightweight as possible.

Will’s plan was simple, but also dangerous. If it worked, his chances of survival went up ten fold. If not, then he would most likely die a painful death. Whilst steeling his resolve, Will decided to put the blood mist into his storage ring.

This might prove useful In my plan.

The storage ring was able to isolate anything that entered, and keep it in that state, thus Will wasn’t worried that the blood mist would affect anything that was already inside the ring. He put on the most smug expression he could, and slowly walked to the edge of the disappearing mist.

Let the show begin.

Will stood on top of the head, eyeing his next foes. The other generals were impressive. Now that the blood mist wasn’t there, there was no doubt in Will’s heart that the general he killed, was the weakest of the five generals. The other four were stronger, be it only by not too large of an amount. Two of them were only a bit stronger than their dead counterpart, while the remaining two were stronger by quite a bit.

Will squinted his eyes, to the point were they were slits, his vision planted firmly on the so called ‘king’. Glistening white fur that was so beautiful it made the surroundings look unnecessary, a large muscular body without a single imperfection in sight, a presence so noble it made you want to bow, this wolf was indeed the epitome of majesty.

[Storm Wolf King: The strongest variant of the storm wolf species. It has the intelligence of a human and has a King’s disposition. It is born to rule and is vicious. It has an abundant life force and has sovereignty over wind itself. It never begs and it never orders twice. Its power is like its presence, vast and without compare within it’s rating.

Rating E+

Class: Sector Boss]

This….will be very tough.

Will was finally facing his first boss, and it was truly worthy of its reputation. Will swallowed his own saliva and geared up for battle.

Gotta stick to the plan.

Said Will to himself. He rubbed his storage ring and took something out. It was a piece of meat. A chicken drumstick to be precise. It was already cooked and looked sumptuous. Will took a bite as he stared at the wolves.

The wolves, who were seething in rage before, suddenly entered a state of confusion. The human, who was surrounded and outmatched, was eating? They could not understand what he was doing. The generals wouldn’t move without their kings order, and the king only looked at Will, its eyes narrowed in suspicion. It knew he was planning something.

It was wiser than its peers, and saw that he was far too calm, considering the situation he was in. Even though it was angry a few moments ago, it quickly regained its calm and focused on Will, wondering what the boy would do next.

Will ravenously devoured his drumstick, till only the bone was left. Then he jumped off the head. He took a few steps, the looked up toward the wolves, a smug grin plastered on his greasy face.

“Dogs will always be dogs. You never move without instructions. I knew you were obedient, but I never knew it was to this degree. You even let I, your father, finish my meal without a single sound. Truly marvelous.

Well seeing as how you won’t move without instructions, let me help you along. You, aaaaannnd you…. fetch!” Will used  his free hand, to point at the two weakest generals, and threw his the bone a few feet ahead of himself.

The wolves were stunned. They had never expected to meet such blatant disrespect. Especially the two generals that Will pointed at. They were stunned at first, but after thinking it through, their anger got the better of them.

They started growling, exposing their large sharp teach and in the process, dropped large globs of saliva onto the ground. Still they did not move, because their king did nothing. The king was still trying to figure out what Will was doing.

Will was disappointed that his little gambit didn’t work, but when he saw the saliva dropping onto the ground, he was struck by some inspiration.

“Woah, I can tell that you two are really looking forward to the bone i gave you. Look at that, your even salivating! Your piece of trash king probably doesn’t feed you enough. Don’t worry, Daddy has it covered. In fact, let me add some flavour.”

After Will’s monologue, he walked toward the bone and spat on it. Looking up, he saw that the two generals were so angry, that their eyes had turned red and were about to pop out of their sockets.

“What? Still not enough flavour? OK, fine. Daddy will help you out. Let me give you something extra special, something I’ve been saving just for cute little doggies like you.”

Will then did something that the wolves never expected, he started urinating! He started urinating on the bone. It was at this moment that the king finally realized what Will was up to, but unfortunately, it was too late. Its subordinates could no longer hold themselves back anymore. This was the greatest disgrace of their entire lives.

The two wolves lunged at Will with all their might. Anger had Completely clouded their judgement. They flew straight toward Will, howling as loudly as they could. If looks could kill, then Will would already be dead a thousand times over.

The sheer speed that these wolves were moving at was incredible. Wind moved around turbulently around them, as if they were the living incarnation of a hurricane.

The moment they lunged toward Will, he closed his eyes. He wasn’t sure if his eyes could keep up with their movements, thus he relied on his sixth sense. Due to the incredible amount of killing intent the wolf duo gave out, Will didn’t need need to use his eyes to see them.

From the king’s point of view, Will’s plan could only mean one thing; he had the strength to back it up, so he looked carefully at the proceedings. As soon as the two wolves moved, Will put up a massive wall, composed of the previous blood mist. The king saw this as a bad omen, but he was too late to stop his servants.

The generals plunged into the blood mist wall, heading straight for Will. A few breathes of time passed, with a few scraping noises coming out of the mist. Will suddenly walked out of the mist. A confident expression on his face. Behind him, the blood mist dissipated, revealing the two generals, who were headed straight for Will.

The king had assumed that Will used the mist as cover, allowing him to dodge. Yet a moment later, he was astounded.

The moment the blood mist dissipated, Will raised both his hands, and snapped them. “Suijin no ikari: Mini Akimbo.” Said Will in a calm tone just before he snapped his fingers. The result; instant death.

The two wolves lunging after him from behind started convulsing in mid air, their bodies crashing to the ground in an incredibly violent manner. They convulsions made them miss their targets by quite a bit.

Their inertia caused them to leave a long trail of displaced earth. Even as their bodied finally  stopped, they were still convulsing. Their mouths started to foam, a hint of red mixed within.

Will remembered a certain phrase an uncle of his once told him.

The greatest fear, is the fear of the unknown. 

Will decided to test that fear. His mouth widening into a devilish grin.

“They say if you know yourself and your enemy, you will win a hundred battles. If you know only yourself, you will lose a battle for every battle you win. If you know nothing, then you are doomed for eternity…

So tell me your Highness, how much do you know?”


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