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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 13- Blood Calamity: Part 1

At a slightly distant location, six giant wolves were flying in the sky. These wolves were slightly bigger than the guardians, but the aura they radiated far surpassed the latter. 5 of them were silver, and one was white. The white one was flying at the head of the pack. Its presence and its grandeur, far surpassed the other five.

Once they reached their target location, the wolves halted in midair, what met them was what could only be described as a mass graveyard. Hundreds of thousands of corpses littered the ground, going as far as the eye could see.

The ground had been stained red by the blood of the victims,  limbs were scattered everywhere like they were grains of sand. This was not the scene of a battle, but of a one sided massacre. Yet the most disturbing fact was, of all the thousands of dead bodies, almost none were intact.

The white wolf and its companions howled in rage. Their howls echoed out for many miles, showing their anguish at the sight.  This was an insult, and a challenge to their authority. The group looked around for the source of the mayhem, and saw something strange, in what seemed to be the center of the battle ground.

A blood red fog was covering the ground for hundreds of meters. It gave off the eerie feeling of death, as if it was an entrance to underworld itself. It was almost impossible to detect what was within, due to the overwhelming aura of death that came from within.

With a movement of its head, the white wolf ordered one of the five wolves to go into the mist and investigate.

The grey wolf barked in response, and charged toward the mist, its speed creating minor shockwaves in the air. It howled one more time as it entered the fog. Seemingly announcing its presence, to whoever, or whatever was in the fog…if there was anything at all.

From outside the fog, the remaining five wolves watched on in silence, waiting for their counterpart to come back and report his findings. After about a minute or so, the blood mist started the clear up by itself, as if it was being swallowed by something.

The five wolves narrowed their eyes and focused on one of the edges of the receding mist, because something was coming out. A human boy walked out of the fog. The fog itself seemed to be getting sucked into a ring on the boy’s finger. Yet this wasn’t the most shocking thing.

On his other hand, held above the boy’s head, was the dismembered head of their comrade, who had just charged in. The five wolves were utterly astonished. Such an outcome was beyond their imagination.

Once the mist hand disappeared into the boy’s ring, he threw the head ahead of him. He then climbed atop of the head and aimed his sword at the white wolf, and spoke a few words, which enraged the wolves to the point were they almost coughed up blood.

“Your Highness, thank you for sending me this piece of trash. I was tired of dealing with weaklings. If your going to send more garbage, I suggest you send them in two’s, otherwise what just happened to this pathetic excuse for a dog” said Will as he stomped on the head, “will happen to the rest of you.

They say a sword’s edge is determined by its master, so doggies, what do you think about mine?”

A few moments earlier, Will had looked toward the direction the other wolves had looked at. He didn’t see anything.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything. According to what has happened before, something strong is coming, and odds are it’s headed my way.

Considering the events of the past few battles, Will concluded that enemies were on their way. The behaviour of the guardians further went to show, that these newcomers would be powerful.

Will started to think of what to do. If things went according to the past, then these new beasts would most likely be much stronger than him. This was the first time in a long time that Will was standing still, doing nothing. He looked at his surroundings, as his mind worked at its maximum abilities to think of a solution.

It would be better if I had cover, like trees or large rocks, but the first horde destroyed any cover that was there. 

That’s when Will thought of the blood mist that was hovering above him. At first he had found it strange, but as time went on he gradually ignored it. His intuition told him that it had something to do with his bloodlust, but he was too busy fighting to do anything about it.

Now as he looked at it, inspiration struck him. Immediately, Will brought out a large amount of water, and turned it all into vapour. Then he guided this vapour and mixed it with the blood mist. He activated his blood lust and expanded it as far as possible, including the area that the blood mist was in.

With his water vapour included, Will was able to expand the blood mist by quite a bit. He also discovered that the expansion of his bloodlust, made him able to control the blood in the blood mist to a certain degree.

