Special Forces King – Ch 8

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Chapter 8

Childhood Friends

“My life wasn’t any better than yours.” In saying this, Pang Jing Dong’s face let out a wry smile again. This time, the smile contained vicissitudes of life in it. Pang Jing Dong said to Shen Jia Yao, “I only hope that you wouldn’t blame my parents.”

“As I just said, I still love them. I was quite jealous of you, being able to continue living with them. As for me, after my mom passed away, my dad was busy all the time, hardly having any conversation with me. That was why my father sent me to your family! Your parents took good care of me. The few years living with your family was my happiest memory! But when I went home, I lost my only support, so I could only rely on myself!”

“I’m glad you have this thought.” After a brief pause, Pang Jing Dong continued, “Your dad’s effort wasn’t in vain after all these years.”

“Just because of mere money!” Shen Jia Yao lowered her head, spinning the pen on her hand. After a while, she looked up and said, “That’s all for private matters. Now let’s deal with the public stuff.”

“Sure!” Pang Jing Dong nodded his head.

“According to the reports, within the first month of recruitment, you are late for more than half the time. It belonged to the past, so I’ll just ignore it. That being said, I hope you understand that from today onward, the company is no longer the same. You won’t be allowed to continue working with that kind of attitude.”

“I understand!” Pang Jing Dong nodded his head.

“It’s the best if you do. I would not want lazy workers in my company, or else I would take actions following the regulations.” said Shen Jia Yao who then lowered her voice, “Even though we grew up together.”

“I will be scrupulous in separating public from private matters,” promised Pang Jing Dong, even though he knew clearly from today onward, his public and private matters would be mixed together. However, it was not his problem; it was indicated by Shen Jia Yao who warned him in such a way.

Although Shen Jia Yao proclaimed her love towards Pang Jing Dong’s parents, it was evident to him that she was still bothered by the fact that his parents insisted on leaving the country, leaving her behind. Even though she was still a kid, but the grudge stayed with her as she grew into an adult. From the words she just said, Pang Jing Dong felt he would not have a great time at the company under the supervision of his childhood friend and lover.

The room fell silent once again, before Shen Jia Yao asked, “Any opinions about the company?”

“As a whole, our company has a highly innovative team. However, due to having structural issues for a long time, the team’s potential was not fully exploited. Looking at our management team, most of them spent a lot of time on receiving benefits using their relationships with people rather than focusing on doing their jobs properly. These people were promoted to management, not because they could do it well, or were technical experts, but because they were smart in utilizing their relationships. In any business, the importance of a well-built management team should be emphasized. As a result, these people caused a lot of negative influences on the company’s image.”

“I totally agree with what you just said.” Shen Jia Yao nodded her head, and jokingly said, “Were you busy studying business management in your ten years of disappearance?”

“I did learn a lot, but not about business management.”

“What was it then?”

“Rules to survive.”

Shen Jia Yao looked thoughtfully at Pang Jing Dong, without saying a word. This made Pang Jing Dong to feel uncomfortable, who decided to excuse himself, “If there’s nothing else, I will be leaving now.”


When Pang Jing Dong arrived at the door, Shen Jia Yao stopped him in his track when she said, “This thing, I had kept it on your behalf for ten years, now is the time to give it back.”

As the sentence ended, Shen Jia Yao threw something at Pang Jing Dong. He caught the thing with his hand, which appeared to be a small, delicate box, not sure of what was inside.

Pang Jing Dong said to Shen Jia Yao as he was leaving the room, “Ten years, we have both changed a lot.” While saying this, Pang Jing Dong never glanced back.

Out of everyone’s expectation, Pang Jing Dong did not end up getting fired. Of course, no one would know what Pang Jing Dong was up to when he stayed in the General Manager’s office for such a long time. Only Zhou Tong who further assumed Pang Jing Dong to be a millionaire’s son guessed that Pang Jing Dong had met Lady Shen before, and they were catching up with each other.

TL Note: Lady here is the translation for Da Xiao Jie (大小姐), which refers to the precious daughter of a wealthy, powerful family.

Zhou Tong who always took note of the things happening in the upper society would have undoubtedly heard of Shen Jia Yao before. As soon as Pang Jing Dong returned to his desk, Zhou Tong approached him secretively and asked, “What were you talking about with Lady Shen?”

“Lady … Shen?”

“Of course! She came from a respectable family, unlike me, a daughter from a humble family.”

“Is that the case…” Pang Jing Dong answered inattentively, who was thinking, “Since young, I knew my godfather was someone special. I wonder if he’s still well after all these years…”

In the conversation earlier, Shen Jia Yao had never mentioned her father; thus he was unable to get any information.

“Tell me now, what did you two talk about?” Zhou Tong continued to ask.

“Since when did you become a busybody?”

“Be honest, have you met Shen Jia Yao before?”

“I realized not only you are a busybody, but you are also a fortune-teller. A busybody fortune-teller – which makes you a “Ba Gua”. You should look for a gossip magazine’s company, and work as a gossip reporter.”

TL Note: The Chinese words for busybody and fortune-teller here is “Ba Po” (八婆) and  “Suan Gua” (算卦). The MC did a pun by combining these two “Ba Po Suan Gua” (Busybody fortune-teller), giving the acronym “Ba Gua” which is also referring to a person who loves to gossip.

Knowing that she was unable to get any useful information from Pang Jing Dong, Zhou Tong replied in a disappointed tone, “I was just worried about you!”

“Nothing significant, I was scolded heavily, so I promised to work hard from now on.”

“This means that you aren’t fired!” Wang Wei Tong’s voice appeared from behind. He came to Pang Jing Dong’s front and said, “You should treasure this precious chance, and really work hard from now on!”

“Manager Wang…” Pang Jing Dong lied in his chair, with his hands behind his head while he placed his foot on his knee. “That’s what I thought before I entered the office, but now I have changed my mind. I have decided to continue to fool around.”

Wang Wei Tong stared at the crazy dude before him, not sure what to say, and shook his head helplessly, “I give up, suit yourself.”

The news spread quickly around the workplace. Some of his colleagues came congratulating him while hinting to have a meal later to celebrate his good fortune. However, when they gathered around to discuss where to eat later, Pang Jing Dong surprisingly rejected the idea, “Pardon me, I have something to do tonight. Let’s talk about it another day.”

After work, Pang Jing Dong hailed a cab, and said to the driver, “First Garden please.”

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