Special Forces King – Ch 31

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Chapter 31

The Procurer

Shen Jia Yao pretended to be helpless and said, “This is all we got, she tried so hard for this…”

Wang Li let out a smug smile, “That’s not good enough; we did agree it would be twenty thousand.”

At that moment, following Pang Jing Dong’s plan, Chen Lu immediately grabbed Shen Jia Yao’s arm and begged, “Sister Yao Yao, please lend me some money! I know that your family just gave you a sum of money for your business; please lend it to me, and I’ll find ten part time jobs to pay it back…”

Chen Lu was quite good at acting; Shen Jia Yao did not want to ruin it, who pretended to be troubled and hesitated for a while before saying, “I can’t really use that money… Besides, I wouldn’t have the cash on me!”

Wang Li instantly asked Shen Jia Yao, “Is it cheque or card?”


“That’s easy. There’s a self-service bank just across the road.”

Shen Jia Yao thought to herself, “This guy is quite smart. He had taken the possibility that we might need to go to the bank to withdraw some cash into account. However, it is better this way; if he’s not smart enough, Pang Jing Dong’s plan might not work.” She let out a sigh and said, “Give me a few minutes, I’ll go and withdraw the money.”

Shen Jia Yao then left the cold drink store and headed toward the self-service bank. Shen Jia Yao clearly knew that Wang Li would be observing her through the window; either he was worried that she would call the cops, or she had arranged some men to wait outside to threaten him.

According to Pang Jing Dong’s plan, Shen Jia Yao did have some helpers around, but it was not the time yet to reveal them to Wang Li.

Shen Jia Yao was out of Wang Li’s line of sight upon entering the bank. Instead of withdrawing the money, she immediately approached Pang Jing Dong who was anticipating her arrival.

After Wang Li had decided the meeting place, Pang Jing Dong immediately checked the places around it, and found this bank, which was why he awaited for Shen Jia Yao’s arrival there.

“How was it?” Pang Jing Dong asked.

“So far so good; everything is the same as what you have planned!” Shen Jia Yao said, as she handed over the paper bag containing the ten thousand dollars.

“That’s good!” Pang Jing Dong received the bag and took the money out of it. He then took another twenty thousand dollars from his bag and shoved it into the paper bag before giving it to Shen Jia Yao.

The difference was, the previous ten thousand dollar Shen Jia Yao had was legit, and the twenty thousand dollar Pang Jing Dong had was fake.

Shen Jia Yao returned to the cold drink store and handed the money to Wang Li. She then opened her bag and showed it to him, which only contained a laptop, a cell phone, and some loose change. Shen Jia Yao emphasized, “See, I don’t have any more money! If you want to raise the price again, I won’t have any left to give you!”

Chen Lu did not bring a bag, which meant, the two had no way of storing a huge amount of cash. Wang Li totally understood this.

The most crucial part of Pang Jing Dong’s plan, was to make sure Wang Li received the twenty thousand fake notes. No one would be examining if the money was real for such a huge amount, as Pang Jing Dong had ordered Shen Jia Yao to bring a legit sum of ten thousand dollars at first, to trick Wang Li into believing it was real. As he saw Shen Jia Yao entering the bank, he would assume Shen Jia Yao did withdraw the remaining money from the bank. Following it, Shen Jia Yao would show Wang Li that she had no more money on her, so that he would not suspect Shen Jia Yao to replace the money with fake notes she had on her. Besides that, Wang Li did lose some of his attention due to the distracting fancy paper bag.

At the same time, Chen Lu continued to urge Wang Li to hand over the recordings, which further distracted Wang Li’s focus. Hence, Wang Li ended up counting the sum in a rush and put it into his bag straight after.

Wang Li smilingly said, “I’m a man of my word, but since the recordings are on the portable hard disk, how do I prove I have deleted them?”

Shen Jia Yao knew Wang Li was trying to play some tricks; she took the laptop from her bag and told him, “Delete it right now.”

Wang Li frowned his eyebrows after seeing the laptop, “Isn’t this quite expensive?”

Of course! How bad would Shen Jia Yao’s possession be?! This is the latest Apple Mac Book Pro, which is priced around twenty thousand dollars. Therefore, the laptop is a flaw in the plan.

According to Pang Jing Dong’s interpretation of Wang Li’s characteristic, he was expected to be suspicious easily. Hence, Pang Jing Dong did not want Wang Li to think that Shen Jia Yao came from a rich background. It was because, with Chen Lu’s background, it would be impossible for her to have any close friends who were wealthy. Besides that, people who were wealthy would not handle this issue the same way as Shen Jia Yao did.

Fortunately, Wang Li did not waste too much thinking about it.

Shen Jia Yao continued to rush Wang Li, “Stop the nonsense! Delete them now!”

Wang Li hesitated for a while, but ended up deleting the recordings in front of the two ladies.

