Special Forces King – Ch 32

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Chapter 32

Absolute Karma

As Wang Li’s best friend, Zhang Lu Rong did not blame Wang Li for not involving him in his money making plot when he heard the rumors; instead, he was quite relieved that Wang Li did not involve him in the first place.

As a matter of fact, if Wang Li did give some money to Zhang Lu Rong, things would be more complicated. Even though Wang Li was quite a clever person, he had made a huge mistake—not dragging Zhang Lu Rong into his evil plot.

As Wang Li’s wrongdoing had no influence to Zhang Lu Rong’s personal benefits, Zhang Lu Rong immediately confessed what he knew after being stunned for a brief moment when he was approached by Professor Chen and the others. Wang Li did ask him to look after a bag of stuff, and told him to upload the content to the Internet if something bad were to happen to him.

Previously, Zhang Lu Rong was suspicious, but decided not to ask any questions as they were friends. Now, to prove his innocence, he instantly handed over the stuff inside the bag—which turned out to be some digital tapes.

Professor Chen handed the tapes to Pang Jing Dong; inside the tapes, were some NSFW clips, with Wang Li being the main actor.

Pang Jing Dong was extremely happy, as these were the original digital tapes, instead of copies of the recordings. Every tape contained the ‘female actors’ information, including their heights, their physical appearances, and ways of contact. Hence, the whole incident finally came to an end.

Following it, using the information provided, Pang Jing Dong managed to find all the victims and gave them two options: Firstly, if they wish to get over the incident, he would hand over the tapes and let them decide what to do with them; however, Pang Jing Dong suggested them to keep the tapes as reminders of their actions; Secondly, if they were willing to be witnesses and accuse Wang Li’s crime, he would support them with all he could, and make sure only a minimum amount of people would know about the incident.

As a matter of fact, this was the trickiest part of the plan, as the girls might choose to disappear after they received the tapes. If they chose to become witnesses and accuse Wang Li’s actions, their reputation would be ruined, as selling their bodies was considered a crime too; hence, they would need a huge amount of courage to be witnesses.

Nowadays, it was not unusual to see some victims unwilling to speak out the truth due to some concerns. For example, when someone’s purse was stolen and the thief was caught at the scene, the victim might be scared that the thief would seek for revenge after being released from detention; hence, the victim would instead lie that the item was dropped, although evil can never prevail over good. Despite that, the civilians would still be terrified of the bad guys.

Pang Jing Dong was relieved after knowing that two girls were willing to be the witnesses and accuse Wang Li. Of course, Pang Jing Dong’s clever tongue played a huge role in convincing them.

Professor Chen brought the two girls and the evidence to the police station and lodged a report; Wang Li was arrested on the same day.

Due to the special circumstances of the incident, the details of the case were not publicized. The authorities tried their best to protect the privacies of the victims. Even though there were some news articles about the incident, the real names and other sensitive information were concealed. The two girls were forced to sell their bodies, plus they volunteered to be witnesses and helped to solve the case; thus they were free from prosecution. As for Zhang Lu Rong who did not participate in Wang Li’s illegal actions, he too was free from prosecution.

Professor Chen was initially worried, “What if Wang Li confesses where he got the fake notes from?”

Pang Jing Dong assured her, “He won’t tell them!”

“Why?” Professor Chen asked curiously.

“It was because Chen Lu was not exposed as a witness; if he were to tell them about the fake notes, it would cause Chen Lu’s case to appear as well, which would mean a greater consequence to his actions as he would be accused of blackmail. Therefore, he would stick to his accusation of ‘owning twenty thousand fake notes’ instead of blackmailing. Wang Li is smart enough to consider this before he decides to call us out. I had already taken this into account when I came up with the plan.”

“I heard that your family isn’t relatively wealthy!”

“Did Yao Yao tell you that?” Pang Jing Dong gave Shen Jia Yao a glimpse. Shen Jia Yao appeared to be looking at the ceiling raising her head, instead of looking at Pang Jing Dong.

“Hehe! Yeah, she told me when she was still at university!” Professor Chen noticed Pang Jing Dong’s glanced and added, “What I meant was, despite your family’s condition, you’ve chosen a different path compared to Wang Li. You chose to work hard while he took the path of a criminal!”

The words caused Pang Jing Dong to straighten his face; he then forced a smile after a while and said, “Friedrich Engels once said, the difference between humans, are sometimes greater than the difference between a human and an ape.”

As a result, the whole incident ended with a happy ending. Even though it was not relevant to Shen Jia Yao on a personal level, she started to have a different view of today’s Pang Jing Dong, as she suddenly realized that—even though she and Pang Jing Dong had grown into different people as time went by, but she would instinctively rely on Pang Jing Dong when she stumbled into any troubles.

