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Samsara Breaker Chapter 9: Preservation Intent

The prompt answered Indra’s question, this was an enemy. Indra peered around the corner at the humanoid beast. It seemed so calm, staring into the unknown source of light as if worshipping it. The mountain sage was much less fearsome than the Alpha he had fought previously but it gave off an aura that was much more formidable. It was almost as if the air around the sage was permeated with its desire to kill. Both spears, even though they were only sticks they gave off an essence of death. He could tell that being pierced by one of them could result in an excruciating death.


Indra’s body moved before he even realized what was happening. He leaned backward and dodged the incoming spear which lodged itself firmly into the solid cave wall. Two whole feet disappeared into the stone. He looked back to wear the sage sat. The beast moved with a demeanor that resembled a sloth. Its actions were graceful and steady and looked to be in slow motion. It turned its head to reveal a mutilated face. Its eyes were just empty pits and its mouth was sewn shut. The unparalleled grace that was ingrained in its movements was hypnotizing. The sage finally stood up completely and simply bent its back as if stretching. Only, it wasn’t stretching. It kept bending backward until its hands reached the ground and one of them gripped the second spear that was still lying there. That is when the hypnotic movements stopped and the fighting began.


The sages arched back worked like a slingshot. It launched back up and fired the second spear. Indra dodged. Thunk, The spear lodged into the wall. The dust settled and cracks spider webbed. His body took up a stance while the sages shot toward him.


The beasts steps were silent but his presence was like that of a rhinoceros. Indra defended himself. With a gust of wind and a whirl of legs and arms, the sage landed atop his spears, feet spread and eyes locked. They stared each other down. This would be nothing like the alpha. This was a true fight between warriors.


The silence was eerie, especially staring at the sewn mouth of his enemy. Their face-off lasted a full minute, at least, until the chaos began again. The sage dropped to the floor between each of his weapons, gripped one in either hand and yanked. Rocks flew forth and the thumps broke the silence, echoing throughout the cave.


Indra stood still, adamant and resolute. He would be as unyielding as a mountain yet as graceful as a summer breeze. The sage attacked.


Quick jabs from the sage’s longer spear pricked at his abdomen while the shorter one set its sights on his neck, heart, and lungs, anything vital.


Duck, sidestep, parry.


Evasion was a simple concept, don’t get hit but he needed to counter. Their clashes came in short but dangerous bursts.


I need to attack, but how?


As each clash resulted in Indra’s fatigue while the beast remained invigorated, he realized something needed to change. How could he attack without a weapon? Then it hit him, he was a weapon. A warrior’s strength didn’t lie within their tools but within themselves. If he wanted to survive in this new world he would need to turn sharpen himself into a weapon that was unparalleled. The only way to do that was to use what was given to him. He had more than just martial arts.


He wasn’t the only one who was changed by the system, that meant that not only would he need to fight demonic beasts but other humans as well. With this realization came clarity. He could no longer be just Indra, the weakling who practiced soft style martial arts to keep from getting hurt. He had to become Genesis, as of now he was nothing but to survive in a martial world such as this one he would need to become something. Genesis would need to become something. Genesis would need to become strong. His resolve solidified and he caught each of the spears in his hands.


The jabs halted and silence overcame the dreary cave. Indra’s muscles rippled under the inhuman strength of the mountain sage.


His arms trembled and legs began to falter, the spears began to move. Each one slid through bloody grips and sought after his body.His strength was the only thing lying between him and death.


The situation was dire. It seemed that the weapons were draining his power. Each spear was a leach on his strength. As his resolve wavered, the sage’s soared.


The doors of death opened and the prying arms of the lost souls reached for him but he wasn’t going anywhere. At one point those doors were his answer, they meant freedom. Now, they meant the opposite. The system gave him an answer to a question he’d been asking ever since he left the monastery.


Why am I here?


