Special Forces King – Ch 11

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Chapter 11 

Unfortunate Karma


Upon meeting this violent lady cop with no knowledge of the judicial system, Pang Jing Dong felt that this girl was his unfortunate karma. “He who has a mind to prove someone guilty will easily find the evidence needed! If you want to disgust me, even if it was a suicide, you can twist it and say I am the one who forced him to do so!”

“How did you know it was a suicide?” asked Jing Ling Ling while raising her eyebrows.

“How did you know it was a murder then?”

From the few words before, Jing Ling Ling had shown her true colors.

Pang Jing Dong had learned that Jing Ling Ling lacked knowledge regarding the law, and the experience she needed in practical situations. Not sure from which police-themed TV series she had seen a similar situation, thus applying its script on him when she tried to ask him questions.

Besides that, looking at the Jing Ling Ling’s characteristics and the way she handled things, Pang Jing Dong speculated she also lacked domain knowledge. It was highly possible that she had no patience to wait for the results of the crime-scene inspection before she came to enquire information from the residents, thus why Pang Jing Dong had decided to tease her.

Just as what Pang Jing Dong speculated, Jing Ling Ling had no idea about the details of the incident.

Even though Jing Ling Ling hoped it would be a murder, but the vice-captain in charge of the crime-scene investigation had just told her, “There was a high possibility the incident was a suicide.”

Therefore, Pang Jing Dong’s sentence had left her speechless for a brief while, “I…”

Pang Jing Dong kept on talking, “When I said it was a suicide, that was my guess! I’m just an ordinary citizen; I can guess however I want! If you stated that it was a murder, don’t tell me you were guessing too? You are a cop; you need evidence before making assumptions. How would you work as one with this attitude?” After extinguishing his cigarette’s end, he continued, “Of course, you police have the authority to declare a murder to be a suicide or vice versa. Regarding this type of matter, the people had become inured to it!”

Immediately, Jing Ling Ling decided to approach the matter from a different angle, who then questioned Pang Jing Dong, “What do you normally do in your daily activities?”

“Take a look, if I can afford to live in this luxury mansion, it is evident that my life is successful.” Pang Jing Dong continued with a domineering tone, “Those who were unsuccessful live their futile lives, but the lives of the successful people are basically the same; Working like a d*ck in the morning, with their d*cks working hard at night!”

“What the hell did you just say to me?” scolded Jing Ling Ling instinctively. Her face blushed red and green at the same time after hearing the organ in Pang Jing Dong’s words.

TL Note: Red = Embarrassed; Green = Angry

While Jing Ling Ling’s face acted like a traffic light, the vice-captain came up to her saying, “We can go back now, it was a suicide!”

From the results of the crime-scene inspection together with the information given by the victim’s relatives, the case was classified as a suicide.

The victim was one of the first batch’s businessmen to invest in stock trading, which earned a fortune from it.

However, due to a mistake made in his investment approach, within two years in the market of Da Xiong City, he declared bankruptcy and owed a lot of debts, thus ending his own life.

The way he killed himself was complicated, to disguise the crime scene to look like murder, resultinr in the interference of the Criminal Police.

According to the investigation, the victim planned to scam a huge sum with his insurance.

Anyway, for the people here, the incident had come to a conclusion. The only noticeable thing was, Jing Ling Ling’s hatred toward Pang Jing Dong had grown.

She was panting with rage while staring at Pang Jing Dong, her eyes were entirely filled with red lines as if they were about to pop out. At last, she stomped the ground with her foot and left without glancing back.

“Take care! Goodbye!” She heard Pang Jing Dong shouting in the distance.

“Mr. Pang, I’m so sorry to bother you!” After escorting the “tigress” away, the property manager came apologizing at Pang Jing Dong.

TL Note: It is common to refer a hot-tempered female as a tigress.

“Don’t you worry about it!”

As he returned to the living room, he booted his computer and browsed the Internet to check out news about the economy. From what he heard while the cops were talking, Pang Jing Dong could roughly guess the reason behind the incident, causing him to be interested in the stock market.

Pang Jing Dong brought a large sum of money back from overseas, and after buying the mansion, he still had a fortune which is now sitting in the bank. Pang Jing Dong had always wanted to find a reliable investment, as his future would possibly be relying on it.

After reading the news, Pang Jing Dong felt sorry for his neighbor who had just died upon seeing some good indications in the market. For example, everyone was talking about the lowering of the price for stamp tax on stock trading, even though it was not implemented yet, but since a lot of people were discussing it indicated that it was not a mere rumor. Furthermore, by switching from investing the QFII to the local Securities market would bring a lot of benefits. However, these benefits would require a bit more time to be observed, hence why the stock market appeared to be hopeless at its current stage.