Shen Jia Yao said to Pang Jing Dong in a mocking tone, “Didn’t expect you to be so helpful for things like this!”

“Thanks for the compliment!” Pang Jing Dong said calmly.

“I have to admit; your plan was really secured!”

“Not really, but it was enough to handle people like Wang Li. Plus, I’m not willing to put in extra effort in small stuff like this.”

“You’ve learned to be humble! That deserves praise!”

“Maybe you should turn your praise into an action?”

“What do you want?”

“Allow me to leave work earlier!”

“Knowing that you’ve not been late to work for the past two days, sure!” After a brief pause, Shen Jia Yao asked, “Am I allowed to know what you’re up to?”

“I have quite an amount of customers tonight; you know that I’m the best seller male prostitute there, I’ll be really busy!”

“Piss off!”

Before Shen Jia Yao finished talking, Pang Jing Dong had disappeared from the office; it happened so fast that Shen Jia Yao failed to see his action clearly.

The reason why Pang Jing Dong wanted to leave work earlier, was because he had a date with Jing Ling Ling. Previously, Pang Jing Dong was too busy with Chen Lu’s case; he then realized Jing Ling Ling had been really quiet for the past few days, did not even give him a call.

“Am I not attractive enough?” Pang JIng Dong asked himself.

The truth was, Pang Jing Dong did not lose his confidence, nor did he think that Jing Ling Ling had a crush on him; Pang Jing Dong thought that after Jing Ling Ling knew about his past, she would contact him occasionally, to know more about his past.

Pang Jing Dong’s interpretation of Jing Ling Ling’s characteristic was quite accurate; Jing Ling Ling did have the intention to bother Pang Jing Dong, but due to some circumstances for the past few days, she was finally free to date Pang Jing Dong today.

It was impossible to predict what would happen in the next minute; for example, someone was looking forward to meeting this beautiful woman he met online, but in the end, he found out the woman was none other than his wife.

Jing Ling Ling was busy with work for the past few days; normally, it would not have anything to do with Pang Jing Dong, or it should not be. However, it ended up being relevant with Pang Jing Dong, which was the reason she asked Pang Jing Dong for a date today. She had a strange tone when she called Pang Jing Dong, which caused him to be curious; thus, he agreed to meet her today.

A few days ago, a few FIB agents from Country M had arrived at the local police station. These agents were in charge of criminal cases in their country; the aim of this visit was to share their experiences and skills with the local police force.

Without a doubt, these agents became important guests; the local government and the police force immediately arranged them to be looked after; meanwhile, few of the outstanding officers within the local police force were selected to learn from these agents; Jing Ling Ling was one of them.

Jing Ling Ling was chosen to participate in this activity, was not only because of her outstanding performance in the previous incident, but also because she was fluent in English. Besides that, this was an extremely precious chance, which would be beneficial for her promotion in the future; thus, Secretary Jing would surely recommend his daughter as one of the participants accompanying these guests.

Obviously, the goal was to learn as much as possible from the agents. Having to accompany them was not the same as serving them like a prostitute from a brothel; On the other hand, it would always involve pretty girls in it. The reason was, the side which had any gorgeous ladies, would be getting the upper hand.

For unknown reasons, the gentlemen who were polite in their own countries, would turn into lustful perverts upon arriving in China; thus, for a pretty girl like Jing Ling Ling, she would have a hard time handling this job.

Most of the girls would not mind giving their bodies to these foreigners, but Jing Ling Ling was not one of them. Both Secretary Jing and the captain of the criminal department were confident that Jing Ling Ling would be able to protect herself, as she was clever enough.

Fortunately, maybe due to their professions, these agents did not behave oddly upon arriving in the country; they were quite respectful toward the ladies. Jing Ling Ling was able to utilize her beautiful appearance to cause the agents to let their guards down, and told her some useful confidential information.

Among the visiting agents, Jing Ling Ling was relatively close to a guy named Thomas.

Thomas would wear his professional attire at all times—a black suit together with a white shirt and a blue tie, giving him a clean look; not even a single trace of dust could be found on his leather shoes.

This guy who self-proclaimed to be an English, behaved like a gentleman, and took hold of every single chance possible to fawn upon Jing Ling Ling, thus earning her favor. The two did go out on dates for a few times after work.

Despite that, Jing Ling Ling had never let her guard down; she always kept a distance of half a meter away from Thomas.

Thomas always brought a laptop with him, which he never let go of; it was not an Apple MacBook which was lightweight (the one that people were willing to sell their kidneys for). Instead, it was a high-tech, waterproof, anti-explosion notebook, which was super heavy due to the safety features it had.

Jing Ling Ling was extremely curious what the laptop contained. Once, as they went out for dinner, Jing Ling Ling could not hold her curiosity back and asked Thomas, “Can I ask why you always bring that notebook along?”

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