Will made the blood mist expand, by adding more water vapour, till the point were the mist covered an area of at least 600 meters in diameter on the ground. Its height was about a hundred meters. Due to the effect of bloodlust, senses inside the blood mist were dulled, to the extent were it was hard to even see past your hand, even with Will’s superior senses. Only intense killing intent could be felt.

This killing intent was not only due to the bloodlust itself, but due to the leftover will from the thousands of victims that fell to Will’s sword. The combination of killing intent, the concentrated smell of blood and the lack of visibility, made this fog perfect for cover.

It was impossible to detect were killing intent came from, once you were in this blood mist. Will was inside, but to him he could see as clearly as ever, not with his eyes though, but due to the water. The water meister class, allowed Will to control water as if it was an extension of his body, this also included sensory functions. Anything that touched the water vapour, that was under Will’s control, would be detected by Will. Now that his class had upgraded, this ability had been enhanced.

Due to there being water everywhere, Will was essentially omniscient in this fog. He could move unhindered and could control one’s senses. This was his world, and those that entered it, would be doomed to die. Or at least that’s what Will thought.

That’s when Will heard a set of howls. He roughly detected the auras of six very powerful beings outside his blood mist. Due to the distance, he couldn’t tell much, so he waited. Calmly. Then one of the six charged into the mist, howling to announce its presence.

Will was surprised by what he saw, this wolf was only slightly bigger than a guardian, thus one would only expect it to be slightly stronger, but the difference in power between the two, was as great as the difference between heaven and earth.

This new wolf was so strong, Will almost couldn’t move, his entire body felt like it was in cement. His sense of fear put to extremes. Will had assumed he no longer feared death, but this time he was proven wrong. If Will had covered himself in condensed bloodlust like before, he would have discovered that it would have alleviated the pressure.

The large wolf was moving step by step, straight toward the center, right were Will was. Although its visibility and sense of smell were useless in here, this mighty beast still had not lost its sense of direction.

Will could feel the raw power and energy coming from the wolf’s body, he knew that one blast of wind from this beast, was enough to send his so called world to kingdom come. Yet it didn’t. It just continued, walking straight toward Will.

Maybe it was due to pride, or perhaps it was confident in its ability. Either way, the wolf did nothing except just walking. Will thanked the stars for his good fortune. He calmed himself down and decided to take action. Either he moves now, or he dies if it becomes impatient.

Will stopped his own breathing, in an attempt to reduce his presence as much as possible. He didn’t have to worry about hiding his killing intent in here, because it was everywhere, but the wolf still had its sense of hearing, so Will didn’t have to take his chances. This was also the reason Will never took a single step. Aside from the noise, he was afraid that the vibrations from his movements could alert the wolf. This wise move turned out to be his life saver.

With his superior body and powerful yuan, he could go for many hours without breathing anyway. He only did so out of reflex.

When the wolf was only a few steps away, Will made up his mind. Bit by bit he started condensing water vapour right around the wolf’s neck. This action was very subtle, so it didn’t catch the wolf’s attention, after all, none of these wolves knew what Will could do.

This is it. Now or never.

With all his might, Will swung both his hands together. The vapour condensed into a water blade, and attacked the wolf. It didn’t have enough power to penetrate the wolf’s skin, so it barely did any damage, the wolf snickered in its heart at this weak attack, and opened its mouth, preparing to blast this mist away.

Unfortunately for the wolf, it took Will far too lightly. Using the distraction caused by the water blade, Will quickly appeared by wolf’s side and condensed all of his bloodlust onto his body and sword.

With all of his strength, he swung, severing the wolf’s head from its body. It was at this moment that Will gained a chance at survival. It was at this moment, that Will gained something very important.  It was at this moment that Will gained Momentum.

AN: Woah its about to go down!!

What will happen in next chapter? Will Will win the battle? Will Will gain a new ability? Will Will get laid? Will I ever stop saying ‘Will Will’ ? Heck no. Because its catchy 😉

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