Special Forces King – Ch 24

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Chapter 24 

The ‘Beautiful’ Doctor

Doctor Di nodded her head, “Sounds good!”

“But we’re not charity! To be honest, your financial status is none of our business. If you’re able to afford a horse, you should be able to afford the saddle too. If you have some financial crisis, then you should not have requested a luxurious renovation from us.” Upon saying this, Pang Jing Dong raised his volume, “Being poor is not a big deal. Not everyone is rich. However, please do not pretend to be rich!”

Pang Jing Dong was saying this to embarrass Doctor Di in front of her colleagues. However, as people always said, “A shameless one is undefeatable.” Not only Doctor Di did not feel embarrassed in front of her colleagues, but her voice also turned a pitch higher when she said, “So what if I don’t have the money?”

“If that’s the case, I’ll go with you to your house and see if there’s anything worthy enough to cover the cost!”

“You… You are a robber!”

“Paying the debts you owe, there’s nothing wrong about that!”

“Fine! Looks like you gave me no choice! I’m warning you, if you insist on doing so, you better be careful!” As she finished her sentence, she picked up the notebook on her desk and threw it at Pang Jing Dong.

Pang Jing Dong’s had an incredibly fast response time; as the notebook was approaching him, he chopped it with his hand which reflected the notebook onto Doctor Di’s face.

The notebook was used to record details of the inspections of the wads. It had a hard-plastic cover on it. The impact was quite powerful, causing one corner of Doctor Di’s forehead to be swollen. The pungent woman became even more shameful, who sat down on the floor and cried, “Help! Life is at stake. The triad is trying to kill me to collect debts!”

From what had happened, Pang Jing Dong definitely understood how Ling Hong Tao had a headache collecting the debt. It was also his first time of meeting such a shameful person. After thinking for a while, he decided not to say anything and stayed a distance away from Doctor Di, watching her ‘performance’.

After crying for a while, Doctor Di yelled at her colleagues, “Quick, call the police!” Despite that, her colleagues pretended not to hear a thing, who left the room when it was their turns for work.

Upon seeing this, Doctor Di realized there was no point in continuing it. She wiped her face and rose from the floor. The tears which were initially flowing out like a waterfall were gone in an instant. She said to Pang Jing Dong, “You’ve injured me. You should compensate for it!”

“Aren’t you a doctor yourself? Treat it yourself!” Pang Jing Dong looked at her smilingly, while emitting a force with his right hand onto one of the desk’s corners, which snapped immediately.

Doctor Di was rooted to the ground after witnessing it. She thought to herself, if Pang Jing Dong were to do something to her, she would either be dead or disabled. No point of thinking about the compensation, neither she had the guts to ask him to compensate for the desk as it belonged to the company. Doctor Di could only use her shamelessness once again, “I don’t have the money…”

Pang Jing Dong threw the piece of the desk he snapped into the bin and said, “If I don’t get the money today, I won’t leave!”

“Are you trying to be unreasonable?”

Pang Jing Dong could tell the woman did not have a good relationship at her workplace, so he was less worried as his tone turned stiffer, “Isn’t it more unreasonable to not pay your debt? Let me be honest with you. We prefer peaceful measures before we are forced to be harsh. I came here politely today to ask for your payment, but it would not be the same again tomorrow!”

“You dare to threaten me?!”

“So what if I’m threatening you? No one heard it except us two. It looks like your colleagues don’t even care about you! Even if you have found a witness and record what I just said, I don’t really care! You can try and call the police too, and let’s see what the outcome would be?” Pang Jing Dong said while giving Doctor Di a wry smile, “Our company is not just a small renovation business. I believe you clearly understand our background and power. To keep it simple, you have found yourself a wrong debtor.”

These words from Pang Jing Dong had successfully triggered a frightening effect.

Doctor Di did know the power of the company, and the fact that company like this would have some connection with the triad. She did not mean to avoid the payment; she was just unsatisfied with the quality of the renovation, except that she had expressed her disproval in the wrong way.

Besides that, there existed such type of people, who preferred to delay any payment as much as possible. For example, if the person has a hundred thousand dollars, he or she would not pay a fifty-thousand-dollar debt. The person would rather keep the money to him or herself and continue to be in debt as if this would allow the person to have a better sleep at night. Even if the payment had to be made, the person would drag it for a while longer; Doctor Di was the perfect example for the later type mentioned.

As Doctor Di learned that her tricks were not effective, she rapidly changed her expression and said to Pang Jing Dong, “Get out, I’m about to change! Then follow me to my place to get the money!”

After changing to plain clothes, Doctor Di led Pang Jing Dong to take the bus with her.