TL Note: QFII stands for Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (QFII) Scheme. I’m personally not good with financial stuff so bear with me if there is any mistake.

“Maybe this would be a lifetime opportunity for me!” Pang Jing Dong thought.

Meantime, his phone started ringing out of nowhere. As he picked it up, he could hear Shen Jia Yao’s voice saying, “Jing Dong, what are you up to?”

Why aren’t you calling me ‘Happy’?! Pang Jing Dong was not pleased, who answered, “I’m home.”

“Have you eaten?”

“Not yet!”

“Do you mind having a meal with me?”

“You are being too polite. It is my honor to dine with Lady Shen.”

“Then it’s decided! I’ll go pick you up, where do you live?”

“Give me the address of the place, and I’ll go myself!”

After deciding the time and the place, Pang Jing Dong glanced at his watch, if I head out now, I will make it in time. He messaged to ‘Last Night’s Sorrow’ saying, “See you later!”

TL Note: Not sure why ‘Last Night’s Sorrow’ suddenly appear here, but for now you only need to know he/she is a random pen pal Pang Jing Dong met online. A detailed introduction can be found in later chapters.

‘Last Night’s Sorrow’ asked, “Where are you going now?”

“Something came up!”

“Oh, you’re a busy person?”

“Have you never heard of it? A successful man’s trademark is, working hard like a d*ck in the morning, with his d*ck working hard at night!”

The vulgar language amused ‘Last Night’s Sorrow’, who replied with a laughing emote and asked, “I don’t care about your day, but I’m curious if that is what you do at night!”

“My night is the same as my day! It’s just that my ‘Little Brother’ hasn’t found a target to work hard with yet!”

“Oh! I don’t like guys who are free in the day, and their d*cks free at night!”

TL Note: This makes more sense in Chinese, and is a popular saying on the Internet. Basically, there are two types of men. First one is “Working like a d*ck in the day, and his d*ck working at night.” (白天瞎 j8忙,晚上j8瞎忙) which means working hard in the day, but live a lustful life at night (attractive due to his hardworking / money). The opposite one is “No d*ck stuff to do in the day, and his d*ck has nothing to do at night!” (白天没j8事,晚上j8没事) which means jobless in the day, and his d*ck is jobless too (no one wants him).

Shen Jia Yao chose an average restaurant, which was located on a busy street. The street was filled with several motels, clubs, KTVs, etc. As the number of bars here was the highest, the street was also known as the ‘Bars Street’.

Throughout the year, after 6 p.m. every day, the place would be bustling with noise, filled with debauchery as fashionably dressed young adults lurking around. Either it was to release stress, or just merely a sense of emptiness, the people here were drinking recklessly and dancing wildly.

For those who called themselves ‘following the latest trend’ and labeled themselves as the ‘New Generation’, they see this place as a trend, a luxury, or even a representation of status. This endless ‘Bars Street’ was indeed hyped-up by the people. Anyone would be able to find their own ‘enjoyment’ here.

Besides that, this place was also a depraved one.

It was the ‘headquarters’ of ‘international prostitutes’. You could find a prostitute with any skin tone and any race that you desired. That being said, some techniques were needed to get yourself a deal, as the prostitutes here do not regard themselves as one. No middleman was required; all you needed was to be aggressive while pretending to be a gentleman, deep stare into their eyes while having some dirty dances, and you would find yourself an “International Night”.

The truth was, the One Night Stands were not expensive. Lots of pretty international students who needed some extra cash had done this before, and they would not be shameful because of it. However, the local students who lurked around here were more shameless. They were not prostitutes, but with their poor skills in foreign languages and lack of charm, they still want to go on an ‘International Journey’ in the name of love. In most people’s eyes, they were more worthless than the prostitutes; Simply say a few romantic phrases, and they would be willing to warm the bed for you.

Furthermore, if you were looking for drugs, excitement, sex or anything else, that would be the place to go! Especially if you had enough of your present life!

The cab soon arrived at the destination. The street was lively, crowded with people. Despite that, the restaurant was located behind the high-rise buildings, hidden in the alleys. As the famous saying stated, ‘Good wine needs no bush’, the restaurant was famous for its delicious and unique Si Chuan Dishes despite its location.

The restaurant’s entrance was located inside an alley, which the cab was unable to enter. Hence, Pang Jing Dong had to get down at the alleyway.

As soon as his legs touched the ground, he heard someone shouting beside him, “Pang Jing Dong, you won’t escape so easily this time!”

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