Special Forces King – Ch 19

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Chapter 19


Pang Jing Dong could not even be considered as an unofficial police officer. It was impossible for Jing Ling Ling’s lie to make sense.

From Pang Jing Dong’s soldier-like behaviors, it was more convincing to say he was from the military. However, Jing Ling Ling happened to come up with a stupid lie which would undoubtedly be exposed eventually.

The truth was, Jing Ling Ling’s intention was not to cover up Pang Jing Dong’s identity. Her attitude toward Pang Jing Dong would not have changed so rapidly in a short period. It was quite the opposite, as she was now more curious about Pang Jing Dong’s background, so she decided to find out everything about his identity by herself.

“Oh! Are you currently under training?!” The vice-captain nodded his head and said thoughtfully, “You’re still so young, your future must be bright!”

After a brief conversation, the few were in silence. Pang Jing Dong and Jing Ling Ling guarded the windows, while the vice-captain kept an eye on the prisoner in a corner.

“Idiot cops, you guys were being surrounded. Release our boss and your lives will be spared!” A harsh voice was heard, followed by two gunshots.

“Run!” Jing Ling Ling was about to rush toward the exit before Pang Jing Dong pulled her back.

“Don’t move first!” said Pang Jing Dong who kept his head down and walked around the room sticking to the wall, occasionally putting his ear onto the wall. He could hear slight movements on the other side of the walls. He returned to his spot before the window and told Jing Ling Ling, “Don’t move. We are being surrounded!”

“How did they find us so quick?”

“Filthy cops, hand over the prisoner!” The same harsh voice appeared again.

In that instant, the prisoner who had remained silent the whole time busted out laughing, “HAHAHAHA! Idiot cops! You guys are f**king dead!”

“Shut the f**k up!” Pang Jing Dong rushed toward the prisoner and threw a fist at the right side of his face. The punch was so powerful that the criminal’s face was swollen.

“Pfft!” The prisoner spat out a mouthful of blood onto the ground and stared at Pang Jing Dong with hatred, “I swear I’ll kill you!”

“You?” Pang Jing Dong threw another punch at him and glanced at him with an icy cold expression.

The criminal group’s leader had brought his gang to different parts of the country committing serious crimes; There were more than ten lives lost on his hand solely. There was a popular saying in the past, “even a devil is afraid of an ugly mug”. Even though most people were afraid of him, but this time, he was quick to surrender when facing Pang Jing Dong. It was because the criminal sensed Pang Jing Dong’s eyes to be fierce and malicious, while a ferocious and terrifying aura was felt from him, which gave the criminal an uneasy feeling. It was hard to describe the feeling, either verbally or with words.

The prisoner who had slowly softened his attitude looked at Pang Jing Dong with a dull expression. He had no idea what kind of person he was facing, to an extent he was shivering before Pang Jing Dong.

“I just wanted to live a peaceful life, and because of you m**therf**ker…” Pang Jing Dong raised his fist again.

Upon seeing this, the vice-captain tried to interfere, “Stop hitting him!”

Despite that, Pang Jing Dong chose not to obey and threw a kick at the prisoner’s chest.

“What are you doing? You are not allowed to hit the prisoner!” The vice-captain used all his might to pull Pang Jing Dong away.

Suddenly, a gunshot was heard from the outside. Pang Jing Dong felt an impact on his left shoulder, which was spurting blood. Pang Jing Dong face turned pale, with his consciousness fading away gradually. As he was falling to the ground, he saw two men trying to rush in from the window.

“Stop them…”

… …

Pang Jing Dong could tell that he was not experiencing a black-out; He still had a sense of consciousness. Lost in a stance, Pang Jing Dong felt like he was back at ‘The Third Highland’.

Many people would think the Delta Troops would launch their ambush at midnight; only Pang Jing Dong predicted it to happen at a different time, to give them a surprise. He was right as the Delta Troops suddenly appeared someday at dawn.

However, Pang Jing Dong made a mistake. He thought the enemies would drop from the air onto the Highland’s front and sides, which was not the case.

