Special Forces King – Ch 29

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Hey guys, XephiZ here.

Sorry for the MIA for the past few weeks. This series is not dropped by any chance. I was too busy with my study and other commitments. Sorry for not giving a heads up beforehand.

Rest assured, I will not drop SFK so easily so do continue to support and enjoy it. =D Keep in mind that I’ll be releasing new chapters quite slowly before my semester ends around November.

Chapter 29

The ‘Highland’ in Everyone’s Heart


Jing Ling Ling appeared to be embarrassed, “But, I didn’t do anything…”

“You grew up in a peaceful and civilized environment, but in your first encounter of such a dangerous situation, you reacted extremely well. Hence, this badge is the compliment toward your bravery; it’s also your ‘Third Highland’, you should hold firmly onto it.”

In the end, Jing Ling Ling took the badge back and played around with it in her hands; she treated it preciously, as if it was a limited edition Armani diamond ring which her boyfriend gave her.

“Treating honor preciously, is an essential characteristic of being a soldier!” Pang Jing Dong thought in his mind.

“I hope, I will receive a badge with my own capabilities next time.”

“So how did they deal with vice-captain’s ‘sacrifice’?” Pang Jing Dong asked.

“As what you’ve predicted before, no one knows the truth. After his son returned to his mother’s side, he’s been crying all day, unable to say anything useful.”

“I’m only concerned if the vice-captain had been given the glory he deserved; even though he betrayed us, but…” Pang Jing Dong’s turned down his volume and said, “Everyone had made mistakes before!”

Jing Ling Ling was not concerned if Pang Jing Dong had something in his mind after saying such lament; she was more interested in other stuff, “Living at the First Garden means that you are quite wealthy, but how come there’s no butler at your mansion? You have to attend the guests yourself! Besides that, why don’t you own a car?”

Pang Jing Dong smilingly answered, “Same as the others, I do enjoy my luxurious life, as I can afford to do so. However, on the other hand, I prefer to be live an ordinary life. Therefore, with these two life goals contradicting with each other, a balance in the middle is preferable. For your first question, I can tell you that I like to be alone when I’m home, and I’m not fond of being disturbed. As for the second question, if I desire something, even if it’s not the best, but the quality must be satisfying; thus it would be too eye-catching if an ordinary employee like me is driving a luxury car to work every day.”

“Oh, you like being low-key, right?” Jing Ling Ling had the habit of nodding her head in big motion when she learned of something new; it was quite adorable.

“Any other questions?” Pang Jing Dong asked.

“Why are you willing to be an ordinary employee?”

“I do hope that you stop insisting on asking this question!” Pang Jing Dong said as he took a sip from the glass, “I just want to be an ordinary man, and avoid having the life I once had. It’s likely that many think that the battleground is ‘romantic’ and fascinating. However, from what I had experienced, it was instead filled with pungent smoke and stacks of ammunition… and also, the terror of death!”

“Then you shouldn’t tell anyone your past!”

“I didn’t!” Pang Jing Dong twisted his lips slightly, as if he immersed in his thoughts, and continued after hesitating for a while, “I’m not sure why I chose to tell you my past!”

“Maybe it’s fate!” Jing Ling Ling smiled mischievously.

“Maybe it was also to prove my innocence!” Pang Jing Dong frowned his eyebrows slightly, and begged the cop who had always wanted to arrest him, “Please help me to keep it a secret!”


It did not seem like Pang Jing Dong and Jing Ling Ling were enemies with each other; this time, they enjoyed each other’s company, as they had learned more about each other’s background. Pang Jing Dong realized Jing Ling Ling was not as ruthless as he thought, and Jing Ling Ling found out that Pang Jing Dong was not a wanted criminal at loose.

The two continued to chat for a long time before leaving. When the bill came, Pang Jing Dong initially wanted to pay it, but he withdrew his hand after reminding himself of the troubles this lady had brought him.

Upon leaving the private dining room, Shen Jia Yao’s voice was heard from behind, “Ling Ling, you’re here too?”

“Sister Yao Yao!” Jing Ling Ling saw Shen Jia Yao after turning around, and immediately sprang forward leaning onto her while wrapping her hands around Shen Jia Yao’s neck.

“Do we seriously bump into each other right here?!” Pang Jing Dong was speechless about the encounter.

Pang Jing Dong was not astonished at seeing Shen Jia Yao and Jing Ling Ling being close to each other. The kids of the rich and powerful cadres would know each other quite easily, or even be close to each other. The interactions between these second generation kids, were how their fathers communicate with each other in secret. The cooperation between businessmen and cadres, were difficult to be handled personally by themselves; thus these second generations would come in handy at times, or with the help from their wives.

“Is this your boyfriend?” Shen Jia Yao smilingly asked Jing Ling Ling while looking at Pang Jing Dong.

“No way…” Jing Ling Ling blushed slightly, while asking Shen Jia Yao in return, “He’s an employee of your company, don’t you know him?”

Pang Jing Dong was not fond of comparing women; every woman stood out in different ways, the key was to know and discover these differences, which was also dependent on one’s preference.

However, when Shen Jia Yao and Jing Ling Ling stood side by side, it was difficult to avoid the contrast between them. Jing Ling Ling was naive and adorable, with a lively personality; Shen Jia Yao appeared to be more mature, steady and elegant, who at times would emit a naive feeling from her eyebrows, causing Pang Jing Dong to have a nostalgic feeling.

