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Samsara Breaker Prologue: Ashes 


Ashes, although forged in the depths of a blaze, grow cold once abandoned by their maker.


It was odd to think that something born of fire could grow so cold.


The Phoenix was the epitome of the very thing Indra despised. Restraint, restraint of freedom.


This place, this so called home, it resembled the fiery abode of the Phoenix, once blazing hot, only to grow cold when abandoned by its keepers. Only to once again be ignited just as the ashes of a Phoenix nest when the poor creature is reborn into its endless cycle of torment. This would be different. This would be more.


He ascended the steps to the triad jewel gate, once over this threshold everything would change. Gone would be the days that he lived alone facing this new world by himself. His rise was near, and it would be an impressive one, the rise of Genesis.


Indra was no longer the scrawny boy carried off by that beast three years ago, Now he was Genesis, born anew into yet another world of suffering. One he strived to fix. One he strived to make better. He looked on at what used to be an abundance of warmth, a temple filled with the sweltering souls of what are now only bones, chilled by the snow covered ground. Now it was a graveyard.


A gentle winter breeze washed over his body, only because he allowed it. The biting cold clawed at his clothing, beckoning for it to be let in. It only wanted to force out the heat that was his incandescent heart. As was the way of life, the way of Samsara, the cycle he would eventually shatter.


Genesis walked beneath the enormous gate that represented the buddha, the dharma and the sangha, although it signified other things, right then, in that moment it represented the three gates that he had already closed. Completely shut off from them for good. It saddened him but moving forward required him to forget the past.


Once through the gate he looked back, signifying the final time he would before forgetting his past. Behind him was a footpath of melted snow. Each step he took, it melted in his wake. All the way up the mountain were small footprints where one could see the frozen ground beneath. Genesis was a young flame but a powerful one. The final one. He passed completely under the gate and continued his journey through the temple, there was no turning back now.


He made his way through the grounds, the temple was saturated with desolation. It could be seen in the broken monoliths and crumbled buildings, there was a fight here, one the monks most certainly did not win. Indra could feel the pain and suffering still resonating from the inner parts of the temple. It was still here. Whatever claimed this place for itself, it still remained. Waiting for it’s next victim.


Suddenly something crashed through the roof of a belltower, completely obliterating the thing and sending the debris flying everywhere. The bell however crashed into the ground right at Indra’s feet. Moments later it was flattened under the ponderous weight of a nine foot tall creature that was completely ripped, its muscles like mountains crashing into the ground. Its fur as white as the snow, not a spec on it. It huffed heavy breaths. Indra recoiled at the stench and the beast seemed to be intelligent enough to be insulted. It pounded its boulder sized fist into the ground, shaking it and stomped its oversized feet repeatedly. Snow was thrown everywhere, including at Indra which sizzled and melted upon impact. Once it finally stopped both the creature and Indra stood adamantly in a showdown of iron will. Unmoving, neither showed even a hint of fear.


So this was it, this was the beast who’d tormented anyone who attempted to reclaim the temple. Fresh blood stained the beasts hands that Indra hadn’t noticed before. Whoever that victim may have been, he or she would be the last.


[Diamond Skin Yeti: A rare creature of seclusion, easily angered and extremely territorial. When protecting/fighting within it’s own territory it is twice as ferocious and will not give up no matter what. It is susceptible to extreme amounts of heat but otherwise nearly immune to fire or other forms of heat. Its back is known for shattering blades of all different sorts, hence the name. It is abnormally agile given its size and inhumanly strong. Completely indestructible from behind. It has the ability to create and manipulate ice.


Rating: C-


Class: Sector boss.]


Indra stood unwavering under the conviction of such a powerful beast. Finally, his first opponent above a D rating. Words appeared in his vision, Partially blocking the Yeti.


A boss challenge has been issued, if you accept you will be taken to the arena. Do you accept?


“I accept.”

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