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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 11- Wrath of the Water God

A few moments before…

Will was gripping his sword with all his might. He was tense. He was resolved, but most important, he was focused.

Will imagined the cocoon to be like a grenade, inside the grenade was shrapnel, ready to inhalate the environment.

Then, Will holding the sword with his both his hands at this point, got ready for a horizontal sweep in the anti clockwise direction. The cocoon had already reached terminal velocity. It was as compressed as could be. Will knew this so he made his choice.

Then, he moved! Like lightning!

The moment his movement begun, his sword swept across. The moment the sword moved, the cocoon disappeared, or rather if one was observing, that’s what it would looked like. Sounds that were similar to scratching a chalk board with your nails were all around.

Will’s sweep continued on for an entire three hundred and sixty degree motion. He had to rotate his body to accommodate this.

The guardians who were attacking Will still continued their movement, except now there was a difference. If one looked closely into their eyes, one would not see the light of life anymore.

The wolf that was in mid air lost control of the compressed wind in its mouth, which led to the air exploding, destroying its entire body.

The two wolves on the ground were practically right next to Will, but they were already moving corpses, so Will just side stepped slightly and avoided them both. The two bodies hit the ground with a loud thud. Like rotten apples falling from a tree. Their momentum forcing them to create a long trail of soil in the grass.

Will stoop up straight after the debacle. Yuan rushed into his body like a tidal wave. His body felt warm and weightless throughout. It was a very soothing and welcome feeling for the boy. Will dropped his sword, looked up and raised his hands. As if he was basking in the warmth of a mid summer’s day, early in the morning.

He was still surrounded by thousands of wolves. Yet none of them moved, even when it looked like he had dropped his guard. The wolves at the back couldn’t see clearly what was happening at the front, all they knew was that their brethren became quiet, deathly quiet even…


Peerless Dao Master. Congregations on being the first player to reach first level benchmark of level 20. You have been given 400 bonus points.

Each benchmark leads to a class change. This upgrade depends on the performance of your previous levels. Due to your improved sword skills and abundant experience with using a sword, you are now a Sword Warrior. Due to your improved ability to manipulate water, you are now a True Water Meister. 


Congratulations on being the first user to create a custom skill. You have been given 2000 bonus points.

Due to being a skill you created, it can be named by you. Do you want to name it now?

“Yes.” Said Will as he picked up his sword with his right hand.

What shall it be called?

“Suijin no ikari.”


Sujin no ikari, or Wrath of the Water God, has been chosen. It is now available as one of your skills!

Level 20! Class Change! Custom skill! These words were very familiar to a gamer like Will. Normally such information would make him ecstatic, but Will was still in the middle of battle. He had no time to play around. Even though he had dropped his sword earlier, there was a good reason. He had to stretch a little, to ease the tension from continuous battle. After all, he had fought non stop for almost a day!

My sword looks dirty. Let me clean it.

Will’s katana was always rusty and old, but now it was bloody. Will took some water from his ring and swung his sword down. Water rusher along the sword cleaning it as the sword moved, removing the dried blood. When the sword reached the bottom, the water changed into vapour and spread out like a shockwave.


It was at this moment that something unbelievable occurred.


The thousands of wolves nearest to Will suddenly burst into pieces. It was as if they were all cutt horizontally multiple times.

It seems I can now change water into vapour. This more than I expected.

All around Will, massive chunks of flesh started falling. Blood sprayed everywhere like fountains. The entire area around Will became the tomb for the guardians nearest to Will.

The thick scent of blood filled the air. It was as if death himself graced the environment with his presence. The surviving wolves were stunned. They just saw their comrades get ripped to shreds right in front of them.


Suddenly, Will jumped out of the bloody mist that had formed around him and pointed to a random guardian that had survived. Currently Will was not using any ability. He just walked slowly toward it.

The other guardians backed off when they saw this. This animals weren’t stupid. They could tell that Will was now different.

