Special Forces King – Ch 3

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Chapter 3

The Unfortunate Encounter

As the scream ended, Pang Jing Dong felt a sense of danger coming from his right. He quickly leaped backward, evaded a right uppercut from the stranger, and immediately yelled out, “Wait, listen to me!”

The punch was from a lady who was wearing a pair of jeans, with an average height and a perfect physique. On her egg-shaped face, she had a cold and stern expression, a beauty with an icy aura. In Pang Jing Dong’s opinion, her body ratio was just perfect. The first lady who he has mistaken as an “ashtray” looked like a model, but she was a bit too tall and too skinny for him; whereas for this other “superwoman” who threw a punch at him, a bit taller would be too tall, but a bit shorter would be too short; (and skin tone wise,) a bit fairer would be too fair, but a bit darker would be too dark.

P.S. – The phrase “a bit taller would be too tall, but a bit shorter would be too short; a bit fairer would be too fair, but a bit darker would be too dark” was a quote from the writing “The Lecherous Thief” by Song Yu, a writer from the Chu Dynasty during the Warring States era. It basically describes the perfect height and skin tone of a gorgeous woman.

While Pang Jing Tong was still thinking about the quote from Song Yu’s “The Lecherous Thief”, the “superwoman” replied, “Why would I listen to what a pervert have to say, come with me to the police station!”

Pang Jing Dong was not the friendliest person due to his past experiences, or in other words, he was never a good-tempered guy. As the “Superwoman” was talking harshly to him, he was not happy at all, “Do you even know what actually happened? You simply came and accused me! You better ask the lady what the situation was!”

The fact was, Pang Jing Dong did not expect the lady to clarify what he had done, as it was impossible to actually justify his action on the spot. If the lady assumed that she was being sexually harassed, then it would be useless to explain himself. However, the lady was still stunned by what just happened, and remained speechless, staring blankly at them.

Pang Jing Dong clenched his teeth, and decided to go all in, “So what if I’m being a pervert! If you don’t mind, I will have to excuse myself!”

“Don’t you dare run away, come with me to the police station!” The “Superwoman” dashed at him and tried to grab his collar.

Pang Jing Dong was speechless, even though it was known that the society had become cold-blooded, but surprisingly he himself actually met someone that stood firmly by justice, and not only had mistaken him as a criminal but was stubborn to serve justice at the same time. Pang Jing Dong answered in a cold voice, “Don’t you assume that I will not hit a woman!”

In the meantime, he dodged sideways from her grab and pushed the “superwoman” lightly on her back. She stumbled and took a few steps forward, before managing to stabilize herself.

Pang Jing Dong examined his surroundings, within the period he was having a conflict with the “superwoman”, the crowd had already gathered around him.

Our beloved people exhibited a good behavior, that they loved to poke their nose around, even if it might bring danger and risk. As long as something was attracting enough, they would forget about their own safety, and even brought people around them to spectate it. Now, a guy had just sexually molested a beautiful lady and then was having a fight with another gorgeous lady. This kind of rare incident was impossible to remain unnoticed. The working crowd totally forgot about their work, while the retired elders also forgot what they were planning to do. Everyone had gathered around them.

Pang Jing Dong knew that he could not waste his time anymore, being late to work was nothing too serious, but attracting so much attention from the crowd was definitely not the most ideal thing to do. Therefore, after seeing that the “Superwoman” was not injured, he cupped his fist at her and said, “If there is nothing else, I would like to excuse myself. I will apologize to you soon enough.”

Pang Jing Dong was about to turn and leave when he felt two icy cold objects touching his waist. According to his experience, he identified them as two pistols.

“Don’t move!” A cold voice was heard.

Pang Jing Dong glanced at the direction of the voice and saw two armed middle-aged men.

The “Superwoman” came right in front of Pang Jing Dong, and proudly presented her identification with a swift movement, then ordered the two men, “Escort him back to the police station!”

“She is a cop! No wonder.” Even though the lady was quick in her action, Pang Jing Dong was still able to recognize her police badge, which wrote “Jing Ling Ling, Third-grade Police Officer”.

Pang Jing Dong was puzzled; based on what he knew about the ranking system, a Third-grade police officer could only be in the system for not longer than four years. On the other hand, looking at the two middle-aged men, with their current age they should be at least Second-grade police inspectors, but why were they following the orders of this young and naïve girl?

If Pang Jing Dong knew someone within the police network, it was not hard to acquire information about Jing Ling Ling’s identity, as she was the precious daughter of the secretary of the council’s police force. Although there were a lot of Third-grade police officers, but even when vice-secretaries were included in the counting, there were only a few secretaries within the council’s police force, and there was only one that had a daughter.

Jing Ling Ling’s father worked hard right from the bottom, started in a local police station to the district’s police force, and to the current council’s police force. He had come a long way, and even before taking his current position as the secretary, he was well known within the police network. In other words, Jing Ling Ling grew up among the cops, and those who had been in the police force for years, we could say that they had all witnessed how she had grown up.

These two men beside Jing Ling Ling, if judging plainly according to their ranks, they were actually seniors to her. However, regardless of the fact that they might be elder or higher in rank than her, Jing Ling Ling was still the secretary’s daughter, so who would dare to disobey her? In fact, they were more worried that the little devil might get hurt, and if that happened, they would not know how to report to their secretary.

If so, why was Jing Ling Ling now appearing in front of Pang Jing Dong? This was not a mere coincidence!

Normally, it was quite common for the descendants of a police officer to join the force too. However, in most cases, the reason for taking the job was because it was considered a relatively good occupation, plus it was hard to find some other sustainable jobs nowadays. Even so, it was different for Jing Ling Ling’s case, as she joined because she was sincerely passionate for the job.

As a matter of fact, Jing Ling Ling’s father had been a cop for his whole life, and he knew exactly how difficult it was to be one. He was not willing to see her precious daughter suffer after joining the force. With his influence as the secretary of the council’s police force, finding a decent job for his daughter was incredibly easy. However, she insisted on wearing the police uniform, and his father had no choice but to agree with it.

It was even more interesting that Jing Ling Ling herself should be familiar with what the cops do all the time, but in her memories when referring to the police, apart from her father’s busy routine and tiring body from work, the remaining part that she could remember was watching western movies about cops and gangsters.

Jing Ling Ling was preciously pampered by those around her since she was young, so she could be considered a spoiled child. She always had the desire to live an exciting life, which was why she joined the police force. After becoming a member of the police, her dad made a wrong arrangement for her, which almost gave her an opportunity to fulfill her own desires.

In other people’s opinions, Jing Ling Ling’s father should have given her a position in the council’s police force, which would make her work relatively easier and have a good pay, plus it would be easier for him to look after her as well. However, the rules and regulations for the servants of the country had some restrictions for one’s relatives, which prohibited Jing Ling Ling from working directly under her father’s supervision.

Hence, Jing Ling Ling’s father being a leader within the council’s police force, would not oppose the rules by any chance, thus sending Jing Ling Ling to the primary level, working in the local police station. That being said, he still tried his best to look after his daughter, so instead of letting her work as a registrar police, he arranged Jing Ling Ling to work as a criminal police which had a better pay, but it turned out to be what Jing Ling Ling had always dreamed of, the perfect place to fight against the criminals.

However, this decision gave the sergeant in the criminal police department a huge headache. Anyone having to face the secretary’s precious daughter who always demanded to be in charge so that she could crack some huge cases would surely have a headache.

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