As Wang Li finished deleting them, Shen Jia Yao grabbed Chen Lu and left immediately without saying anything, except a thought in her mind, “Wang Li, prepare to go to hell!”

It did not matter if Wang Li had actually deleted every copy of the recordings at this stage.

Wang Li had no idea what awaited him ahead, as he smilingly said to Shen Jia Yao, “Beautiful lady, don’t leave so soon. Let’s talk more. Since you are so gorgeous, maybe we can work together! I’ll take thirty percent, and I promise that you will earn at least ten thousand per month…”

Wang Li had no idea that Shen Jia Yao’s father was one of the richest people in the country. If not, he would have a totally different attitude; at least he would ask Shen Jia Yao to help him instead of him helping Shen Jia Yao to earn money.

In Shen Jia Yao’s view, she would not sell her body for one billion dollars, let alone ten thousand. It was not because she was rich, but due to her personality; which was the biggest difference between her and Chen Lu.

If she did not have a plan to follow, Shen Jia Yao would turn around immediately and destroy Wang Li’s self-assumed handsome face with a knife, the face he had been using to trick naive girls.

After Shen Jia Yao and Chen Lu left, Wang Li did not stay for too long. As he left the store, six men whom Shen Jia Yao had arranged approached him and beat the crap out of him. No mercy was shown as the kicks were landed at his crotch and punches on his face.

That being said, it was also a part of Pang Jing Dong’s plan. The men were security guards from Shen Jia Yao’s security company. Before they carried out the plan, Pang Jing Dong had purposely told them to wear ordinary, put on sunglasses and have their heads shaved, while putting tattoos on their body with stickers, giving them the appearances of the triad.

Even though the real triad did not have this kind of appearance, the civilians would assume they were members of the triad, which was what Pang Jing Dong planned for.

Even though these security guards had not learned any Martial Arts, but with their strong physique, a normal punch would be enough to handle ordinary people. If Pang Jing Dong did not ask them to spare his life, Wang Li would be dead by now.

After beating him for quite a while, the guards took the cellphone bag from Wang Li, removed the portable hard disk, and threw the bag onto the ground in front of him before leaving the scene immediately.

Wang Li was clever enough to guess why all these were happening; he immediately rose from the ground and trying to leave the scene by hailing a cab. However, Pang Jing Dong was one step ahead, who had called the cops before the guards ‘robbed’ him. Before Wang Li could leave, the cops had arrived.

Wang Li, the ‘victim’ was soon escorted to the police station after he was involved in such a ‘tragic incident’, being robbed and beaten up in broad daylight.

Despite that, it was a weird case for the cops, as Wang Li insisted on keeping silent when they asked him what he lost, even though the witnesses did mention that his possession was stolen by some triad member lookalikes.

It was strange enough for a current university student to have some connections with the triad, not to mention that the twenty thousand cash in his cell phone bag was untouched by the bandits, which caused the cops to be suspicious. They then inspected the money carefully, and realized the notes were fake.

Holding onto such an amount of fake notes was considered a crime; hence the cops decided to investigate, but Wang Li could not come up with a valid explanation where the money came from—which was reasonable. Wang Li clearly knew that the consequences of having twenty thousand fake notes on him, was nothing compared to what he had done. If the portable hard disk were revealed, his actions would surely be exposed; being involved procuring, was a serious crime.

All of these were in Pang Jing Dong’s prediction, and since Wang Li would be detained for at least twenty-four hours, he had plenty of time to carry out the next phase of his plan.

After confirming that Wang Li had been kept in custody for the night, Pang Jing Dong did not do anything, but went home for a good rest.

The next day, Professor Chen approached Zhang Lu Rong together with his lecturer and course coordinator, and told him to admit honestly what he and Wang Li had been up to, and most importantly if there was anything Wang Li asked him to protect for the time being.

At this stage, it did not matter if the truth was spoken. Professor Chen revealed to Zhang Lu Rong straight way that Wang Li’s actions had broken the law and were now under investigation. What awaited him will be the punishment of the law. On the other hand, even though Zhang Lu Rong might be involved in some degree, but seeing that he might not play a huge role in the crime, thus they hoped Zhang Lu Rong would confess what they had done to minimize the consequences for him. It would be too late if he were to confess after being detained by the authorities.

At last, Professor Chen sincerely advised Zhang Lu Rong to think about his study and his reputation; if he were to be detained, he would not be able to continue his study, and he might even go to jail. It would be a disaster for his reputation.

Zhang Lu Rong confessed that he was not a part of Wang Li’s actions; he did not know much about them too. Even though the two did hang out a lot to watch pornography, but Wang Li had never shown him the recordings. Lately, Zhang Lu Rong did hear rumors that Wang Li was involved in forcing girls to sell their bodies. As Wang Li did not return last night and Zhang Lu Rong failed to contact him, he was worried that something had gone wrong.

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