Special Forces King – Ch 15

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Chapter 15

It Felt Like a Dream

Lost in a trance, Pang Jing Dong heard someone calling him, “Pang! Pang! Wake up! Wake up!”

“Tim! It’s you!” Pang Jing Dong opened his eyes and found a small fellow wearing camouflage clothing in front of him. He was wearing a black bandana on his head, with few locks of blonde hair revealed under it, which were seemingly obvious under the bright moon.

“It’s our shift now!” said Tim.

Pang Jing Dong nodded his head, “Let’s go!”

The two were patrolling the base along the trenches, with the sound of *Shoo Shoo* constantly heard coming from the endless field. It was the sound of the wind blowing at the rainforest nearby.

Pang Jing Dong urged Tim, “Be careful, pay attention when you patrol and do not overlook a single corner!”

“Since the Spring season, there were two raids from the enemies, which were both defeated by us. I don’t think there’s a need to be worried!”

“It’s different this time. These guys are from the Delta Troops!”

“Is Delta Troops so frightening?”

“Since they were established in 1977, they were never defeated before. They are a worthy opponent.”

“But is the Intel accurate?”

“Better to expect the worst and be ready, than to ignore it and be surprised later!” After pausing for a while, Pang Jing Dong continued, “The Delta Troops are mainly in charge of handling the terrorist activities in ‘Country M’. Normally, they would not interfere in this kind of matter. However, if they are sent this time, that means we have caused a lot of trouble to them in the previous two times.”

“If that’s the case, are we being listed as a terrorist group? Isn’t the military group that hired us heavily supported by the ‘Country M’?”

“The government of this country is also financially supported by ‘Country M’. The truth is, the ‘Country M’ is maintaining a good relationship with both sides who are waging war against each other. As a result, it doesn’t matter who wins the war and becomes the leader, ‘Country M’ would still benefit the most from the situation, who will be secretly controlling the politics of this country.”

“I once heard that in your country, there’s a type of entertainment known as ‘cricket fighting.’ Do you think we are the crickets while others are the spectators?”

“It is common for people to be using each other in this world. We are fighting the war for the military group while they provide us the firearms. As long as we earn our money, the one leading the country or the benefits ‘Country M’ receives would be none of our business!”

“I am still concerned whether the Oppositions would succeed in the end?”

“In terms of politics, ‘Country M’ would lean toward the Opposition more, but the doings of the Opposition’s armed group had endangered some of their benefits, which ‘Country M’ would not be happy about. As a result, even though ‘Country M’ support the leader of the Opposition, they planned to eliminate the Opposition’s armed forces!” Pang Jing Dong shook his head while smiling, “’Country M’ had another plan in mind, if the Opposition lost all its firearms, they would rely more on ‘Country M’!”

“So complicated!” Tim shook his head while releasing a sigh.

“It’s politics!” said Pang Jing Dong thoughtfully while raising his head at the night sky.

The place where they were at was called the ‘Third Upland’, which the name was given because it was guarding the ‘Number Three Highway’.

The highway was the only ‘official’ highway in the area and was the only one allowing vehicles on it. One of the military group’s headquarters was located here.

In Pang Jing Dong’s opinion, the base was covering a huge surface area. Even if the whole Opposition’s army gathered here, which was impossible itself, it was still difficult to guard the base thoroughly. The Delta Troops, on the other hand, were expert in air-mobility which meant they could launch their attacks from any direction, thus defending without any plan was not wise.

Most importantly, any troop of special force would not send too many soldiers to take part in an operation. If only the number of soldiers were accounted, it would be a joke if a troop of few tens soldiers intended to destroy the whole base.

Therefore, it was highly possible that ‘Country M’ had the Delta Troops to be pioneers to secure the highway, then ordered to the Government’s army to join the battle once it’s secured. Hence, the securing of the highway would play a major role in the operation.

After an intense quarrel, the Opposition’s armed force decided to execute a prudent strategy; Implanting most of the army at the control areas to guard every direction, while arranging a platoon to hold the high grounds, which was under Pang Jing Dong’s command.

