Special Forces King – Ch 6

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Chapter 6

The Hidden Fame and Identity

To be a good personal assistant, one had to be smooth and slick while interacting with other people; it was also essential to have a pair of sharp eyes while observing people’s characteristics. Zhou Tong was no doubt suitable for the job; she learned that even though Pang Jing Dong would wear expensive attire in his daily activities, but she could not feel any sense of luxury from him which was common for people who were born in wealthy families. Instead, she could occasionally sense his ferocious aura.

Our ancestors once said, “Your face resembles what your heart is thinking,” and it was quite on point. However, looking literally at one’s face was nowhere enough. Nowadays, even if someone looked humble and reliable on the outside, they might be cunning on the inside. Our ancestors’ intellects were more complicated than we thought, the “face” they mentioned also included one’s temperament and expression in the eyes.

A person could alter their looks, but it would be difficult to change their attitude because it would require a long time to do so. Furthermore, one’s temperament was closely related to the person’s personal life, or in other words, the way a human being lived his life would define his personality. A middle-aged farmer who worked hard in the fields daily would never possess the scholarly aura of a university lecturer and vice versa.

The expression in a person’s eyes would expose the person’s phycological condition, which was the key to determine if the person was good or evil.

If Zhou Tong knew about Pang Jing Dong’s past before he came to the company, she would not be so confused.

Despite that, Zhou Tong continued to have a close relationship with Pang Jing Dong. She took hold of every single opportunity to present her outstanding attributes while being around Pang Jing Dong, especially her physique and her wisdom. She also provided valuable guidance to Pang Jing Dong, who was a newcomer to the company, by informing him about the company’s internal condition. Apart from those that were allowed to speak of in public, she also told him those required to be kept secrets, which includes the decisions and arrangements made by the executives. As a personal assistant to the general manager, Zhou Tong was able to acquire first-hand information.

How Zhou Dong did it was brilliant; not only she was able to gain Pang Jing Dong’s trust by telling him all these information, but the way she presented felt like she was just mentioning them carelessly, instead of spreading the confidential secrets on purpose, so she would avoid getting herself into trouble even if something happened.

Zhou Tong would always address Pang Jing Dong as “Mr. Pang”, either as a joke or it was some kinds of hint towards him. Either way, Pang Jing Dong had gotten used to it.

Pang Jing Dong directed his sight towards Zhou Tong and asked, “Your honor secretary, why are you lurking around instead of working in your office?”

Anyone would love to hang out with a beautiful lady; Pang Jing Dong too was not excepted. Nevertheless, Pang Jing Dong understood that even though Zhou Tong liked to lurk around in the company, but she would only do it when she was free. She is usually the busiest around this time, so she would only be here now if she has something important to say.

“Don’t you know I’m worried about you!” answered Zhou Tong while intentionally lowering her body, so that Pang Jing Dong’s line of sight was able to explore deeper. Light blue it is, thought Pang Jing Dong who was referring to the color of the bras that she was wearing today.

“You should keep it until my farewell party!” Pang Jing Dong said with a calm and self-deprecating tone.

“The new boss in charge came today and held a meeting early in the morning announcing that every department would undergo some changes. Something about firing employees with deficient performance, while hiring new talents to replace the vacancy.”

“I knew this would happen one day, and it basically would mean a reform for the company!”

“Besides that, ……” Zhou Tong paused her sentence before continuing, “The discipline of the workers is also being emphasized; the company would not allow its employees to be late to work or to skip work without appropriate reasons.”

Pang Jing Dong nod his head, “This is what you expected when working in a personal business!”

The company Pang Jing Dong was working, for now, was a real estate enterprise, or to be precise, a real estate developer. It was once under the council’s construction department, which gave the company an advantage of being a monopoly, but in return had caused some problems such as having too many employees and the decrease in efficiency.

Pang Jing Dong did not have the chance to enjoy the good old days of the company, even before he got his job, the structure of the company was modified.

To compete with enterprises from the same industry, plus there was not any conflict between the ownership of the company, the reform of the organization took place without any problem. It happened so quickly that some of the employees had just heard about the reform from external sources when the change was completed.

The company became a privately funded enterprise, which reentered the market with a renewed status. It was evident that investors of the company were trying to make more money, instead of doing charity works, that was why the Reformation was needed. Those who were getting paid without committing to their duties would inevitably be heavily impacted by it.

In summary, comparing to the regular employees like Pang Jing Dong, the executives of the company were more worried about the reformation. When the company was still under the government, their positions were equivalent to the ranks of the officers working for the country; as an example, for those who were managers at the company, their equivalent level would be the chief of a government department. However, after the Reformation, there were now merely regarded as enterprise workers. Therefore, those who had alternative plans had already left the company, while those who had no choice, could only await the arrival of the business’s new owner.

Even though it did not matter much to Pang Jing Dong, it was still the first day the new boss arrived at the company, and because “a new broom sweeps clean”, the unlucky Pang Jing Dong had a high chance to be fired as a warning to the other employees about the consequence of being disorganized and late to work all the time.

Pang Jing Dong, on the other hand, was very quiet; his focus was all on Zhou Tong who was wearing a short miniskirt, with sheer leggings on her chubby legs, causing an itchy feeling in his heart.

“Get me a cup of water!” Pang Jing Dong handed his cup to Zhou Tong and said with a smile.

“You’re so lazy!” despite saying that, Zhou Tong still made her way towards the water dispenser.

It was located opposite to Pang Jing Dong’s desk, so when Zhou Tong was walking to it, Pang Jing Dong could thoroughly observe her.

As expected, when Zhou Tong was getting the water, she slightly bent forward; thus making the mini skirt more exposed, which revealed her sexy ass, without any sign of clothing.

“She must be wearing a Tibet!” exclaimed Pang Jing Dong while drinking the water from Zhou Tong.

They were about to chat when Zhou Tong saw Wang Wei Tong walking towards them, so she gave Pang Jing Dong a grimace before leaving him.

Wang Wei Tong did not know what else to say to Pang Jing Dong, he only shook his head, and left him a piece of advice, “Take good care of yourself!”

Pang Jing Dong was then confident that he would have a change in his job soon enough, so he decided to make use of his last day at the company, to pay a visit to other departments, as he was still unfamiliar with the enterprise.

The most popular topic among the employees was the bank robbery which occurred the day before; all kinds of rumors were spreading around.

The police had confirmed that five robbers were found dead due to infighting between themselves, and was trying their best to find the remaining two.

Pang Jing Dong was pleased with himself, none of you would have guessed who the guy that killed the three robbers is!

It was done without a single trace, entirely hiding my identity, I’m such an expert!

Of course, there are a lot of so-called “experts” nowadays, so it’s not even outstanding anymore.

 If you are not fond of someone, just hired a random person and came up to him and curse the shit out of him, and you could still be your “good guy” in front of that person, while mocking him in your thoughts, how would you know that it was actually me behind the cursings?

As for the arrival of the new boss, no one would discuss it in public. Instead, they would be gossiping it among their circles.

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