The answer was simple. Why is anyone here? Why does anyone live? To be free, death was the opposite of that. His intent to live overcame his senses and his will overpowered his weakness. Memories of the monastery assailed him. The bullying and being looked down upon. He didn’t escape that, just to die by a dirty old man in a cave. Indra’s arms were drained, almost like when you finish a workout and whenever you try to use them it feels like they aren’t even there. Until the revelation hit him like a shot of adrenaline.


His body radiated a faint blue light and his skin became like stone.


The doors slammed shut and the blue light gathered in his fists while disappearing from the rest of his body. It got brighter and his grip solidified. Each spear splintered under this newfound strength and then shattered. Indra didn’t know what had just happened, what he did know was that this fight was over.


Or so he thought.


The sage lept back and then something completely unexpected happened. The string that confined him to a life of silence unraveled and the pits where his eyes belonged glowed red. The sage smiled.


That grin unhinged Indra and when the sage spoke shivers ran down his spine.


“This fight is over.” The voice carried with it murderous intent, he could feel death in those words. They felt like the exact opposite of what he was feeling now. This wasn’t only a battle of life and death but a battle for life and death. Indra being the champion of life and the sage, the one of death. Light and dark.


From that moment on, the true fight began.


The mountain rumbled and the sages grin grew. He dropped the two broken spears which were replaced by stone ones that grew from the floor beneath his feet. A roar reverberated through the cave and when Indra saw where it came from, his eyes widened. It was the mountain sage. In that moment he would need more than glowing blue hands to defeat this foe and he had just the thing.


Indra disappeared, in a flash he was in front of his enemy. His illuminated fist crashed into a rock solid grip. Pain rippled through his hand as he tore it free of the sages grip.


He leaped back and dodged as spikes shot from the cave walls. His body quickly found a rhythm and he countered.


He spun and guided many of the spikes back toward the sage who shattered them with his fists.

The small chamber they fought in became a shower of dust and stone but soon transformed into one of fire and death.


On many of the stones he redirected, Indra had placed his Draigan Aansoo’s. Soon, the spikes halted as the sage realized what was happening. Instead, it charged. Its face made it clear that it was confident in its ability to defeat Indra in hand to hand combat. Indra had another idea.


Just as the sage reached him, he vanished and his enemy exploded. He appeared behind it and then disappeared once again. Another explosion. Indra appeared back where he stood before and caught the spear which the sage had released as it was launched off its feet. It was clear that no amount of explosions was going to kill it but maybe its own weapon could. His prey was hurled back towards him once again but this time, instead of an explosion there was a thump and a spray of blood. At the end of the long, stone polearm was the impaled mountain sage.


The red dots glowed even brighter. Both of the sage’s hands gripped his spear and heaved. It impaled itself further. The sound of the weapon plunging deeper into the man, it made Indra’s stomach knot. Blood spilled from the gaping hole which was just tearing as the sage pulled himself so close that they were face to face. The bloodied fingers sought out his face and touched it, they ran down his cheek and stopped at his jawline.Then it just stopped. It was over just like that. Its head bobbed and arms fell. Indra didn’t feel a bit of remorse for the creature. It wanted death while he wanted life. He lashed out with his foot and struck the corpse so hard that it flew off the spear and landed right next to the source of light in the room.


Indra dropped the stone weapon and collapsed beside it. He turned his head slightly and witnessed the sages hand moving once again. The grip that had felt as solid as a mountain earlier looked as gentle as that of a newborn. The hand moved toward the golden light but fell just before reaching it. That’s when the red lights that replaced the sages empty pits winked out.  The blue glow of his hands was extinguished as well. The only light left in the cave was that which the sage’s hand desired. It’s golden luminescence bounced off the walls and illuminated the shadows of Indra and the corpse. The disfigured forms cast a certain gloom to the cave. His eyes closed while he stared at the beautiful radiance that was a single flower growing out of a small mound of dirt. Exhaustion engulfed Indra and he passed out.  

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