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Tu Jia grabbed the silver pill and quickly swallow it. Then he popped the pill into Tian Ji mouth and both of them was full of energy.

Tian Ji is slowly opening her eyes as Tu Jia gripped his saber tighter.

‘I hope I’ll meet Young Master again’ he said with a trace of smile on his face before a few dozens of Heaven and Earth Gate disciple surrounded him while some other jump down to the forest trail no doubt chasing for Charles.

‘Hmph. Do they think they could easily capture that kid? That kid has mastered at least two moves from the twelve step of Heaven.’ Tu Jia snorted in derision.

Jade Palace Gate are the congregation of freaks and monsters. They are all genius or have some special type of body.

And that boy were even given permission to learn Twelve Steps of Heaven. Every skills from the Patriarch are all consummate skills in Jianghu.

If any of the manuals of the Jade Palace Gate were to be revealed then bloodshed will erupt in Jianghu.

That is the testament of how powerful and coveted their skill is. And the Twelve Steps of Heaven is the most powerful movement skill in all of Jianghu.

Granted, Charles is still a boy and his reserve of internal energy is still low, but to shake off a few small fry it will not be hard at all.

And as Tu Jia was thinking of this, a dozen martial artist rushed to him with all of them wielding a blade.

Tian Ji look at Tu Jia as she pull out the arrow from her left shoulder and look at Tu Jia. She then smiles.

‘Like old times?’ She ask.

‘I could not move.’ Tu Jia smiles bitterly.

By now the enemies are only seven feet away.

‘Then this time, I will protect you. I just need to wait you unleashed the seal on your body right?’

‘Huh?’ Tu Jia was puzzled. What did she means? Tian Ji only smiles. That pills was not an alleviating pills like they thought.

Either way Tu Jia would know later.

Tian Ji leapt forward as she flourished her spear and with a dash penetrate the enemy lines, swinging her spear like a dance, slicing hands and feet like she was not injured at all.

The strategist of this operation, White Dragon that was seeing this scene from one of the high places look in shock.

The reason why Tian Ji almost immediately collapsed after being pierce by the arrow because the arrow was laced with a very potent poison.

Even an elephant would die if they were to be shot by that arrow.

Charles already know that giving them the antidote was as good as give them another chance of life, which is why he saves his life first.

What he doesn’t knows that with the two cultivation level unsealed, they both would wipes almost every enemy here if not he would have stay.

Of course Tu Jia and Tian Ji did not think that the antidote that Charles has given them was the full antidote and not the delaying cure that the sect has always given them.

Some of the martial artist recognizes now that the tall women slowly becoming even stronger and her movement becomes even faster.

That woman is showing a very terrifying smile as she hacked people like she was cutting food, with precise stabbing and lethal strikes combined to create a flurry of spear strikes as fast as thunder.

Then shocking the entire peak, that tall women slowly becoming even shorter and her dirty face and pale face slowly morphed into a face of a beautiful women and the women swings her spear even faster and even fiercer as she laugh unrestrainedly.

Her laugh reverberates all over the mountain peak, and with her laughter there is internal energy infused on it that bother the expert of Liao forces battling the heroes of the Central Plains.

‘O, great heroes of Jianghu. Carve this name into your heart. I am Heaven Punishment Xue Hua.’

At this time like an unstoppable gale, she rushed towards the Peak her movement becomes even more erratic yet, as she runs through the enemies, gliding through them as she strikes and strikes, hack and stabs, slash and parry, each of her strikes fell down three to four combatants on the enemy side.

There is order in her chaotic movements.

It was a maddening movement since there is no logical reasons for her move or practicality at one moment and suddenly sane movement at other moments.

Jumping and swinging on the air while slicing head it clearly chills all the hearts of the martial artist present.

With a beautiful clear face and long silky black hair, even though she was wearing a black robe, not even the sun and moon could hides such beauty.

The tides of the battle on the Peak changed as many of the Heaven and Earth disciple putting pressure on the other sect disciples targeted their attack and rushed to Xue Hua.

But the more that came for her, the more she killed, rives of blood are formed on the trail where she walks, as she kept swinging her spear freely as she captivated the heroes of the world.

‘Keep it up!’ One of the martial artist shout out as he keep fighting the Liao forces.

With the appearance of this murderous fairy, the morale of the central Plains martial artist rises up.

The True Heart Temple Monks who was still busy fighting fear that the woman would be overcome by bloodlust but seeing the clear eyes that the heroine possesses they know their worries are unfounded.

