Special Forces King – Ch 20

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Chapter 20


The vice-captain was wrong about one thing; the gun was not Pang Jing Dong’s, but it belonged to Jing Ling Ling initially.

“Never know you are good at something!” said Pang Jing Dong to Jing Ling Ling laughingly. “You must be experiencing a shock after the crash! Most people would have a slow reaction after such encounter!”

Jing Ling Ling did not take hold of the chance to brag about her skill. Instead, she asked worryingly, “Are you ok?”
Although Pang Jing Dong’s face was calm throughout the terrifying self-treatment process as if he was playing a game, his forehead covered in sweat and his occasionally trembling body were both hinting at Jing Ling Ling how much pain he was enduring.

“I’m fine!” Pang Jing Dong answered as if nothing just happened.

“Such a manly guy!” Looking at the man who she initially assumed to be a savage criminal, a sudden thought came up to her mind.

“What should we do now?” asked Jing Ling Ling.

It was common sense to assume Jing Ling Ling was asking the question to the vice-captain, as Pang Jing Dong being dragged into the situation was just a mere coincidence; he was not directly related to the incident. Furthermore, Pang Jing Dong was not under anyone’s order at the scene. This was exactly what the vice-captain thought, who answered, “We should think of a way to break through the enemy, then…”

The vice-captain stopped talking in a sudden when he realized a gun was sticking to the back of his head.

“What are you thinking?” asked Jing Ling Ling shockingly when she saw Pang Jing Dong pressing the gun at the vice-captain’s head.

Pang Jing Dong did not answer Jing Ling Ling’s question. Instead, he commanded the vice-captain, “Take it out!”

“Take what out?” The vice-captain appeared to be calm, but from his rapid-blinking eyes, Pang Jing Dong could tell his heartbeat was increasing.

“How would I know what the thing is! A GPS? A signal transmitter? A stalking device? The thing that is exposing our location to the enemy!”

“Pang Jing Dong, what is this bullshit? Vice-captain had worked many years in our team. He had received several awards from the government and our department. How is it possible that he is teaming up with the criminals?” said Jing Ling Ling as she pointed her gun at Pang Jing Dong and warned him, “Put your weapon down, or I’ll show no mercy!”

The room fell into a dead silence. Even though it was only ten plus seconds, the three felt like it had been three years.

The prisoner instantly knew what was going on. He realized that whatever action these three guys took would determine his fate. However, he could not do anything. He desperately wanted to slam hard at Pang Jing Dong, but his face was suffering extreme pain, and he felt like there was a one-ton boulder pressing down on his chest at where Pang Jing Dong’s kick landed. Whenever he tried to move, he would feel the blood flowing weirdly in his body, causing him to feel like vomiting blood.

“Who the hell is this guy?” The prisoner’s heart was filled with hatred.

Pang Jing Dong glanced at the prisoner and let out a cold laugh as he read his mind, “Trying to run? Now you know why I was beating the f**k out of you?”

The silence between the three came to an end when the vice-captain lowered his gun and let out a sigh before saying in a dull tone, “Ling Ling, I’m sorry. I’ve let you down. I’ve let your father down!”

“You!” Jing Ling Ling could not believe what she had just heard. She lowered her gun.

The vice-captain took a phone out from his pocket and threw it onto the ground before telling Pang Jing Dong, “Use that to call the police and ask for reinforcement!”

Pang Jing Dong picked up the phone while asking, “You were telling the enemy our location using text messages, am I right?”

“How could you do this? Do you still call yourself a police officer?  Aren’t you ashamed of wearing your uniform?” Jing Ling Ling raised her pistol in rage, except this time it was pointing at the vice-captain.

“I had no choice!” The vice-captain squeezed a smile and talked with a slow pace, “They kidnapped my son yesterday, forcing me to help them, or else…”

“Now is the chance to redeem yourself…”

“No! I can no longer face anyone after what I’ve done!” The vice-captain interrupted Jing Ling Ling, and with a firm expression, he continued, “My useless son is at my house, please save him! Ling Ling, I beg you to save my son!” After finishing the sentence, the vice-captain rushed outside with his gun.

The vice-captain’s action did not make the situation better. After a few gunshots, his body dropped heavily onto the ground.

“Come back! Come back!” Jing Ling Ling tried to stop him, but it was too late. She stared blankly at the corpse, tears running down her face as she mumbled, “Why… Why? Why did you do this?”

“He did it to end his life!” said Pang Jing Dong, who heaved a sigh.

“Why? Can’t he admit his fault and redeem himself?” Jing Ling Ling looked at Pang Jing Dong with teary eyes.

“But he had lost his honor as a cop!” He paused his sentence for a brief moment before continuing, “As a result, this was his way of admitting his wrong-doing.”

Jing Ling Ling stood up and attempted to rush out, but was pulled back by Pang Jing Dong, “What are you doing?”

“I want to save him. Maybe, he’s not dead yet!”

“Don’t be silly. A shot to the head and another one to the heart. No one could have survived that.”

Pang Jing Dong saw what had happened. The bullet penetrated the vice-captains brain, splattering a mix of blood and white brain liquid everywhere. The sight was eye-catching under the sunlight.

Jing Ling Ling stared blankly at the dead body which was turning stiff slowly, without saying a word.

“Stop thinking about it!” Pang Jing Dong threw the vice-captain’s phone to Jing Ling Ling, “Call for backups now!”

Jing Ling Ling immediately dialed the number and asked for assistance. Upon receiving the phone call, almost every available cop was told to rush to the scene at once.

For Jing Ling Ling, it felt long lasting just to wait for the arrival of the reinforcement. In comparison, Pang Jing Dong was enjoying himself.

Meanwhile, the criminals launched two other attacks at them but were both defeated by Pang Jing Dong. Although Pang Jing Dong was running low on ammo, he never missed a shot, killing three men with three bullets, not giving any chance to waste the bullets.

After that, the criminals tried to threaten them again, but the psychological tactic was completely useless against Pang Jing Dong, who even started to sing, “Dear beloved, spread your legs…”

Jing Ling Ling was terrified by the threats from the criminals outside while being confused by Pang Jing Dong’s singing. She asked with a troubled look, “What… What are you singing?”

“If we’re on a battlefield, what I’m doing would expose our location! However, it would be a disgrace to myself if I don’t humiliate this bunch of idiots!”


TL Note: The song which Pang Jing Dong was singing was a well-known romance song with modified lewd lyrics.

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