Behind ‘The Third Highland’ was a river full of twists. Its upstream was under the control of government’s army. The Delta Troops followed the flow of the river in rafts and appeared at the back of the highland.

Pang Jing Dong found his mistake when he was observing the river with his binoculars, and realized something was not right.

The river was clear and slow-flowing, with reflections of the trees on its two sides showing on the surface. Plants of unknown names were growing in bunches like shrubs sticking out from the water.

As Pang Jing Dong’s vision was moved onto the plants, he saw two of them moving slowly.

“Tim!” Pang Jing Dong called the recruit over, and said to him with a low voice, “Tell the others, to prepare for battle!”

“The Delta Troops?” Tim looked toward where Pang Jing Dong was looking at and found the disguised plants.

Pang Jing Dong nodded his head, “It could only be them!”

“The river shore was guarded by the Opposition’s army, why haven’t they been shooting at them? Is it because they haven’t found the enemy?”

Pang Jing Dong adjusted his binocular’s vision toward the Opposition’s camp and found the place was empty, not a single person was seen.

“They have retreated!” Pang Jing Dong let out a wry smile.

“What?” Tim looked at Pang Jing Dong with wide open eyes, finding it hard to believe what he had just heard.

“That’s right, they have retreated. We have been betrayed!”

“Then… Shall we withdraw too?” Tim sounded a bit panicked.

“Negative!” Pang Jing Dong shook his head and said with a despairing tone. “It’s too late now; we won’t make it! I guess we are being surrounded by the enemy!”

“What shall we do then?”

“Fight them ourselves, hold our ground on ‘The Third Highland’ and no turning back!” After pausing for a while, Pang Jing Dong continued in a firm tone, “Only if we succeed in defending this place, it’s our only chance to survive!”

“But if we are fighting for the Opposition, why would they betray us?”

“To minimize their casualties? Treat us as sandbags? Or maybe they have some sort of agreement with ‘Country M’? Only they would know the answer.” said Pang Jing Dong with a calm voice, but it was rumbling inside his heart. He had never expected to be betrayed.

… …

“Pang Jing Dong! Pang Jing Dong! Wake up! Wake up please!” Jing Ling Ling shouted continuously, trying to wake Pang Jing Dong up.

Pang Jing Dong opened his eyes and felt a sudden pain coming from his shoulder. He checked the wound and saw blood spurting out non-stop. Then, he scanned his surroundings and found two dead bodies lying outside the window. The vice-captain was staring ahead to keep an eye out.

“My skill’s getting worse…” Pang Jing Dong let out a wry smile and shook his head. He was ashamed that he had made such a silly mistake, exposing himself to the enemy outside of the window.

“What should I do!” Jing Ling Ling looked panicked. She wanted to treat Pang Jing Dong’s wound, but she had no clue how to do it.

Pang Jing Dong unbuttoned his shirt, exposing the wound. He then grabbed Jing Ling Ling’s pistol and took a bullet out from the clip. He removed the bullet’s head using his teeth and emptied the shell’s fire powder onto his wound.

“What… What are you trying to do?” Jing Ling Ling was clueless of what Pang Jing Dong was doing. She had never heard that fire powder could be used as a treatment for wounds.

“Stay further away!” said Pang Jing Dong, who took out his lighter and ignited his wound.

With a ‘puff’ sound, a blue flame was sparked and started burning on Pang Jing Dong’s shoulder. The fire was soon extinguished, leaving a scarred wound on his burnt shoulder.

Pang Jing Dong put on his clothes, and turned toward Jing Ling Ling who was staring at him in disbelief, “Who took out those two guys?”

It was the vice-captain who answered him, “Ling Ling is one of the best shooters in our squad! After you were shot, she picked up your gun and returned fire, killing the two with just two bullets!”

It was not an over-compliment. Even though Jing Ling Ling lacked knowledge on the judicial system and the techniques to solve cases, she was skillful when it came to using weapons. Her precision aim was on the same par as professional snipers.

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