Special Forces King – Ch 26

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Chapter 26

The Scars

“What did you do?” Doctor Di asked suspiciously.

“I cut myself! To make sure I’m wide awake!”

“You… Are you crazy?” Doctor Di shockingly looked at Pang Jing Dong.

“I hope you would give me the money; I’ll pretend nothing happened just now!”

“What? You nearly raped me, and now you are implying that nothing has happened, just like that?”

Pang Jing Dong knew Doctor Di would not give up easily. Hence, he picked up the towel from the living room and went back to Doctor Di. He then tore the towel into pieces and spread it before her.

Towels were usually quite thick; it would be difficult to tear with bare hands by ordinary people. Doctor Di stared blankly at the pieces while reminding herself the scene a while ago when the man before him turned into a beast. A sense of terror filled her heart.

“See that? If what happened continued, do you have any idea how it would turn out?!” Even though Pang Jing Dong was speaking with a smile, his eyes were cold. “Thus, you should thank me!”

Doctor Di raised her head and shivered when she made eye contact with Pang Jing Dong. Without hesitating, she went to her wardrobe and took an envelope out. She then took some money out and counted it, before giving it to Pang Jing Dong with trembling hands.

Pang Jing Dong counted the money which turned out to be exactly fifty thousand dollars. As he remembered he did not go easy on Doctor Di just then, he took out five thousand from it and returned it to Doctor Di, “This is your tips, for what happened just now!”

Doctor Di received the money; her hands did not stop shaking.

Pang Jing Dong said, “If there’s nothing else, I would be leaving now!”

Doctor Di rapidly nodded her head as if her life was just spared.

Pang Jing Dong arrived at the door and turned around. He looked at Doctor Di and smilingly said, “If you need help with anything, especially if you have some ‘desires,’ you’re welcome to look for me at Zheng Dong Company.”

Doctor Di did not say anything. She understood her own ‘value.’ Pang Jing Dong was generous to give her the ‘tips.’ Even if he did not give anything, there was nothing she could do.

After exiting the house, Pang Jing Dong gave Jing Ling Ling a callback, “How did you know my number?”

“Did you forget what my job is?”

“Did you find it through the Household Registration System? You’re abusing your power to invade my privacy!”

“If I were to write your number across the city in every corner while adding ‘Accreditation’ at the back, that would be invading your privacy!”

“If you did that, I would write your number close to every hospital and add “Selling kidneys” at the back; or close to the drug stores and add “Buying drugs”; or close to the hotels and write “For hookups” …”

“If you dare, I would call the urban management squad to deal with you!” If Jing Ling Ling were in front of Pang Jing Dong, he would see the corners of her lips were slightly lifted.

“We should not bother them with small stuff like this. They are busy maintaining world peace!” After pausing for a while, Pang Jing Dong asked, “Why were you calling me?”

“Are you busy with anything today?” Jing Ling Ling asked in return.

“Are you trying to treat me a meal?”

“I’m trying to treat you a meal. Are you willing to show up?”

Any ordinary man would not reject a beautiful lady’s invitation. Pang Jing Dong happily accepted the offer, “Sure. I’ll let you pick the place and the time!”

“What time do you finish work?”


“Ok, I’ll pick you up at your workplace!”

Initially, Pang Jing Dong did not want Jing Ling Ling to pick him up at the workplace; he was worried about rumors if someone were to see them together. However, Jing Ling Ling hung up the call straight after, not giving Pang Jing Dong any chance to say it.

As he had given Doctor Di five thousand dollars as tips, Pang Jing Dong had to cover up the difference with his own money. He then returned to his workplace, and the first person he bumped into was Ling Hong Tao.

Ling Hong Tao quickly grabbed Pang Jing Dong’s hand while thanked him non-stop. Pang Jing Dong gave him a smile and said, “Don’t mind, we’re colleagues!”

“For Doctor Di, simply go and ask her. If you could get it, then it’s the best, but if she rejects, don’t worry about it. I’m grateful for your willingness to help.”

“Oh, I’ve got the money back!”

“Ah?” Ling Hong Tao had his eyes wide open, who found what he had just heard unbelievable. “How did you manage to do it?”

Pang Jing Dong used the chance to flatter him, “Nothing much. I told her that my company’s manager is Ling Hong Tao, who has both black and white connections in the society. Maybe she knew your name, so she gave the money back after a brief hesitation.”