‘HAHAHAHA. Let me show you when you mess with me! I am Heaven Punishment. When I used to roamed the martial world, you riffraff aren’t even worthy to die under my spear!’

She was not affected by the bloodlust, her eyes are still clear and her mind are calm which makes her even scarier.

Even though she was laughing there is a certain cold calmness in the way she said it and that calmness is reflected in her strikes.

If not for her being happy to be released from her seal, she would not even speak.

For how long the Old Immortal has poisoned her and force her to in such an uncomfortable body but now the seal on her body being released and the Reincarnation Talisman in her body has dissolved.

This means her abilities and her original cultivation returned.

White Dragon who is on the highest position, look at Xue Hua with an angry expression.

Bitch! Ruining my plans! He wanted to scream but he tried to maintain his calm façade.

White Dragon Xu Bailong is also a martial artist. How could he not felt that the woman aura is slowly getting stronger with each passing moment?

The shock already began when that woman rose after being hit by poisoned arrows

Then when she turns into a beautiful women and he sense the aura of the woman his heart jolted into shock.

This woman is half step to Heavenly Immortal cultivation.

‘My Gods!’ He unconsciously blurted out

She could even compete with the Three Great Grandmasters with such cultivation! Who is this valiant heroine? He thought to himself.

The reason he targeted the boy was because he knows the boy is from Jade Palace Gate and wanted to kidnap the by as leverage if somehow the Old Immortal decides to raid Liao.

Their Od Ancestor also in seclusion and the only one in Jianghu that could be said to possess the same status as the Old Immortal.

And there is also another reason why he wanted to kidnap the Holy Sons or Daughters of the Jade Palace Gate.

This has to do with the map itself. He knows that the famous Purple Fairy also had one of the pieces of the map after she defeated the Saber Monarch in their famous battle.

They thought today operation would be easier as the only threat they could see is Swordsman Zhu who is an accomplished swordsman from one of the Three Mountains.

Then the Three Mountains and Four Gate heroes also did not make an appearance so, it should be easy to establish their dominance in Jianghu today and start the first step towards the conquering of the entire Wulin.

Swordsman Zhu while powerful is not a concern for the Heaven and Earth Gate.

If a person were to be skilled in the Martial Arts, and he was surrounded by enemies who were well versed in battle strategies, no matter how skilled he is, he would die.

However, a person who knows both Martial Arts and battle strategies would be hard to deal but everyone knows that Swordsman Zhu is not battle strategist and even though he was talented he is nowhere the level of the Three Grandmaster.

‘Attack her’ The shouting of orders ordering to focus their attack on a lone heroine from the commanders and captains of Liao signify how dangerous Xue Hua is to their morale

‘Why the fuck did they provoke these two?’

To be honest even though Xu Bailong thought of this he did not know that both Tan Ji and Tu Jia wanted to thank the strategist.

It is known that their prisons that restrict their cultivation could only be cured by the Silver Immortal Pill.

They also didn’t think that the Young master they serve for a year possess the cure.

They though after finishing escorting their Young Master to Midgard only then they would be released from at least a portion of their poison and they could reach back Worldly Wanderer peak level.

Who would have thought the boy hides deeply and possess the full cure? They also misunderstand Charles.

Charles did not know that the silver pill was the full cure.

He was given that with an instruction that only in grave danger should he give that pills to Tu Jia and Tian Ji.

How would he knows that Tu Jia and Tian Ji real face isn’t ugly and unpleasant instead beautiful and handsome, a match made in heaven.

Giving the boy the map in exchange for his cultivation back is not wasteful at all. Tu Jia misunderstand Charles again.

Tu Jia who is short now also started to transform as one could hear his bone pooped. Feeling his wound slowly regenerating he pluck the arrows on both of his foot and slowly stand up.

As the sound of his bones cracking, breaking and reforming Tu Jia is becoming even taller as his face slowly morphed into a handsome face, resembling of a refined scholars.

If he could replace the saber on his hand with a metal fan then he would surely look like the young master on the Capital.

His face was handsome and cold with pale white face and a straight black hair that reaches his neck.

‘Xue Hua and Wu Di!’

One of the Elder Monks from True heart Temple shouted out.

After the events of the burning of True Heart Temple and the plundering of the Shadow Shroud Sect the Old Immortal changed their name to Tu Jia and Tian Jia as part of their punishment.

And if that is not enough the Reincarnation Talisman was put in their body forcing them to have ugly face and disproportionate height that only seems to enhance their ugliness.