Initially, Pang Jing Dong was worried if she was planning something evil, causing him to hesitate if he should follow her back to her place. With further thought, he realized there was no other way. Plus, it was unlikely Doctor Di would try anything under the daylight. Even if she screamed and accused him of sexual harassment upon entering her house, she was the one who brought him in.

It was now the peak period for work; thus the bus was extremely crowded. Whenever there was a bump or movement from the passengers, Doctor Di would somehow press her body against Pang Jing Dong. It was at this moment that Pang Jing Dong took his time to carefully inspect the woman before him, who was giving him a coquettish feeling.

Doctor Di appeared to be in her thirties, with a height of around 160 cm and a plump body.

Although she was not considered to be pretty, her coquettish aura would be attractive in some men’s opinions, especially her large boobies and booties would cause them to have some imaginations.

She was wearing a low-cut T-shirt, exposing a deep cleavage between her large breasts, with a pair of jeans tightly wrapping her lower body, presenting the curves of her big booties while separating them into halves with an obvious line in the middle.

“What kind of doctor is this?” Pang Jing Dong thought in his mind.

In Pang Jing Dong’s opinion, even though the doctors nowadays were not angels in disguises, but at least they would be educated to some extent and would dress appropriately. How come this one looked more like a hooker? Perhaps Doctor Di brought a lot of profit to the hospital as the patients were busy admiring her sexy look and not willing to leave the hospital?

After they had got down from the bus, Doctor Di remained speechless and walked toward a tall building while shaking her butt. Pang Jing Dong was silent too, who followed her while keeping a distance.

Upon entering Doctor Di’s house, Pang Jing Dong was astonished by sight before him.

The house, with a surface area of around a hundred plus square meters, was luxuriously renovated. With just the 42-inches TV, the MacBook on the coffee table and the couch made with real leather in the living room, the sum of the market prices for these things would be at least thirty to fifty thousand dollars. How could she not have the money to pay?

Despite that, Pang Jing Dong was not actually surprised. Even though being a doctor would not have an impressive income, but the secretive gray-area income was a few multiples of her salary. With just a few simple operations, the money given by the patients directly to the doctor would be plenty for daily usage. It was unreasonable for a doctor to be poor.

“I’ll go and take a shower. I’m dirty from the night shift.” Doctor Di smiled coquettishly at Pang Jing Dong, “Do you want to shower together?”

Pang Jing Dong rejected politely, “No thanks! I’ve already showered!”

Doctor Di did not say anything else, who walked toward the bathroom.

After confirming there was not any danger around, Pang Jing Dong felt a bit more relaxed and thought, “Maybe she was trying to seduce me? But I can still handle it!”

To be honest, Pang Jing Dong had not touched a woman in a long time. It was inevitable for a man to have some sexual need. However, if he were to endeavor the coquettish piece of meat before him, he had to pay the price, which was not a rational choice for him.

The truth was, how many men were not lustful? Men being lustful could be classified into two categories: The ones showing it, or the ones concealing it; the ones taking actions, or the ones imagining it in their minds.

Being lustful was a common sexual and emotional need, why must it be concealed? Confucius once said, “Being lustful was common for humans.” He also said, “Sexual relationship between males and females, is one of the biggest lust for people!”

Pang Jing Dong was thinking about his work when he heard water pouring down. He walked toward the sound and realized Doctor Di did not lock the bathroom’s door; thus he simply stood there and peeked inside.

Doctor Di was washing her hair, with her back facing the door. Her body was completely exposed to Pang Jing Dong within the mist from the hot water.

Pang Jing Dong could even see the lines of the water flowing down her back and into the line between her butts.

Suddenly, Doctor Di turned around, causing Pang Jing Dong to be surprised and was about to hide before he realized Doctor Di’s eyes were closed as her face was covered in soap.

Pang Jing Dong took hold of the chance to inspect her front, as he saw her snowy white boobies standing firmly.

Too bad her stomach was a little bit bloating probably due to her age.

As Doctor Di was washing away the soap on her body, Pang Jing Dong knew she would be finishing her shower soon, so he went back to the living room.

A while later, Doctor Di who wrapped herself in a towel came out of the bathroom. The towel wrapped tightly around her breasts, while its length was just enough to cover her ass.

Someone once said that Chinese women were the most open-minded in the world. The way they use their towels served as a proof of the saying. There was a hot topic on the Internet about a female university student who went to the canteen for food while wrapping herself in a towel. It was not sure what she was thinking, but it was obvious that there was something fishy when a woman was first showering without locking her door, then being alone in a room with a male stranger.

“You really don’t want to take a shower?” Doctor Di said who sat opposite Pang Jing Dong while drying her hair with the towel. As she was sitting down, the towel was pulled upward from the motion, exposing more areas of her lower body. In the meantime, not sure if it was done on purpose, she spread her legs slightly.

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