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Orthodox Sect/ Righteous Sect



Five Finger Mountain which practices the Boundless Path

Righteous Temple which practices the Path of Nirvana

Divine Sword Mountain



[Dragon Gate in the East of Aeropa founded by a fallen Prince of the Ancient Han who turns to path of Nirvana and called himself Reverend Xian.

Famous for their Six Palm of Heavenly Dragon


Earthly Immortals Gate


Iron Courage Gate

Sites of Iron Courage

Steel Caldron

Hall of Bronze, Silver and Gold.


[Sword Flower Gate

Sites of Sword Flower Gate

Clouds Sea

Sunrise Peak


Abbot from Righteous Temple

Daoist Lu from Five Finger Mountains

Sword Monarch Ling Tianfeng from Divine Sword Mountain


White Bone Peak – Sect Leader Demoness Zixiang of three Calamitous Star

Villain Valley uses poison ,hidden weapons, sneaks attacks and sabotage. Their skills are clean and efficient but could not compare with deep cultivated internal force. Their most consummate skill is Bone Shattering Palm.

Blood Mountain



Golden Snake Sect

Sword Sect Mountain

Shadow Shroud Sect

True Heart Temple

Heaven Edge Sect


Personal Disciple

Core Disciple

Inner Disciple – Liu Yi

Outer Disciple

Red Snow Palace Sect

Elder Mad Fairy Lin Xintong – she is the successor to the style of Thirty Six Strikes of the Blood Gale. It was one of the deadliest sword skills of the Red Snow Palace. She also learns beneath the Demoness Zixiang teaching her the Devil Maiden Sword Arts.

Elder Southern Flower Wu Nanhua – Southern Flower Nanhua on the other hand is said to be a fallen princess from a fallen kingdom. Other than that fact not many is known about her other than her ugly appearance resulted from the mistake of Red Sword Lancel which is why she hated Lancel from the bottom of her heart..


Lu Dongpo Sword 5 5pdf file

Diviner Sage Du Long- Yang Yuhuan Grandfather


Nameless Sword Saint Wu Ming Has Three Disciples

First Senior Meng Xu Sword Artisan

Second Senior Scholar of Sword Meng Zhang – Give a medallion of the Liao Prince to help Lancel cross the Western Barbarian territory safely.

Third Disciple Red Sword Lancel- Charles Martell uncle.


Floating Dragon Yang Qilang the Spear Saint.

The Cold Gentleman Ao Xiyun Hidden Weapon Ghost

Xiang Yang the Saber King.



Demoness Zixiang the Devil Maiden Sword Arts

Old Demon of the Demon Mountain

Blood Prince of Blood Mountain




Heartless Sutra (created by the First Patriarch. Require Poisonous Extreme Yin body. By learning the Heartless Sutra, the poisonous Yin is transformed into Pure Yin, inciting the internal energy, dispelling the poison, purifying the meridians and washing over the marrows.

Heartless Sutra Chant ( Dao De Jing)

‘All things come from emptiness’

‘Emptiness is just form, and form is just emptiness’


Soul Devouring Palm (created by the First Patriarch which absorb and refines other martial artist internal energy.)


Twelve Steps of Heaven (created by the Second Patriarch. a movement technique that allows people to walk on water and to step on a blade of grass, floating like a weightless feather. It does not require the prerequisite of having the Poisonous Extreme Yin body


Twin Dragon Imprisoning the Immortals Formation (created by the Third Matriarch)


Forgiving Palm (created by the Fourth Patriarch)


Severing The Heaven Technique created by the Fifth Patriarch)


Poison Devouring Breathing Technique) It requires variety of deadly poison from animals, pills, herbs and poisonous beast. By now he is only at the first stage of the technique. There are four stages. Herb Body meaning ingesting poisonous herb would rarely affect him as much. Beast Body. This is cultivated by eating poisonous substances in beast organs and extracts venoms from snakes and poisonous insect and ingesting them. Divine Pill body. This is cultivated by eating Poisonous Pills until like the previous training the pain can no longer be felt. This Physique renders any martial artist almost immune to effects of poisons and not only that but to channel poisons by the use of internal energy.


Divine Flicking Finger


Nine Dragon Palm



Intelligence Gathering Personnel

Punishment Bureau

Merit Hall

Martial Temple


First Patriarch Heartless

Second Patriarch Heaven Law

Third Matriarch Nameless

Patriarch Peerless

Patriarch Limitless Sword Saint

Heir of the Jade Palace Gate Purple Fairy Lin Ziyan. Known to be beautiful and valiant in exterminating evil influence.

Holy Sons and Daughters of Jade Palace Gate

Jade Palace Gate

Twelve Steps of Heaven.

Each step is profound and has different function. The First Step Dragon Gliding through the Sky is a dodging movement. Mastering this first step, circulating internal energy in the foot one could glide through assaults of arrows.

As long one is not exhausted, this skill would keep one safe from incoming arrows.

Second Step Fairy Points the Way to Immortal Abode Place feet together and avoid as the flow of energy pointed the way to avoid by the vibration of enemy weapon

Third Step Stepping on Top of the Dragon Scale kicks away the pivot of enemy weapon, deflecting the enemy weapon with internal energy. The distribution of energy to the feet must not be too much and not be too little. It must be adequate enough to disturb and stun the enemy hand that is holding the weapon by utilizing vibrations.

Fourth Step Immortal Chasing the Devil A chasing movement. Circulate internal energy to the sole of the feet to give explosive power when chasing someone while at the same time retracting and releasing energy at the feet in a stable interval to make sure that one does not overextend one own internal energy

Fifth Step Mortal Ascending the Heavens. A technique to climb houses and building by circulating internal energy all over the soles on one foot to stick the practitioner feet on solid and hard surface making the practitioner t be able to run on walls

Sixth Step Dragon Skimming the Clouds . A technique to jump through distance by circulating internal energy all over the soles on one feet to explode with power on the time of jumping  making the practitioner to be able to jump over walls and on top of rooftops

Seventh Step Devil Circling the Divine Palace

Eight Step The Monarch Grabbing the Star

Nine Step Old Heaven Stomping the Earth

Ten Step Dodging Ten Thousand Lights

Eleven Step Lotus Blooming with Each Step

Twelve Step Transcending the Heavens.


Sword Tomb of Heartless





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