‘Martial Emperor Wu Di and Heaven Punishment Xue Hua. Who would have thought they enter Jianghu again?’ another martial artist shouted out

But both the True Heart Temple and Shadow Shroud Sect is conflicted right now. True, they are enemies with that couple of lovers but today, both of them is killing the Liao forces.

‘Let me join you, Hua meimei!’ Wu Di shouted with his internal energy and the weaker martial artist ruptured their eardrum.

Then he flew to Xue Hua who was busy swinging her spear bringing with her river of blood.

Stop them Xu Bailong shouted with all the Liao forces changed their target immediately.

Swordsman Zhu blocked his enemies from aiding the Liao forces from entering the battle with Wu Di and Xue Hua.

Meanwhile the other expert also did the same, holding their enemies not giving them an inch to help the Liao forces.

They wanted the Martial Emperor Wu Di and Heaven Punishment Xue Hua to clear the Peak and kill the Liao strategist.

Their sect members have to be avenged with Liao blood today. Even the Four Evils approve of this plan as they hold the Four Tigers.

It is one thing to fight the orthodox sect but this is a matter of their lands and freedom. Do the people of evil sect do not have homes and family?

They are the people of the Central Plains while these invaders are of Liao. If they invade the Central Plains how many sufferings would be inflicted upon their families and friends?

How could they let them win? They are not patriotic. These evil sect disciple were not patriotic at all.

They just cherished their friends and families.

People called them evil sects because they believed their martial arts are harmful to the common people but not all evil sect have killed people without reason.

Today, what matters is foiling the plans of Liao and the Heaven and Earth Gate

Everyone is not an idiot. Conquering the Wulin and then conquering the world. With Midgard entering period of instability and the Central Plains being too peaceful while the people of Liao bided their time regaining strength all these years, this is the perfect time for Liao to expand westward.

On the Dragon Pass there is the Black Dragon and Liao fears the Black Dragon Rheon Shone since he is the War God of this generation.

But the Central Plains of Aeropa has no figures like the Black Dragon and Vicious Tiger that guarded the land pass Westhold.

If Liao wanted to attack Midgard not only they have to contend with Dragon Pass they have to contend with Westhold.

Both Midgard and Aeropa knows how formidable the Westhold cavalry.

Xu Bailong knows if they persist in fighting Midgard they would not even see the Central Plains of Midgard before they perished in foreign land.

They are too many talents in Midgard

Then the only possible targets is the fragmented states of Aeropa. Yet, even Xu Bailong did not think today scene would happen where his forces are being overwhelmed by only two people.

On the peak, Wu Di smiles and laughed as he cupped his hand towards all the heroes present

‘Thank you to all the heroes! Today, I will sacrifice the heads of this Heaven And Earth Gate as a gift to the heroes of Jianghu who dies here today.’ Finished saying this he dash forward.

He slashes three person with one slash as he takes a step forward. He takes another step forward and he shouted again.

‘I will decapitate the heads of the Elders of the Heaven and earth Gate as tribute to my sect. Conquering the Wulin?! Do you think my Jade Palace Gate sect is a decoration that even any dog and cow could claim to be number one?’

He shouted as his hand grabbed one of the martial artist rushing to him by the neck while dodging a sword strike easily.

He crack the person neck while kicking the person striking towards him. Both died the moment they were attacked as the heroes on the peak drew a breath of astonishment.

Everyone’s gasped at what has happened. Even Hero Zhu gasped. He had seen many powerful fighters in the martial world, but he has never seen someone of Wu Di caliber.

If they fight he knew that he has no chance against Wu Di, as this is a true expert and could even rival his teacher.

Other than his master, Zhu Liang could not think of a second person that is this man’s match.

Another person rushed towards Wu Di as Wu Di walk calmly on the Peak like he was taking a stroll in the park, disregarding the person rushing towards him.

‘Weak’ he seems to whisper

With his saber on his hand, each step he takes look menacing and his aura were full of killing intent. Coupled that with his cold handsome face, it creates an eerie feeling.

Wu Di throws his saber as his saber stabbed towards a soldier who was about to sneak attack a monk from True Heart Temple.

The man rushing towards Wu Di arrived in front of him and he slash down his sword with all of his might but Wu Di only smirk as he caught the tip of the sword between his two fingers.

With a rotation movement of his hand, the sword broke as he slammed his palm on that person body and people could heard the sound of explosion or to be more accurate the sound of bones breaking ins succession.

All the bones inside that person body disintegrated.

‘Join me!’ Wu Di shouted.