The name of Ling Hong Tao was indeed quite famous in the real estate field; Pang Jing Dong’s statement was not a bluff completely. However, Doctor Di was not scared by his name, if not she would have given the money ages ago. Therefore, Ling Hong Tao knew Pang Jing Dong was not telling the truth, but since everyone likes to be flattered, he did not deny it and humbly said, “You are overdoing it, bro, you’re the one that should get the credit for it! If not, I would have to pay the fifty thousand dollars myself!”

Pang Jing Dong looked at Ling Hong Tao while thinking, “This guy is indeed a cunning fox! It’s not only fifty thousand dollars you are worried about! If it was not done properly, you would not be so comfy in your position right now!” Ling Jing Dong decided to get some reward from, “Isn’t fifty thousand dollars nothing for Manager Ling?”

Ling Hong Tao did not answer the question directly but said, “Are you free tonight bro? I’ll be the host, let’s have some fun somewhere!”

“I will be occupied tonight. Let’s do it another day, I’ll arrange the time!”

“Err…” Ling Hong Tao hesitated for a while before saying, “Sure! You’re a busy man, another day it is! If you need any help from me, feel free to tell me! I would not think twice if I’m able to help!”

“This guy is just like Doctor Di!” Pang Jing Dong thought, “Keeps on calling me bro like we’re close buddies. Once I need some help from him, it would be surprising if he’s still so friendly!”

Pang Jing Dong initially wanted to give the money straight back to Shen Jia Yao, but too bad she was not there, she had returned to the main headquarters.

Zheng Dong Enterprise had a lot of sub-companies. During this period when Pang Jing Dong’s godfather was overseas, Shen Jia Yao was the person in charge. Therefore, it was impossible for her to put all the effort on the real estate company. She was only there because the company had just recently been bought by Zheng Dong Enterprise as a breakthrough in the real estate field, which meant there was a lot of work to be done.

After learning that Shen Jia Yao was not in, Pang Jing Dong decided to handle his personal affairs.

From his thorough consideration, Pang Jing Dong decided to invest in stock market. According to his behavior, he would not put effort into stuff that he did not understand. Hence, he had been doing some ‘homework,’ such as reading relevant books and articles, visiting the stock company to listen to people’s analysis, then try to learn something from it himself. From his observation, now was the right time to buy some stocks.

As Pang Jing Dong often visited the stock company just to observe without buying anything, his behavior caught the attention of an old man. When Pang Jing Dong once again appeared at the stock company, the old man came up to him, “Young lad, I saw that you came here almost every day, but you never bought any stock!”

“Hehe, I was trying to learn the basics before I started investing. Money does not drop from the wind, so I have to be careful.” Pang Jing Dong replied.

“What have you learned after these days?”

“The stock market is like a brothel.”


“The blue chips are like prostitutes who are still healthy, and still available for work; Those with their values declining are the ones taking too many customers, causing their health conditions to decline; The Special Treatment stocks are like prostitutes who were infected with sex diseases from their work; Star Special Treatment stocks are the prostitutes who even though had AIDS, still have customers making deals with them; Retired stocks are the ones who had died and unable to work anymore!”

Upon hearing this, the old man was stunned for a while, before letting out a loud laugh, “Such a creative young lad! A rude but meaningful comparison!”

After hearing the words from the old man, Pang Jing Dong realized his comparison was quite rude, who scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.

The old man asked again, “So which stock are you interested in buying?”

“Special Treatment – Fei Teng.”

“Didn’t you mention ST stocks are like prostitutes with sex diseases? Why are you willing to buy it?”

“Having sex diseases means good business, and good business means good capital.” After pausing for a while, Pang Jing Dong added, “Of course, I was just joking! From my observation, there was a huge sum of money being invested in this stock secretly at a very slow rate. Since the host has such patience, this indicates that the stock might have a rise in the future, maybe it has not been discovered yet. Even though it’s an ST stock, there are things in this world that you can’t predict. The ones that shouldn’t be happening always happen, and vice versa.”

“Young lad, that was impressive!” The old man nodded his head before saying, “There are two ways of analyzing the stock market: One is the surface analyzing, the other one is technical analyzing. What you shared just now was surface analyzing, how about the technical side?”

Pang Jing Dong replied with a smile, “Old man, I’m just a beginner. Since you’re here every day, I have to learn from your experience instead, why would I embarrass myself before you!”

“Ha! Please don’t say that, I might learn something from you too!”

“Then please forgive me if I said something wrong. I have noticed the value of the stock had risen due to the rebound of the stock market a while ago, but it started dropping slowly. At times, the short period Moving Average Line would go lower and intercept the death-crossing point of the long period Moving Average Line. If the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) Line were to form a death-crossing point, it would be a total of three crossing points, which is not a good timing to sell the stock.”

The old man nodded his head, “Please continue.”

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