Before Shen Jia Yao could answer, a man’s voice interrupted, “Your Sister Yao Yao has a lot of subordinates; how is it possible for her to remember all of them?” As the voice ended, a pleasure seeker in his suit approached the group.

The fact was, it was not accurate to refer the man as a pleasure seeker, which normally would refer to the rich second generations who did nothing useful apart from wasting their time to have fun all the time. However, the man before them was personable, with an indescribable pleasant manner in his gestures. The frameless spectacles positioned on his nose, made him feel like a scholar to the others, even though he appeared to be relatively young.

“Oh, Mr. Chen it is!” Jing Ling Ling did not appear to be pleasant upon seeing the guy.

“Ling Ling, you look adorable today!”

Jing Ling Ling was unaffected by the compliment, who asked, “Why are you together with Sister Yao Yao?”

“It’s my utter pleasure to invite Sister Yao Yao, such an attractive and outstanding lady to a dinner!”

“Or maybe you are just a toad wanting to eat some swan meat!”

Mr. Chen did not appear to be bothered by the obviously ironic words, who continued to have a polite smile on his face and said, “Even though we haven’t seen each other in a long time, Ling Ling still likes to crack out some jokes!”

Jing Ling Ling pout her lips and said in a low tone, “It wasn’t a joke!”

Mr. Chen pretended to not hear the words, who turned toward Shen Jia Yao and said, “Yao Yao, let me send you home!”

“There’s no need for that! I have some other stuff to attend to!” Shen Jia Yao rejected the offer.

“That’s fine! See ya! Wish you two gorgeous ladies have a fun time together!” Mr. Chen left immediately. Even though he appeared to be a gentleman with his manner, but he had never acknowledged the presence of Pang Jing Dong since they met, not to mention giving him a polite greeting.

Pang Jing Dong was not bothered at all, nor would he feel awkward, as he never desired to be acknowledged. Besides that, Pang Jing Dong was not fond of this ‘playboy’ Mr. Chen. He was quite disgusted at his disguised words and behavior.

“Sister Yao Yao, why would you eat dinner with Mr. Chen?” Jing Ling Ling said unpleasantly after seeing Mr.Chen left.

“There’s no valid reason to reject someone’s offer of treating you a dinner; besides, I’ve got some business to discuss with him.”

“I’ve told you many times that this Mr. Chen was no good person.”

“Any evidence for that?” Shen Jia Yao asked smilingly.

“I would be arresting him if I’ve got the evidence!” After hesitating for a while, Jing Ling Ling grabbed Pang Jing Dong’s arm and said, “Sister Yao Yao, let me introduce you someone!”

“No need for that! Pang Jing Dong was a well-received employee in my company!” Shen Jia Yao withdrew her smile and said with a seemingly cold tone.

“Oh, I knew he would be an awesome one!”

“Can I borrow your boyfriend for a while?”

“He’s not my boyfriend…” Jing Ling Ling had not recovered from the blush just now, whose face turned even redder. Despite that, she was quite curious of Shen Jia Yao’s intention, “What’s this about?”

“There’s some business with the company to be handled, we’ll be done shortly!”


After saying goodbye to Jing Ling Ling, Pang Jing Dong entered Shen Jia Yao’s car, who said to him, “Professor Chen gave me a call just now, saying that Chen Lu at his place and I should pay them a visit. Since you’re here, you should go too.”

“Is Mr.Chen interested in you?” Pang Jing Dong asked.

Shen Jia Yao ignored Pang Jing Dong’s question and said, “We should get more details about the incident from Chen Lu, and come up with a good plan to deal with the problem.”

Pang Jing Dong continued to press on the initial topic, “Mr. Chen seems like an outstanding guy!’

“In my opinion, if we want to solve this matter completely, I’m afraid we can’t rely solely on the laws.”

“How long have you guys been together!”

After a long pause, Shen Jia Yao stepped hard on the brake and parked the car on the side of the road. She turned to Pang Jing Dong and said word by word, “When Mr. Chen and I came out from dinner, we saw you and Jing Ling Ling together. So I told Mr. Chen that you and I grew up together, but there’s one thing I have to say, is that no one would expect you to behave like this today.”

“What’s your thoughts on Mr. Chen?” Pang Jing Dong turned around and glanced at the pedestrians on the street, with no intention to look at Shen Jia Yao.

“I didn’t ask why you and Jing Ling Ling were together.” Shen Jia Yao restarted the engine after saying this.

Not a single word was spoken after, until they arrived at Professor Chen’s house.

After entering the house, Shen Jia Yao introduced Pang Jing Dong to Professor Chen and said, “He had solved many difficult problems in the past, so I’ve told him everything; maybe he can help us to think of a good way to deal with it.”

“Oh! Pang Jing Dong, with the nickname Happy, right?” Professor Chen shook hands with Pang Jing Dong and said joyfully.

“How did you know? Don’t tell me Yao Yao mentioned me a lot in front of you!” Pang Jing Dong was slightly embarrassed.

“Yeah, Yao Yao talked a lot about you when she was still studying; she even mentioned that you went overseas, and lost contact with you!” After a brief pause, Professor Chen asked, “When did you come back?”

“Not long ago!”

“Good to have you back!” Professor Chen said, and sighed helplessly.

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