And he run forward armed only with his bare hand as he face a group of rushing soldiers archers, assassin and yet still he come out on top.

Behind him heroes from many sects joins him slashing, hacking, stabbing and killing their way deep into the soldier formation.

Wu Di was truly a martial expert deserved to be praised. With each palm strikes, head exploded, with each kick people fall down dying in shock.

A strong stench of blood filled the entire area as all the men drew their knives, hung their bows across their backs and began stabbing at the bandits on the floor.

It was morbid and dark as Wu Di lives up to his name as the Martial Emperor. Wherever he steps, people fall down dying without knowing how.

Headless bloodied corpse began to fill the peaks as the soldiers of Liao began feeling fear.

Xu Bailong gritted his teeth before he left an order to his aide as he quickly disappeared from the peak.

On the Peak with Heaven Punishment Xue Hua and Martial Emperor Wu Di they drive back the soldiers as even the expert from Liao knows that the tide of battle has changed.

Looking at the crumbling formation of soldiers, the Crazy Monk Tian Ru quickly retreated jumping down from the cliff grabbing on the metal rope to land safely on the peak below.

The Mad Nun managed to break the encirclement of Monks even after suffering heavy internal energy injury after being struck by the Abbot of True Heat Temple and ran away onto other peaks.

Elder of Shadow Shroud Sect Deng Liao is almost at death door and his life was saved because Insane Priest Qianzhen decided to retreat after seeing that the Martial Emperor Wu Di is coming over to him.

Leaping over ten people the Insane Priest quickly run away.

The Four Tigers of Liao was at an advantage against the Four Evils but they had to retreat seeing the signal of retreat being signal by the people on the other peaks.

‘You are all lucky today but don’t expect to come out of this mountain unscathed. We will be waiting for you at the bottom.’

The Four Tigers shouted before they too retreated away. For a while after the soldiers retreated the heroes on top of the Peak was at a loss.

The heroes from the sect searches for their disciple, senior brothers and junior brothers and buried the dead.

Swordsman Zhu was leaning on a tree, recovering his internal energy. Standing on the center of the peak was two person, one holding a spear, another holding a bloodied saber.

They did not sheathe their weapons instead it was still out in the open.

The Elders of Shadow Shroud Sect and Elder Monks of True Heart Temple look at them with a complicated expression.

‘Wu Di, Xue Hua. Both of you appear again in the martial world.’ One of the Elders of the Shadow Shroud Sect said.

‘Yes. We have appear again. What are you going to do about it?’ Wu Di said arrogantly before looking back at Xue Hua, his saber was pointed towards that Elder direction while he is caressing Xue Hua cheeks as she blushes red.

‘Naughty’ she chuckles before he plants a kiss on her cheeks. This kind of personal affection in the open is frowned upon in the cultures of Eresian.

‘You both pair of lewd lover plundered the treasury of my sect and cripple my Senior Brother.’

‘Fang Yu was your Senior Brother? Ho. No wonder you are so stupid. I’ve given him a chance back then. I told him I’m just going to take a look at your martial arts repository. He thought I was going to rob your sect treasury. I hated when someone accuse me of something of which I have no intention of doing. He attacked me and I cripple him’

‘But you plunder all the same’ Another Elder countered back, his hand at his sword sheath.

‘HAHAHA.’ Wu Di laughed.

‘Since he already believed that I’ve come to your sect to plunder your treasury then I’m going to do exactly that.’

The martial heroes present at the peak was dumbfounded by the Martial Emperor logic

‘You are ridiculous! Just because people called you Martial Emperor do you think you are invincible?!’ one of the Elders shouted as he send a flying dagger flying towards Wu Di.

‘Hmph!’ Wu Di snorted before waving his hand as a powerful internal energy swept away the flying dagger as Wu Di internal energy and the flying dagger collide in midair.


The flying dagger crash onto something invisible and fall down to the ground just a few meters from Wu Di.

‘Presumptuous!’ Wu Di shouted.

‘Other than The Old Immortal and Old Demon I fear no one.’ He said as he does not spare any more glances towards the Shadow Shroud Sect.

The Disciples and the Elders of the Shadow Shroud Sect was about to sheathe their weapons when a voice sounded out, piercing the anger in their heart and quickly calming themselves.

It was a deep peaceful voice that seems to be able to calm people down.

‘Isn’t that enough, Deng Xin?’ The voice said.

It was the Abbot of True Heart Temple, his cassock is tattered after his fight with the Liao forces.