The target himself wanted to move, but couldn’t. It was as if a mountain was on its back. Will’s eyes stared at it the whole time. His face expressionless, his pace slow, but his demeanour was as imposing as a dragon. Will’s face was deadpan. Like he was looking at a stone. One wouldn’t think he was looking at a large beast with incredible power.

Will stopped moving when he was a few meters away from the beast. Then about a cups worth of water came out of his ring. It floated above Will.

The guardian knew Will was about to do something, yet it felt powerless to stop him. It could not even whimper, underneath Will’s imposing glare.

Then suddenly, Will’s swordless hand moved. In accordance with it, the water thinned out and elongated, becoming a curved shape similar to a boomerang. This shape flew toward the wolve and bisected immediately.

The top half of the wolf fell of its body. Its remaining bloody half fell lifelessly to the ground.


Peerless Dao Master. Congratulations. You have taught yourself water blade. 20 bonus points. It is now a skill of yours.

I see. So its like that.

Will ignored the corpse Infront of him and began pondering something. That’s when he realized that there were still other wolves to kill. Will smiled and face palmed himself.

“I know you can understand me. I also know that you are not stupid. So listen up.”

As Will said this he raised his sword and pointed it forwards.

“I want you, to look underneath yourselves closely and pick a nice spot, because if your still in my presence within 10 seconds, I will do you the honour…of burying you there!”





High up in the sky, directly above Will’s battle, stood Modus and Adelda. They had been there the entire fight. Or rather Adelda had, since it was her job to monitor and protect Will, whilst also periodically telling Modus of his progress. They were invisible to the everything in this dungeon, so they were relaxed. Not to mention even if they were visible, nothing could harm them anyway.

Modus had only joined fray when Will started facing the horde. He had strictly told Adelda to tell him if anything interesting happened, thus when Will started releasing killing intent wantonly, she called him.

At the moment Will had just threatened the remaining guardians. The aura of blood and murder was permeating the air around him. Modus knew, that one of the side effects of people who have bloodlust, but can’t control it, is that if they kill a lot of beings, a blood mist will form above their heads.

Even if they switch off their bloodlust, their bodies will still release a small amount of invisible bloodlust. The more powerful and numerous your victims were, the worse this becomes.

That’s why after Will pointed his sword at the horde, the majority ran away. Only the strong willed ones remained behind. These ones were effectively lab rats, for Will to test the effects of his new skill; water blade. His other skill used up far too much yuan, but water blade barely used up any. Unlike radiant energy and bloodlust, it had little side effects.

Using the combination of his sword and a water blade, Will began to finish off the remaining guardians.

Modus started clapping when Will used Suijin no Ikari, to wipe out a majority of the guardians. Then he clapped harder when Will taught himself water blade.

“You see Adelda, I told you this boy was special. Look at him go! Marvelous! Absolutely marvelous! Hahaha!”

As he clapped, Modus started laughing like a madman. Adelda on the other hand was speechless. She just stood there and looked at Will, as he engaged in what could only be described, as wanton slaughter.

Level 20. A custom skill. Bloodlust and radiant energy. Two totems. All in one day! How is this possible?? He has almost no talent. Even if he has the spirit gate, his soul and his aptitude are too weak. Why does he have so many abilities? It doesn’t make sense!

Adelda was still an immortal, she had lived for quite a few centuries, and had worked on the system for a long time as well. She had heard of many types of prodigies. But she had never seen a user who was so overpowered.

Bloodlust and radiant energy were traits one was born with, so she could attribute that to luck. Him having a sword totem wasn’t surprising either since he was a sword cultivator. Yet there were two facts that made her nervous.

Firstly she has never heard of a being with two totems, let alone a mortal.

Secondly she has never heard of any user achieving a custom skill before level 20…on the first day!

In the system there were plenty of skills for each of the millions of classes. These skills had their own ranking system, and were often given by the system through leveling. Yet there were exceptions to that rule.

These exceptions were what separated the strong from the weak, the wheat from the chaff. These were the players’ ultimate weapon in the first 50 levels.

These were custom skills!


AN: Hope you enjoyed the chapter!

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