Special Forces King – Ch 1

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Chapter 1

I Was Only a Random Passer-By

Hey Madsnail here! This novel is going to be translated by the newest translator of wuxianation – XephiZ. Take it easy as its his first novel! Anyway, without further ado – enjoy the novel!


Before awakening from the sound of the alarm, Pang Jing Dong was having a dream, in which he was having an enjoyable time with a big booty lady.

In this particular dream, he led an army of soldiers of the “Z” Nation advancing in all directions, conquering other factions while punishing traitors of his nation, and he was finally honored with huge fame and glory.

He then brought 108 gorgeous women and lived in seclusion on the Diaoyu Island, and named himself the era’s Duke of Mount Deer. The lady with the big booty was only one of them.

P.S. The Duke of Mount Deer is referring to a character called Wei Xiao Bao from the famous novel “The Deer and the Cauldron” who in the end lived in seclusion with his seven wives.

Unwillingly, he opened his eyes, still lying on the bed having an aftertaste of his sweet lustful dream. Pang Jing Dong had a quick glance at the clock, and immediately sprung up from his bed, I’m going to be late for work!

After dressing up in a rush and having some quick bites as breakfast, Pang Jing Dong sprinted out and hailed a cab, then urged the driver, “Take the shortcuts! And drive as fast as you can!”

The cab drove into a backstreet, and unexpectedly, even though the traffic was still flowing, there was a huge amount of vehicles on the road.

It was at this moment; a car drove past the cab from the side. Pang Jing Dong just happened to have a random glance and it, but his eyes were soon attracted by it.

The car was a Kamaz, and according to the local traffic rules a huge vehicle like it was not allowed to enter the city after 8 o’clock in the morning.

It was now 7:45 a.m., and it was difficult to leave the city in 15 minutes, so the truck was not supposed to be there.

Most importantly, Pang Jing Dong noticed that something was hanging outside the truck, blocking the windshield.

The cab driver took a glance and immediately recognized it, “Why is the truck hanging a steel plate?”

It was indeed a steel plate, painted the same color as the truck, which one would never notice without looking carefully.

Suddenly, Pang Jing Dong thought of something, and quickly checked his surroundings. As expected, he saw a logo board with “ICBC” on it nearby.

ICBC, the one and only industrial and commercial bank of China. Pang Jing Dong instantly shouted at the driver, “Quick! Make a U-turn and drive!”

The driver replied in a lazy tone, “What’s wrong?”

“Someone is trying to rob the bank!”

Before the phrase ended, the truck suddenly turned around and drove towards the main entrance of the bank.

There were three other vehicles surrounding the Kamaz, all knocked aside by the huge truck, even though the truck itself was not damaged at all. With a loud bang, the truck smashed into the bank, with the head of the vehicle dived deep into the building and the remaining outside.

“This bunch of idiots!” Pang Jing Dong was furious, “The bank is still not opened yet, so there will not be any cash in it, what are they even trying to rob!”

“You know nothing!” The driver was also shocked from the sight, but it did not stop him from giving Pang Jing Dong a lesson, “This is a property storehouse!”

Pang Jing Dong idiotically asked, “What is a property storehouse?”

“A centralized place where the banks store the cash, all the nearby branches have their cash sent here at night, and get them back in the morning.”

To prove what the driver said, seven men leaped out from the truck’s storage, each wearing camouflage clothing and holding AK-47, with theirs heads covered with skeletal headgears.

Not long after, there were rapid gunshots coming from the bank, and some random explosions.

These robbers appeared to be experts, executing the job swiftly. It was as if they had prepared well for the task, and had familiarized themselves with the surroundings.

Pang Jing Dong pat heavily on the driver’s shoulder, “Drive! Get us out of here!”

A bank robbery was taking place, causing the area to be in a huge mess as all the cars were trying to drive away, but were ending up stuck in the traffic.

All the paths were blocked, it was like a stack of toothpicks dropped onto the floor and scrambled everywhere. Pang Jing Dong was angry with the slow reaction of the driver, “What the fuck are you doing! Don’t tell me you are the robbers’ companion?”

“I would like to rob the banks myself…… For fucks sake, don’t you know how expensive the houses are now? Inflations are happening annually, goods are having a price rise, same with the real estates…….” The driver was still turning the wheel, trying to get out from the gaps between the blocking vehicles, while ranting non-stop to Pang Jing Dong, “The central banks have distribution banks, the industrial and commercial banks have property storehouses, however the notes that are printed from the distribution banks all ended up in the property storehouses……. So, every single time I drove past here, I have always thought of blowing up the storehouse!”