But his steps are powerful with each step there is determination and his back is straight.

The other heroes gives him way, opening a path as he walked towards Wu Di.

Behind the Abbot a few dozen Monks that survives the battle follow behind him drenched with blood

Instead of peaceful monk they looked more like Asura.

‘Abbot!’ Deng Xin was the Elder of Shadow Shroud Sect that throws the flying daggers.

The Abbot put his palm together and greet Wu Di

‘Martial Emperor Wu Di and Heaven Punishment Xue Hua. Both of these heroes name was famous in my previous generation. To once again see the godly spearmanship of heroine Xue Hua and the saber skills of such a peeress hero, this Old monk was delighted.’

Hmph Xue Hua snorted disgusted.

‘You monks always talk too much. You’re not going to blame us for burning your temple? If you want to fight, let’s fight. It has been a long time since my spear taste the blood of bald monks.’

The Monks was alarmed and felt insulted but the Abbot waves his hand and gestures them to put down their weapon.

‘My Senior Brother has recognizes his wrong. After he recognizes his wrong he abdicated and went into a journey of enlightenment and left the temple under my care. My Senior Brother has reminded me if I ever met Hero Wu Di and Heroine Xue Hua again, that we should not inconvenience you.’

‘Did he finally know what he did was wrong? Hmph’ Wu Di said in mocking tone

‘Heartless man like your senior brother should not be left alive. If not for that woman pleas I would not only burn the Temple I would have massacres all the monks inside that temple’ Xue Hua said.

‘My Senior Brother knows what he did was wrong and it has become his internal demon. I only wished to convey this to both of you. I just wished that Hero Wu Di and Heroine Xue Hua will not drag the new generation into the conflict.’

‘Do you think I have so much time in my hands to keep burning Temples?’ Xue Hua said before she waved her hand gesturing the Abbot to leave.

The heroes present here smells something big. So it turns out the previous Abbot had done something wrong and that angered Wu Di and Xue Hua thus they burn the Temple.

This smells like a huge news.

What dark secret the True Heart temple is trying to cover up?

The Shadow Shroud Sect only look at the pair and was about to do something when the Abbot approached the sect leader of the sect and patting his shoulder said

‘We are on the same boat in a tempest. Put down your enmity and hatred for today and work together to exit this mountain range. Xu Bailong is still here, his solders are waiting at the foot of the mountain. Haish. War will come again, how many people will shed their blood in this never-ending warfare to satisfy human desires?’

Clicking his tongue, Deng Xiao pointed his finger at the pair of lovers and shouted

‘I am a man of honor. When we survive this, I will ask for a duel. We will settle this matter with a duel’

‘HAHAHAHA.’ Wu di laughed

‘Fine by me’

The peak was settled as the Heroes discussed among themselves how to break the encirclement at the foot of the mountain.

The pair of lovers on the other hand rested under a large tree, eating longans. It wasn’t long until the discussion started to veer who has the lost map.

Shadow Shroud Sect denies of having a second copy which everyone knows that is bullshit. And even if the Shadow Shroud Sect has a copy it is worthless without the other parts.

And every martial artist knew that from now on Shadow Shroud Sect will not have peaceful days since if they could think that the Shadow Shroud Sect has a copy, how could Xu Bailong not think of that?

He will surely attack Shadow Shroud sect branches and disciple of Shadow Shroud Sect until they give him the piece of that map.

But even if that is so who stole the original map? Nobody confessed and even after the conducted a check on everyone even conducting a search on Wu Di and Xue Hua they found nothing.

Wu Di wanted to save Charles and wanted to rush to the forest trail and chase after him when Xue Hua stopped him

‘We have repay our debt. Do you want to gamble our freedom? What if the Old Immortal heard that we have gain our original cultivation and decides to seal us again?’

‘You mean to left that Charles boy to die?’

‘He is the Holy Son of the Sect. He should experience some hardship. And if he dies, then that means Lin Ziyan eyes were wrong and he could not inherit the strong martial arts of the sect which means he is useless for the sect. Strong martial artist is not forged through relaxed lifestyle. You know it, I know it. Let’s leave it to destiny and fate. If he survives then that means his destiny is strong and it will not be too late for us to meet him. If he dies, then that means he is not suited to live in this warring periods. Liao is going to war and even Midgard is about to enter another period of war. There is no place for weak people in warring era. And out of everyone you hated weak people, Wu gege.’

Wu Di sighed and look at the sky and nodded

‘Let’s leave it to fate and destiny then’ He said before smiling.



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