Special Forces King – Ch 16

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Chapter 16 

Ruthless Criminal

As the two finished preparing themselves for work after having breakfast, Pang Jing Dong said to Zhou Tong, “Head to work first. I’ll be there later!”


“It’s not good to go together!”

“Just say we met on the way to work!”

“Don’t give people the chance to spread rumors. It doesn’t bother me, but I’m more concerned with your reputation.”

Zhou Tong thought for a moment, and finally agreed, “Ok!”

As the two separated, Zhou Tong arrived at the workplace just in time, while Pang Jing Dong proceeded to his destination after lurking on the street for a while. He was already ten minutes late when he almost arrived at the company when Shen Jia Yao called the ‘King of Being Late-To-Work’, “Mr. Pang, still on the way to work?”

“Heh-heh!” Pang Jing Dong let out two hollow laughs and said, “You understand me so well!”

“The one I understood was the past you, not the present you. The present you are like an empty sack which can’t stand up still. Did you actually do something illegal last night?”

“What do you think?”

“I was doubtful at first, but now I am convinced!”

“Give me one more chance!”

“I can give you a chance, but after I emphasized about discipline to my employees, and here you are late again to work. How am I able to give a satisfactory explanation to the other workers? How are they going to listen to my orders?”

“I admit, if I continue to act against the rules, people will start doing the same thing!”

“Good that you know!” After pausing for a while, she calmed her tone down, “Try not to bump into anyone when you arrive at the company. Go straight to the parking lot and look for a white Volkswagen Jetta.”

“The one belonging to the company?”

“Correct. The keys and the vehicle’s license are on it. You are allowed to drive it straight away. Go and check the reconstruction of the shanty town area, and write me a report, so I can tell the other employees that I arranged a special task for you, which was why you didn’t need to check-in at the workplace in the morning.”

“Got it! Thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome!” Upon saying this, Shen Jia Yao hung up the call.

Shen Jia Yao stared blankly at her phone, and said to herself after a brief silence, “Why have you become like this after ten years?”

On the other hand, Pang Jing Dong who had found the car was now driving toward the construction site.

The place which Shen Jia Yao mentioned, was the largest shanty town area in the city, located in between two aging areas of the city. It had a dense population, with a bad living condition and it also lacked basic living facilities.

This year, the city council was determined and invested a large sum of funds aiming to reconstruct the area. Zheng Dong Real Estate Corporation was given a chance to be in charge of the project.

The evacuation of the people living there had already been done; there was no one living in the area anymore. Once the bank processed the loan, the construction would then take place. Therefore, there was not much work that Pang Jing Dong could do. Shen Jia Yao was only trying to find Pang Jing Dong an excuse to be late to work.

Pang Jing Dong was driving around in the shanty town, passing the run-down houses on the two sides of the car with fast speed. There was no sign of a single person. The place felt like a ghost town even under the bright sunlight.

Pang Jing Dong was thinking about the dream he had last night and did not realize his car was accelerating. Normally, it was impossible for a traffic accident to occur here, but that was not the case for today.

As he was approaching a crossroad, he saw a car appearing before him swiftly, and immediately stepped hard on the brakes, but it was too late. With a loud ‘bang’, his car had collided with another vehicle.

As he had braced himself before the collision by holding the steering wheel firmly, Pang Jing Dong was not injured, even though he nearly flew into the windshield due to inertia when the car came to a sudden stop.

Pang Jing Dong flung his slightly hurting arms around and saw the Jetta’s front was squashed like a piece of paper. As he switched his gaze toward the other vehicle, Pang Jing Dong instantly cried in his heart when he realized the car that he bumped into was a police car.

There were four cops on the car. The one at the front passenger’s seat could not get out as the door was bent due to the collision. The other three cops got down from the car instantly and walked toward Pang Jing Dong.

“Were you fucking blind?” The one driving the car was holding his waist with his hands while questioning Pang Jing Dong.

The intersection had no traffic light or a traffic police to direct the vehicles. Hence, both sides were responsible for the collision, as they were both driving at a fast speed.

Upon seeing the policemen were wearing Sam Browne belts and pistol holders on their waists, Pang Jing Dong knew at once they were on a mission. If that was the case, Pang Jing Dong found a way to defend himself.

Pang Jing Dong got out from the car, and replied the cop in a cold tone, “Why are you driving so fast if you are not blind?”

“We are on a mission!”

“Why was the siren off then? This incident would have been avoided if the siren was on!”

“Erm… The siren is broken!”

Pang Jing Dong was about to refute when he saw a police van behind the cops. Its windows were covered with iron bars, indicating the van to be a prisoners’ van.

The van stopped as the collision occurred. A cop got out from the front passenger’s seat, who happened to be the most annoying nuisance of all time, Jing Ling Ling.

“Pang Jing Dong?” said Jing Ling Ling in a surprising tone.

“Jing Ling Ling?” said Pang Jing Dong who was as surprised as the lady before him.

“You again?” said the two in sync.

Sometimes, the world seemed to be a small place. However, logic wise, it was unlikely to meet the same person at two different locations in a city with millions of people. It was rarer to meet the same person often at various places. Not to mention if the two always meet in unfortunate situations, the chance would be the same as winning a jackpot in a lottery.

This was the case for Pang Jing Dong and Jing Ling Ling.

“This dude was too ruthless, dare to bump into a police vehicle!” said the cop who was driving the car, who seemed like the injury was quite serious as he was still rubbing his waist. Pang Jing Dong felt an urge to give him a piece of advice after seeing his bloating body, You should exercise more, so you won’t be hurt so easily.

“You, come over here!” Jing Ling Ling reached out her right hand and summoned Pang Jing Dong by repeatedly curling her index finger.

Pang Jing Dong walked gloomily toward Jing Ling Ling, who on the other hand appeared to be very happy as she said, “Obstructing police officers in discharge of duties, you are under arrest!”

Pang Jing Dong was speechless, “That alone is making you so happy?”

“Heh-heh! Don’t let me find out any criminal record which belongs to you!”

“You will be disappointed!” Pang Jing Dong’s dejected expression was replaced with a smile toward Jing Ling Ling.

Pang Jing Dong’s reaction scared Jing Ling Ling by a bit, “Why are you smiling?”

“Because I’m glad!”

“Glad? Because you are finally caught in the net of justice?”

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