In less than half a minute, Pang Jing Dong had just received one of the most significant lecture in his life, as the driver managed to teach him about the central banks, the notes printing policy of the central banks, and also most importantly the fishy relationship between the central banks and the industrial and commercial banks.

This made Pang Jing Dong felt suspicious of the real identity of the cab driver. Either he was someone from the government, or someone ready to report to the government.

At the same time, Pang Jing Dong felt like his thinking had just improved, it was like having a huge leap forward, but on the other hand the cab had not even moved more than ten meters.

The robbers were obviously more efficient than the talkative driver, as they were already coming out from the bank carrying huge bags on their back, which they threw into the truck’s storage.

However, an incident occurred. Two of the robbers suddenly aimed at their own companions and fired.

Following the gunshots, the two targeted robbers at the front fall towards the ground, with huge splats of blood on their chests.

The other three robbers immediately dropped to the ground and returned fire at the two betrayers.

Those two however had no intention to continue fighting, had already hopped into the truck and drove it out of the bank. Accompanied by the howling of the engine, the truck was soon out of sight.

This was the reason the robbers chose to drive the Kamaz, with the heavy and rigid chassis, it could easily knock other vehicles out of the way, so tough that even a relatively big car would get crushed like a piece of paper.

As a result, the road ahead of Pang Jing Dong was cleared from vehicles, but the ranting driver was stunned at the sight and let out a shocking cry instead, “They are fighting against each other!”

Pang Jing Dong felt like crying, “For fucks sake just drive away now!”

The remaining three robbers were unable to escape, but soon noticed the cab was in an advantageous position, thus rushed towards it carrying their guns.

The driver was too scared to drive away, sprung open the door and ran away while shouting out loud. Perhaps he was cursing at the bank.

Pang Jing Dong who was initially at the passenger’s seat, decided to move himself onto the driver’s seat and planned to drive himself.

Unfortunately, the robbers were already approaching him, with one holding a gun aiming at Pang Jing Dong, while two others entered the rear seats.

Immediately, Pang Jing Dong felt something cold behind his skull, one of the robber was holding the gun directly at his head.

The last robber entered the front seat, and commanded Pang Jing Dong, “Drive!”

“I’m only a passer-by.” Pang Jing Dong was going to open the door and leap outwards, “You guys should find someone else……”

“Stop talking nonsense!” The robber at the front fired two shots upwards, “Just do what we say if you don’t want to die!”

Pang Jing Dong had no choice but to start the engine, he sneakily took a glance, and realized why the robbers would not drive themselves.

One of the robber at the back was injured, so the other one had to look after him. The one at the front had to keep an eye at the surroundings.

The robber mentioned an address, it was a nearby suburb, it would not take long to drive there, but it was in the opposite direction of Pang Jing Dong’s workplace.

Pang Jing Dong tried to negotiate with them, “Bro, you should look for other people, I am on my way to work……”

“Dumb cunt!” The robber snapped at him, “It is easy to tell how a loser you are, working hard every day just to earn such pitiful amount of money. I am telling you, if you send us to the destination, we will give you five years’ worth of salary!”

Pang Jing Dong glared sideways at the robber, “What did you just say?”

“I said I can give you money!”

“The first two words!”

“I said that you are a dumb cunt!” The robber repeated himself without patience, “What’s the problem, you sound unconvinced?”

“Not that I disagree, but……” Pang Jing Dong smiled helplessly, and with a low voice he said, “I didn’t want to kill anyone at first!”

The robber was unable to hear it clearly, “What did you say?”

In the brief moment in which the robber was in daze, Pang Jing Dong slapped at the gun’s barrel, causing the gun’s aim to stir away.

Pang Jing Dong then with his palm slashed at the robber’s throat, who let out a grief cry, and released the gun without control in order to grab his own throat.

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  1. … It could actually be very hard for him to be found out as the one in possession of the money, if he kills the robbers and takes the money.

    1. It’s not his taxi.
    2. He didn’t give his name to the taxi driver.
    3. There might not be any cameras showing him nearby
    4. If he hides the taxi and bodies well, it could take quite a time to be found out.
    5. Even if the bodies are found in the taxi, he can just claim he was forced to drive them to a certain location, and then spin a lie depending on how they died.

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