“Tonight’s moon is so round!” Upon seeing Pang Jing Dong staring at the illuminated night sky, Tim also raised his head and gazed at the bright moon.

After a period of silence, Pang Jing Dong released a long sigh, “We Chinese have a saying, ‘The moon is rounder in your hometown’.”

Once again, Pang Jing Dong lost himself in a trance.

“Boss Pang, Boss Pang, Wake up!” Zhou Tong had been yelling at him for an extended period, but Pang Jing Dong had no sign of opening his eyes, so she pulled his blanket away while shouting in a loud voice, “The sunlight is already shining on your ass. Wake up, sleepyhead!”

Pang Jing Dong opened his heavy eyelids, and looked around semi-consciously, “Where am I?”

“My place!”

Pang Jing Dong rubbed his eyes and found himself lying on a big bed with pink bed sheets and blanket, surrounded by lots of cartoonish decorations, implying he was in a girl’s bedroom.

“Why am I in your house?” said Pang Jing Dong, who had a terrible headache.

“You were too drunk last night, so I hailed a cab and sent you here. I even spent fifty bucks for the fare; you better pay me back!”

“So, I slept at your place last night!” Pang Jing Dong lowered his sight looking at himself and found that his clothes were still on. “Luckily, I was not raped!”

“In your dreams!” said Zhou Tong, who twisted her lips. “I slept on the couch in the living room!”

The truth was, Zhou Tong did hesitate if she should help Pang Jing Dong to change his clothes. Firstly, she could use the opportunity to check out his body; Secondly, she was worried if her stuff on her bed that she just bought would get dirty.

In the end, she did not change his clothes. The reason was she did not have the strength to move his strong, bulky body, and also scared that she had no idea how to explain herself when Pang Jing Dong woke up.

“You are being too kind!” said Pang Jing Dong looking smilingly at Zhou Tong while holding his hands behind his head. “However, even though I was spending the night at your place. You should respect my personal privacy! You should’ve knocked before you enter. It would be bad if you busted in the room while I am busy doing something with a lady!”

“It would be bad if I came in and saw you doing something with a man!” After pausing a while, Zhou Tong’s face blushed when she asked, “You are staying at my place, where would you find a lady?”

“I could have sneak out in the middle of the night and bring one back!”

“You… You are not allowed to mess around in my house!” said Zhou Tong, who clenched her hand into a fist and punched at Pang Jing Dong’s shoulder.

Zhou Tong was wearing casual because she was at her own place, completely different from her usual mature and charming look at the workplace. Her long hair was lying on her shoulder, with no makeup on her face, giving a pure and healthy look. She was wearing a short sleeping gown, exposing her snowy-white delicate legs.

As Pang Jing Dong was driving his gaze upward from his legs to explore deeper, Zhou Tong verbally interrupted him, “What are you looking at?”

“Looking at a beauty!” Pang Jing Dong switched his gaze onto Zhou Tong’s face, where he found an angry expression, but it was obviously a bluff. In that instant, Pang Jing Dong had an urge to pull Zhou Tong into his arms.

“Stop your flattering! Time to prepare yourself for work, or you’ll be late again!” After saying this, Zhou Tong turned around to leave the room. When she arrived at the door, she suddenly stopped her movement and asked Pang Jing Dong with a confused tone, “You were mumbling something in your sleep last night, were you having a nightmare?”

“I was having a dream, a wet one!”

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  1. I’m loving the story , I have a couple suggestions, 1 when you say ” bfhjdcbcnd” in the paragraph above means… Don’t do that please, it interups the flow, just mark it like ” bfhjdcbcnd” °1 and put what is needed to be said at the bottom, it doesn’t need a link ethier, 2 try to get it proff read by someone else, because when you re read it you remember ” OK an then this happens” which if you do that you can miss out on a type o because you anticipated it,3 keep it up. I read from other sites and when it kicks off and gets lots of views they slack off, said thing like,( I suppose ) I already have this many , blablabla. Solid fan base I can take a break, it then you get repeatative because as we know when you first say no , or yes it makes it Easyer to say it again, thanks fo r the chapter I’m waiting for more 🙂

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