Special Forces King – Ch 4

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Chapter 4

Do You Know What is Hooliganism?

From what Jing Ling Ling had experienced, not long after she became a criminal investigator, she understood how different reality was when compared to her expectation. The scenes she saw in the foreign movies and TV series, were too rare to be spotted in the modern society.

As a matter of fact, even the TV shows in her country about cops and gangsters were not filmed according to realistic situations. Some cops had not fired more than a few gunshots in their whole lives, as there were only a few operations that the cops would need to be armed, not to mention driving around the city in pursuit of criminals, or having intense gunfights with the gangsters.

The bank robbery that Pang Jing Dong got dragged into was, in fact, the most tragic case since the city was built.

There were other severe cases, lots of them, but most of the time the cops cracked the cases with intelligence, not violence.

Every time a case was solved, it would need a lot of contribution from the regular police force to conduct patrols and investigations, and at the same time to compose huge piles of legal reports and documents for the case. It was not only dull and boring, but also incredibly exhausting. This kind of work was what Jing Ling Ling could not withstand.
On the other hand, even if the operation were to arrest some serious criminals, the sergeant would not dare to send Jing Ling Ling out on an adventure; thus he had no idea how to deal with Jing Ling Ling.

The least he could do was assigning two mature and experienced officers, to look after her while she went patrolling on the street undercover. The sergeant had no hope for her to crack any cases; instead, he only wished she would not be in any trouble.

Besides that, the sergeant even considered, that in order to fulfill Jing Ling Ling’s wishes of solving some cases, he would find some thugs to pretend to be perverts and appeared to be stumbled upon by her, so she could beat them up.

After patrolling on the street for a while, having such a boring task was driving Jing Ling Ling crazy. She had waited so long that until the day before, a severe incident finally took place, but as her abdomen was too painful from her menstruation cycle, that she took a day off, and missed out on the bank robbery.

Despite that, Jing Ling Ling was unwilling to give up, so she came back to the crime scene and to do some patrols, trying to discover some clues, but ended up witnessing how Pang Jing Dong was “rescuing” a lady. In that instant, she thought to herself that even though she could not find any trace of criminals, arresting a pervert was better than nothing, which was why she interfered.
If it were not due to the bank robbery that alerted the police force, the other two officers would not carry pistols on them. As they saw that Jing Ling Ling was having trouble, they went up and suppressed Pang Jing Dong without hesitation.

The sergeant assumed Jing Ling Ling could only catch some perverts somehow but had never expected that she did manage to arrest one someday.

The group had arrived back at the criminal department, and Jing Ling Ling, feeling proud and joyful, reported back to the sergeant, “I arrested a pervert!”

The sergeant simply asked some questions about the situation and roughly understood what had happened, but he did not want to extinguish Jing Ling Ling’s working passion, thus with a wry smile and a shaking head, he ordered the two cops, “Just take some notes of their confessions!”, and left the place.
Following the procedures, Pang Jing Dong and the lady were interrogated separately. The lady had no idea if Pang Jing Dong had any evil intention, but she did mention about the burning cigarette’s end.

Not sure to say if Pang Jing Dong was lucky, or the lady was, the cigarette’s end was only dropped on top of the brassiere, which burnt it by a bit, and so the lady was not hurt at all; thus Pang Jing Dong did save some medical expenses.

After the interrogation, the two records were compared and had no conflict with each other. The cops handling the case then realized, that it was just a misunderstanding, and could not even be considered as the most common civil dispute.

Nevertheless, Jing Ling Ling would not let it go, and demanded, “Accuse him of hooliganism!”

This made Pang Jing Dong mad, and asked Jing Ling Ling, “Do you know what is hooliganism?”

“Err…….” Pang Jing Dong asked the perfect question, as Jing Ling Ling did not learn anything about the statute, she only knew the terminology but did not understand its meaning.

“Let me tell you; hooliganism includes fist brawling among a group of gangsters in the public, trying to rise up conflicts, harassing women or doing any perverted actions, disrupting the order of the society, or any behavior that will disturb the community. According to hooliganisms characteristics, it must be intentional. When compared to other criminal motives, it does not involve personal benefits or any kinds of materialistic benefits, but instead, it is a sign of ignoring the constitution of the country or to satisfy some despicable desires. These are the main characteristics of hooliganism and are also the main reasons to accuse someone of hooliganism. However, after the new constitution was declared in 1997, this accusation was got rid of.”

“Genius!” Jing Ling Ling could not believe what she just listened. She was even more convinced that Pang Jing Dong should be arrested so that he could use his incredible knowledge of the law to brainwash all the detained criminals.

The cops beside them agreed what Pang Jing Dong said was right, but they would not allow their own kind to be looked down upon, and said, “However your actions can be classified as sexual harassments!”

“First of all, you guys have no evidence to prove that I’m sexually harassing her; Secondly, among our country’s criminal laws, there is nothing directing at how to deal with sexual harassments.”
The cops then went silent and looked helplessly at Jing Ling Ling. Jing Ling Ling tried to come up with something, and asked, “You said that you didn’t intentionally throw the cigarette’s end into her shirt, but I don’t buy it, how could the timing and the landing be so precise? It is obvious that you did it on purpose!”

Without mercy, Pang Jing Dong snapped, “At the time, I was flickering it backward! Unless do you suggest that your eyes are located at the back of your head? Mine’s not, so I didn’t see her! If we are to talk about luck, those who bought lotteries would have a chance to get 5 million dollars, how about that?” With a brief pause, Pang Jing Dong continued, “That being said, if this lady assumes that my actions have threatened her personal safety, she could sue me in court, and ask for compensations, or even lodge a report at the police station, and I am willing to take responsibility for what I have done. Nonetheless, this sort of case is not supposed to be taken care of by the criminal department.”

Jing Ling Ling approached the lady, and asked, “Do you want to sue him?”

The lady looked around the room, and shook her head, “Don’t worry about it, I believe that he didn’t do it on purpose!”

Hearing the answer, Jing Ling Ling felt that her “lifetime criminal case” that she had dreamed of a long time was slowly flying out of her grasp, but she would not give up so easily, so she tried to convince the lady, “You must be brave to fight against the unlawful, as what he has done had harmed you indeed! Don’t be scared if he would get back at you, we will protect your safety at all cost!”
“But I really don’t want to sue him!” The lady shook her head again, and said helplessly, “I am actually in a rush! If there is nothing else, can I leave now?”

The lady had no intention to complicate things, to begin with, and what Jing Ling Ling just said, had actually convinced her in the opposite way. At this stage, Jing Ling Ling knew by heart that there was no point to continue dragging the case, so she could only snap at Pang Jing Dong with hatred, “You won’t be so lucky next time, I hope that you won’t fall into my hands again!”
“We’ll see! or should I say, it won’t happen until the next life!”

After leaving the criminal department, while the lady was walking past Pang Jing Dong in a rush, he said to her, “Sorry, I didn’t mean it!”

“No worries!” The lady answered. She was about to continue walking, when Pang Jing Dong said, “But you should thank me instead, I did do you a favor!”

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